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WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 (Official) Latest Version v17.40

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 (Official) Latest Version
Latest Versionv17.40
MOD InfoFree

Download (57MB)
  • [Improved] More Anti-Ban Protection
  • [Improved] Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1 HR Ban
  • [Misc] Other Fixes And Improvements
  • More ......

Want to get the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus? Then you may be sure that this place will provide everything you need. However, for those who are unfamiliar with WhatsApp Plus APK and stumbled onto this page by mistake, let me explain that this is a modified version of the official WhatsApp that you may download from this page without any issues at all.

In addition, you will get all the directions and tips needed to download and set up WhatsApp Plus on your phone. To utilise WhatsApp Plus and all of its capabilities, all you have to do is read this whole post, which was made just for you to make things easier for you. That way, you won’t get lost throughout the downloading and installation process.

Keep your attention on the instructions given here if you want to learn more about this app. You will learn how WhatsApp Plus works so that you can use all of the features available in this programme. In order for you to determine whether you want to download WhatsApp Plus APK for your phone or not, we have also given you the conclusion in the last section.

WhatsApp Plus

A customised version of one of the most popular communication programmes, WhatsApp, is called WhatsApp Plus. The official WhatsApp user will find everything they need in this customised software. Due to its features, WhatsApp Plus APK will be extremely appealing to you, and after you are aware of all of them, you will adore using this software on your phone.

The creator of WhatsApp Plus has accomplished something remarkable by producing this modified version of the original WhatsApp application. Although there are other developers as well, prominent XDA member Rafalete came up with the concept of changing the original WhatsApp to provide users extra features that they have long desired but that the official WhatsApp is unable to offer due to various privacy concerns.

Why Did Whatsapp Plus Need To Be Created?

As you may already be aware, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service worldwide. Its users are becoming more numerous every day. People may more readily connect with one another thanks to it. With the aid of this programme, you may quickly communicate over the internet.

Now you may easily tell your pals about your everyday life while also asking them about theirs. Even while the official WhatsApp app has many wonderful features, there are still a few things that are missing. To give you a clearer picture, you could become more concerned about a communication if it is deleted before you view it.

It will be embarrassing in this circumstance if you discuss this with that individual but do not get a satisfactory response. Asking for a WhatsApp status that you loved has the same effect.

There are several further instances, such as the fact that many users do not want their last seen or online notice to be visible to others. There are some solutions to these issues, but you will need to download and install several third-party applications on your phone in order to use those solutions, which may not be secure and also use up more storage space.

The creator of WhatsApp Plus APK comes up with the concept to build this modified programme on the basis of the original version in order to avoid these difficult solutions.

WhatsApp Plus APK creators

Other outside developers attempted to produce their own versions of WhatsApp Plus after the initial version gained popularity. However, just two of WhatsApp Plus’s versions—made by two distinct developers—were popular.

This section will help you comprehend WhatsApp Plus and its two separate versions by educating you on those creators. You will learn more about its creators, who continue to work on making WhatsApp Plus better by giving us upgraded versions of the programme.

WhatsApp Plus By AlexMods

Since AlexMods was the first to come up with the concept of changing WhatsApp and naming it WhatsApp Plus APK, they had the most influence on the creation of WhatsApp Plus. People greatly loved this update, which led to a rise in both WhatsApp Plus’s and the developer’s popularity.

This mod was created in response to users’ requests for additional features in WhatsApp but their inability to get them due to WhatsApp’s regulations being in opposition to such features. In an effort to benefit from the circumstance, AlexMods produced the masterpiece that is now known as WhatsApp Plus. The features of WhatsApp Plus are quite incredible, and many people continue to want to use it.

HeyMods’ WhatsApp Plus is no longer available.

There were other developers that attempted to create their own versions of WhatsApp Plus after AlexMods’ original version became well-known, but only HeyMods succeeded.

The Blue WhatsApp Plus by Fouad Mods

You may get a different version of Plus WhatsApp APK from this page. The makers of Fouad Mods alone are responsible for this modification. These versions of WhatsApp Plus have been available since this developer offered certain more features that were well-liked by users.

The Distinction Between The Official Whatsapp App And Whatsapp Plus

It’s quite clear what official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are not. There are several features in this modified version of WhatsApp that are not offered by the original version of the service.

