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Wind Map Hurricane Tracker v2.2.14 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

App Name Wind Map Hurricane Tracker
Publisher SP-Apps
Size 7MB
Latest Version v2.2.14
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OS Android / 4.4 and up
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In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead of natural disasters is crucial for safety and preparedness. Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D emerges as a beacon of reliability, offering real-time insights into hurricane movements. Developed by SP-Apps, this app revolutionizes the way users perceive and prepare for hurricanes. Wind Map Hurricane Tracker is a 3D app that gives information about hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons. And it provides live trank information in this wind map hurricane tracker. Our developers modify this app with advanced technology and 3D graphics. Using these graphics, we can see the 3D version of the hurricane, cyclones, and typhoons on our phones. And this app shows earthquake locations, statistics, time, location of the earthquakes, and depth of the area. And it shows the nearest hurricane to you today, an enormous storm that will take place today and the largest hurricane in 7 days. The news in this app, compared to the previous one, shows Volcanic Eruptions around the world and Earthquake Multiple sources.

What is Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D?

Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D is a cutting-edge application designed to provide users with comprehensive information about hurricane activity. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of accessing critical data, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. This application makes it much more straightforward than ever before to monitor tropical cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes (every 3 hours). Keeping an eye on the wind patterns can help you prepare for the worst-case scenario. This app is fantastic for tracking storms, practicing your surfing, and other water sports. In addition, it makes wind and storm predictions, enabling you to observe the development of hurricanes and tornadoes.


  1. Real-time Wind Conditions: The app offers real-time updates on wind conditions, empowering users to stay informed about the current state of affairs.
  2. Interactive Maps: Users can interact with dynamic maps to track hurricane movements with precision. By tapping on any location, detailed information such as coordinates, wind direction, and speed is displayed via a convenient tooltip.
  3. 3D Visualization: Unlike conventional hurricane tracking tools, Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D incorporates immersive 3D visualization, enhancing the user experience and facilitating better understanding of storm patterns.
  4. Bookmarking Feature: With the ability to bookmark specific locations, users can effortlessly keep track of areas of interest. This handy feature ensures easy access to vital information during critical moments.
  5. Comprehensive Projections: Whether you’re seeking current wind conditions or future forecasts, the app delivers comprehensive projections to aid in decision-making and preparedness efforts.
  6. Customizable Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve with customizable alerts that notify users of significant changes in hurricane activity, allowing for timely response and action.


  1. Advanced Features: Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D offers a plethora of advanced features, making it a significant upgrade from previous versions.
  2. Suitable for Water Sports Enthusiasts: For those interested in surfing and water sports, this app provides essential data for planning and safety during activities on the water.
  3. Comprehensive Storm Tracking: Users can track live typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes in real-time, enabling them to stay informed and prepared for inclement weather conditions.
  4. Global Wind Current Monitoring: With the ability to watch wind currents worldwide, users gain valuable insights into atmospheric dynamics, crucial for various activities such as sailing and aviation.
  5. Marine and Aviation Weather Support: Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D offers support for marine and aviation weather, providing crucial information for safe navigation and flight planning.
  6. Interactive 3D Maps: The mesmerizing interactive map of wind and 3D earth globe maps offer a visually engaging way to explore wind patterns and weather phenomena.
  7. Forecasting Capabilities: Users can access forecasts for wind and storms, aiding in long-term planning and preparation for upcoming weather events.
  8. Traveler-Friendly: Travelers can utilize this app to search wind reports and tailor their plans accordingly, ensuring a smoother and safer journey.
  9. 3D Heat Map with History and Forecast: The inclusion of a 3D heat map with historical data and forecasts provides valuable insights into temperature variations over time.
  10. Map Projection Options: Users have the flexibility to choose from various map projections like orthographic, Winkel tripel, waterman butterfly, and equirectangular, enhancing customization and usability.


  1. High Dependency on Data: The app’s extensive features may result in higher data usage, potentially leading to increased costs for users with limited data plans.
  2. Learning Curve: Due to its advanced functionalities, new users may experience a learning curve in navigating and fully utilizing all features of the app.
  3. Resource Intensive: The app’s 3D visualization and real-time tracking capabilities may require significant device resources, potentially leading to battery drain and slower performance on older devices.
  4. Limited Offline Functionality: While the app offers valuable real-time data, its usefulness may be limited in areas with poor or no internet connectivity, hindering its utility in remote locations.
  5. Size: The app’s size of 10MB may be considered relatively large for users with limited storage space on their devices, especially when considering additional data downloads for maps and updates.
  6. Complexity for Casual Users: Casual users may find the app overwhelming due to its plethora of features and technical terminology, potentially deterring them from fully utilizing its capabilities.
  7. Platform Availability: Depending on the user’s device platform, Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D may not be available for all operating systems, limiting its accessibility to a certain user base.
  8. Potential for Information Overload: With extensive data and features, there’s a risk of users feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information presented, leading to confusion and decision paralysis.
  9. Privacy Concerns: Users may have concerns about the app’s handling of location data and personal information, especially considering its real-time tracking capabilities.
  10. Subscription Model: If the app adopts a subscription-based model for access to premium features or advanced data, it may deter budget-conscious users from fully embracing its functionalities.

