WhatsApp FAQs

We advise you to use a different phone number and use it for WhatsApp Plus because WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of Official WhatsApp, which makes using it illegal. The company of WhatsApp has occasionally temporarily banned WhatsApp Plus users, and some developers ran into legal issues with the company of WhatsApp and had to stop developing their versions of WhatsApp Plus.

How could downloading WhatsApp Plus APK be difficult if the installation process wasn’t difficult? It’s easy as pie, just click the download button up there, and there you have it! You’ve already downloaded it.

Learning Rocket Science is a prerequisite for installing WhatsApp Plus. I would make such statement while creating a SpaceX rocket. Using the default installation method described in the installation section above, you may install it on your phone.

The developers of WhatsApp Plus use the same servers as the official WhatsApp and the messages are encrypted on both sides, making it impossible for any developer or the official WhatsApp company to decode them. WhatsApp Plus is a rival to the official WhatsApp with additional features without altering the original code.

If you are concerned that WhatsApp Plus may be spying on your chats and conversations because it asks permission to your gallery, microphone, and camera, rest assured that this is not the case. Instead, the permissions are requested to make it easier for you to send images and record audio from WhatsApp plus. WhatsApp Plus is hosted on the same server as the original WhatsApp.

Without a doubt! The APK version of WhatsApp Plus was first created for for Android smartphones. However, like we promised, we’d let you know when developers released an iOS IPA version.

Voice and video calls are two capabilities that both the standard WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus have, however they differ in other ways, such as:

1. Although some versions of WhatsApp Plus aren’t, WhatsApp is ad-free.

2. There are versions of WhatsApp available for Android, iPhone, and PC, however WhatsApp Plus is only available for Android.

3. Weekly updates are made to WhatsApp, while upgrades to WhatsApp Plus last longer than two weeks.

4. Unlike WhatsApp Plus, which lets you store any status directly from the app, WhatsApp does not enable saving statuses without the use of another programme.

5. The second check, hiding your online status, is not possible in WhatsApp, but it is possible in WhatsApp Plus.

6. In WhatsApp, you cannot hide “Typing” or “Recording,” but you can in WhatsApp Plus.

7. In WhatsApp, you are only allowed a certain amount of characters to post any status, but in WhatsApp Plus, there is no such restriction.

8. The largest file you can send on WhatsApp is 18 MB, however with WhatsApp Plus, you may exchange files up to 30 MB in size.

9. The colour of the icon may be changed in WhatsApp Plus but not in WhatsApp.

The business-oriented version of WhatsApp, known as WhatsApp Business, has numerous features that can help you operate your company more effectively, including the ability to build a profile for your company and improve customer communication.

WhatsApp Plus Web is the updated version of WhatsApp Web, which you may access on your computer by connecting it to your smartphone and scanning the QR code. This one may be reached by clicking and contains all the privacy options you find on the WhatsApp website.

We won’t ever tell lies! Yes, there are a few chances that WhatsApp Plus will temporarily suspend your WhatsApp account or, in the worst case scenario, permanently block it. So please use it responsibly by using a separate number account and just using the high-tech functions that are absolutely necessary.

There is only one thing to note here: Play Store’s regulations, restrictions, and circumstances prevent WhatsApp Plus from being available there. They contend that it is illegal to abuse the terms of an app by updating it with new features that make it comparable to others.

It’s a simple procedure here to take a backup of your conversations and import it to WhatsApp Plus:

1. Firstly, open official WhatsApp.

2. Open Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

3. Choose your Google Account and click the BACKUP tab.

4. Wait for backup and open WhatsApp Plus App.

5. Verify your account, and soon you’d get prompted to import messages. Press YES!

Installation of WhatsApp Plus APK is not prevented by Google Play Store verification since it contains all the validated and error-free scripts. On your smartphone, you can easily download and install it; you don’t need to rely on any other applications to finish the process.

Not at all! The basic operating system of Android prohibits installing two separate apps with the same package name. In this case, WhatsApp would be the name of the package on both sides, and you could only retain one and remove the other.

Yes as well as No! Although it may seem ludicrous, a combination of factors is the cause of both replies. WhatsApp Plus comes with servers, a few officially created features, and some additional privacy features created by MOD developers.

Once more, the answer is both YES and NO! More than 1000 individuals use WhatsApp Plus for regular communication, however none have ever requested an account restriction. Even yet, utilising this MOD has a very slim chance of getting your account banned.

Why? You won’t need any more as WhatsApp Plus’s app interface features 5000+ unique themes. It would take you more than a year to browse through all 5000+ featured themes in full, yet we would still be adding 5000 new themes at that time.

The process of switching themes on WhatsApp Plus is simple. To install any theme, all you have to do is go the Themes area of the Plus Settings. After an app restart, you may later install it and enjoy that futuristic UI.

The solution is quite easy! Always download the programme from this page if you want the most recent version. We spend our evenings searching for the most recent WhatsApp MODs to present here for you; as mentioned above, we recently released the WhatsApp Plus APK 2023!

Yes, with only a quick backup process, you can move all of your stuff from the original WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, including conversations, groups, contacts, and media files. Simply export your WhatsApp Chat data to your Google Account via the official link for backups, then import it into WhatsApp Plus.

The most basic mistake that appears on every Android phone is that one. Only because you haven’t yet removed the official WhatsApp are you still dealing with it. Since you cannot install two distinct programmes with the same package name as WhatsApp, you must first remove it. Try installing the Plus version after uninstalling the official one.

Yes, without even a single questioning! The main reason users get WhatsApp Plus is to greatly expand their online business relationships. It has the strongest privileges, such message scheduling, constantly being online, and no restrictions, which provide you the strongest business linking ever!

Within a split second! To download WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp Plus is the most foolish thing you can do. By accessing that status and clicking the download symbol, you may access them immediately. It’s done!