You will comprehend the differences between WhatsApp Plus and the regular version of WhatsApp more as you read this post. Let’s use the following feature example to avoid confusion.

Although it may be difficult to believe, flight mode should be a top priority for WhatsApp APK. WhatsApp constantly takes our attention away from our job if the internet is enabled and we are working. A free DND option is available on WhatsApp Plus, and after receiving permission, it expressly turns off the internet for itself.

Is Whatsapp Plus Superior Than Whatsapp’S Original Version?

Despite being a modified version of the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus provides numerous more capabilities in addition to the functionality included in the original programme.

However, this does not imply that WhatsApp Plus is superior since the regular WhatsApp really gives you what it promises in terms of privacy. The privacy protections in this modified version of the programme, however, only apply to your WhatsApp-using contacts.

Since the makers of this mod do not respect your privacy, you may assume that they are keeping an eye on you. Stunning to you? Is it not? However, if you wish to utilise WhatsApp Plus for a second number, you are secure as you will be one step ahead of others who are using the standard WhatsApp in this manner.

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution


Theme Facilitation:  The WhatsApp Plus app gives users the option to choose one of a kind, adaptable, and beautiful themes. The whole user interface may be altered. The visuals, buttons, and text all have colour options. There is no customization option in the original app.

Because of this, WhatsApp Plus makes it simple to choose the ideal graphic theme. In WhatsApp Plus, there are more than 700 themes available. Themes do not need to be downloaded individually. Themes for WhatsApp Plus are downloaded automatically and catalogued by name, date, and version.

Media hiding in the gallery: Media objects are the most private kind of instant messaging or instant messaging protocols. We cannot risk losing them or allowing them to end up in the wrong hands.

The official WhatsApp Gallery app, however, shows all messages sent and received over WhatsApp. Get WhatsApp Plus since it has a feature that allows you to conceal gallery material.

Pin Chat: I find it annoying that the free version of WhatsApp only allows you to pin three (3) conversations. This may be quite a difficulty for those who follow so many organisations since they don’t want to miss out on essential communications.

Additionally, WhatsApp Plus APK has made every effort to improve user comfort. You can use all of the pin capabilities if you increase the chat pin limit to 1000.

Anti-Delete Message: My buddy gave me a silly photo of himself yesterday, but erased it before I could see it. If you often experience this, download WhatsApp Plus and turn on the anti-delete function to stop the programme from losing your messages.

enhanced multimedia sharing: When transferring files using the original WhatsApp platform, several users have complained about poor quality. These files may have limited transmission options if they are not substantially compressed owing to their size.

The file size restrictions in WhatsApp Plus have been raised, enabling the sending of huge files and lengthy films without the need for compression or segmentation.

Emoji variants: Before we discuss emojis, let me make it clear that we are not talking about the emojis that are accessible on the bar. The designs on the same emoji are different. You may freely use six or more different styles with the WhatsApp Plus mod. Do you want to test it right away?

WhatsApp Lock: WhatsApp Lock has been included into the app’s UI by the developers in an attempt to maintain a high degree of security. It is no longer necessary for those without smartphones with app locks to download any third-party applications since WhatsApp Plus offers access to PINs, patterns, and fingerprints. With this option, you can also block certain discussions.

Professional Customization: The extremely configurable user interface on Android phones is one of the key factors driving people to root them. Whether you root your phone or not, it will still provide you professional customization capabilities without the need for you to do so. Everything, from the header to the bottom, is customizable!

Scheduling Messages: Every tradition has a certain amount of recognised events, festivals, and days, regardless of where we live. Once again, on that precise day, we must send several messages at predetermined intervals.

Thanks to WhatsApp Plus APK, you may plan event messages at any moment with a free message scheduling feature.

Hide Online: We all have loyalty in our DNA, but it’s not always easy to hide our online presence, particularly if we don’t receive what the other person asked for. No more worries! Additionally, WhatsApp will safeguard you by using the Hide Online MOD to conceal your online status regardless of who you speak with.

History & Logs: Although not officially supported by WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Plus APK has another fantastic feature called History & Logs. You may log every action that takes place on your account in this manner. You may benefit from this feature in a variety of ways.