FAQ – Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D

1. What does the Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D package include?

  • In this package, you will find comprehensive data on wind speed, temperature, and 3D wind and heat maps of the Earth.

2. How can I share windy pictures with friends using this app?

  • The app allows you to exhibit windy pictures to your friends, enhancing your social experience while also contributing to the improvement of aviation and marine weather forecasting.

3. Who can benefit from using Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D?

  • This app is essential for anyone who enjoys sailing or kiteboarding, as it functions as a global anemometer and provides valuable insights into wind conditions.

4. What features does the interactive wind map offer?

  • Users can explore a fascinating interactive wind map, gaining insights into wind patterns and phenomena worldwide.

5. Does the app provide real-time updates on storms?

  • Yes, the app contains moving satellite images of storms currently occurring, and notifications and alerts are sent out when cyclones intensify.

6. How can I conduct research on weather forecasting using this app?

  • The app allows users to research specific areas to make reliable weather forecasts, utilizing both forward and backward time sections (3 hours intervals).

7. Can I track community discussions and shares related to weather?

  • Yes, the app offers a live feed where users can track community discussions and shares, staying updated on the latest weather-related conversations.

8. How does the app provide information on past storms?

  • Users can study past storms to gain insights into the development of storms by accessing historical data and analysis within the app.

9. What information does the three-dimensional heat map provide?

  • The app offers a time-varying, three-dimensional heat map showcasing global hotspots and coldspots, along with previous results and future projections.

10. How does the app display wind speed and temperature at different altitudes?

  • Wind speed and temperature at specific altitudes are displayed, providing users with valuable information on atmospheric conditions as they ascend in altitude.

11. How can Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D enhance my knowledge of wind?

  • By utilizing this app, users will acquire comprehensive knowledge of wind, including its various facets, aiding in better understanding and decision-making regarding weather-related activities.

Installation Guide – Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D

1. Downloading the App:

  • Visit the official website,, to download the Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D app developed by SP-Apps.

2. Checking Compatibility:

  • Ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements for installation, including compatible operating system version and available storage space.

3. Downloading Process:

  • Click on the download link provided on the website to initiate the downloading process. Wait for the download to complete.

4. Enabling Installation from Unknown Sources:

  • Before installing the app, navigate to your device’s settings and enable installation from unknown sources to allow the installation of apps downloaded from sources other than the official app store.

5. Installing the App:

  • Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded APK file in your device’s file manager.

6. Granting Permissions:

  • Before installation, the app may require certain permissions to function correctly. Grant the necessary permissions as prompted during the installation process.

7. Confirm Installation:

  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process. Confirm your action when prompted to proceed with the installation.

8. Installation Progress:

  • Wait for the installation process to complete. This may take a few moments depending on your device’s processing speed.

9. Completing Installation:

  • Once the installation is finished, you will see a confirmation message indicating that Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D has been successfully installed on your device.

10. Accessing the App:

  • You can now access the Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D app from your device’s home screen or app drawer. Tap on the app icon to launch it and start exploring its features.

11. Setting Up Preferences (Optional):

  • Upon launching the app for the first time, you may be prompted to set up preferences such as location settings or notification preferences. Customize these settings according to your preferences.

12. Exploring the App:

  • Congratulations! You have successfully installed Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D on your device. Start exploring its features, including real-time wind tracking, interactive maps, and weather forecasts.

13. Troubleshooting (if necessary):

  • If you encounter any issues during the installation process, refer to the troubleshooting section in the app’s documentation or contact customer support for assistance.

14. Enjoying the App:

  • Enjoy using Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D to stay informed about wind conditions, track storms, and enhance your weather forecasting abilities. Have a safe and enjoyable experience!


In conclusion, Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D stands as a testament to innovation and functionality in the realm of hurricane tracking applications. With its intuitive interface, real-time updates, and immersive 3D visualization, it empowers users to navigate the complexities of hurricane season with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned meteorologist or an individual seeking to safeguard your loved ones, this app is an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Developed by SP-Apps and available for download at, Wind Map Hurricane Tracker, 3D is your trusted companion in the face of nature’s fury.

Download Wind Map Hurricane Tracker

Download (7MB)

You are now ready to download Wind Map Hurricane Tracker for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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