WhatsApp Icons: Has anybody ever questioned if they may get free WhatsApp icons even in the most recent version of the messaging app? But with WhatsApp Plus, we make it a reality. More than ten humorous WhatsApp icons are included, which you can use to amuse and surprise everyone of your friends and family when they get WhatsApp updates.

Conditions for Installing WhatsApp Plus

This section is for you if you’ve decided to download the most recent WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone but are unsure if it can really download WhatsApp Plus or not. If your phone does not satisfy any of the criteria, you will need to fulfil the prerequisites.

In order to use this software, you must first have an Android phone. Sadly, iPhone users cannot download this software since it was not designed for their devices.

To install files from third-party websites, you must make sure that your phone’s settings have the option for “Unknown Sources” enabled.

Benefits and Drawbacks of WhatsApp Plus


  • More functions are available in WhatsApp Plus 2023 than in the standard WhatsApp.
  • Compared to the original software, you may share more multimedia files simultaneously.
  • There are several ways to make your WhatsApp Plus Mod APK look fantastic.


  • The regular app receives updates more slowly than the WhatsApp Plus Mod version.
  • You’ll need to manually upgrade your app by visiting the reputable website.
  • While using this modified programme, you could run into certain legal problems.


WhatsApp Plus: What is it?

A third-party software called WhatsApp Plus gives users access to additional capabilities than the standard WhatsApp. You will find WhatsApp Plus APK to be identical to the original software since it is built on WhatsApp.

How do I get WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus may be downloaded extremely quickly. Simply click the download button that is located at the top of this page to begin. then hold off till the downloading is finished. Simply utilise the app after installation.

Is WhatsApp Plus Installation Safe?

This modified version is being used by many of people. The number of people using WhatsApp Plus is actually growing, and there haven’t been any complaints about it yet. Download WhatsApp Plus APK now because using it is secure.

How is WhatsApp Plus Becoming More Popular?

Because it has so many wonderful features, as we just discussed, people are utilising this app more and more. This is what made this software more well-liked than other tweaks. Its features, which are absent from the official WhatsApp app, are popular among users.

What Features Does WhatsApp Plus Offer?

This software has several options that are personalised for you, such as the ability to hide your last seen or anti-delete messages and status. Additionally, you may modify WhatsApp’s appearance and theme by selecting the customization option.

Is WhatsApp Plus Compatible with the Original WhatsApp?

You may use WhatsApp Plus if you already have the official app loaded on your phone, thanks to the developer’s design. However, you will need to utilise two distinct phone numbers if you want to use both versions simultaneously on a single phone.

How can WhatsApp Plus be updated?

You will need to visit this page and click the download button if your version of WhatsApp Plus ever becomes obsolete. Save this page as a bookmark and return anytime your app needs to be updated to avoid confusion.


We’ve done our best to explain WhatsApp Plus in this post. You will undoubtedly find this app remarkable if you haven’t heard of it before. What do you think about WhatsApp Plus APK now that you’ve read about the features it offers? To test this software, just click the download icon.

  • [Fixed] Chat screen gets crushed on some devices
  • [Fixed] Issues that caused the app to freeze and could not be used
  • [Fixed] Calling via phone call option sometimes returns the wrong number
  • [fixed] issue with blue voice feedback icon on the home screen
  • [Fixed] MOD Backup folder takes up a lot of storage space
  • [FIXED] Translate messages shows a copied message
  • [fixed] false anti-virus/anti-malware reports
  • [fixed] mute indicator in row
  • [fixed] Widget opens without AppLock
  • [Added] Status instantly displays a toast (Edit > Home screen) when people view your status
  • [Added] Buttons to scroll a message down (newest) and up (oldest) in the All Messages view
  • [Added] Save to gallery option when media visibility is off
  • [Added] Possibility to set “Search the web” or use emoji for the profile picture
  • [Added] Show the total number of messages in all messages display
  • [Added] In-app translation
  • [Enabled] New privacy setting for last-seen photos and profiles (except contacts).
  • [Enabled] More options for disappearing messages (24 hours, 7 days, 90 days)
  • [Enabled] Feedback feature (long press on any message)
  • [Enabled] Pause and resume recording voice notes
  • [Enabled] New Contact Profile UI Design
Download (57MB)

You are now ready to download WhatsApp Plus APK Download 2023 (Official) Latest Version for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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