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TorrCrow Pro v27.4.0 APK (Paid Version)


  • TorrCrow is an intuitive and friendly tool for users to have the best experience and performance while interacting with torrent files on their devices or downloaded from various online sources.

What's New

  • The highly customizable and user-friendly torrent search app TorrCrow Pro APK allows you to look for torrents and provides you with a magnet link so that you may download them.
App Name TorrCrow Pro
Publisher Shivam Developments
Size 12MB
Latest Version v27.4.0
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MOD Info PAID/Patched
OS Android / 4.4 and up
Installs 1M+
Rating 4.4
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In the world of torrents, finding the right files can sometimes be a hassle. But fear not! TorrCrow Pro is here to make your torrenting experience smoother and more efficient than ever before. Developed by Shivam Developments, this handy tool is designed to streamline your torrent searches and downloads, all within a user-friendly interface. Let’s delve deeper into what TorrCrow Pro has to offer. If you need assistance downloading or utilizing torrents, TorrCrow Pro is here to help you in the most effective and thorough way possible. This tool not only helps you discover torrents much more quickly, but it also gives you direct download links for torrents. Without a doubt, this is an essential application for any huge corporation or even typical office to run.

What is TorrCrow Pro?

TorrCrow Pro is a robust torrent search and download application, specifically crafted to cater to the needs of torrent enthusiasts. With its intuitive design and plethora of features, it aims to simplify the process of finding and downloading torrents, making it a breeze for users of all levels of expertise. Torrents are files that have the ability to compress data or deliver essential information in certain formats. In order to provide users with complete freedom and the ability to engage with all material linked to those particular files at any time, anywhere, this post will present TorrCrow. Additionally, it assists users in searching for and downloading torrent files from any source while previewing the contents for verification.


  1. Fixed Voice Search: No more struggling with typing! TorrCrow Pro’s voice search feature allows you to search for torrents effortlessly using just your voice.
  2. Added Reset App’s Settings Option: Customize your TorrCrow Pro experience with ease by resetting the app’s settings whenever needed, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Fixed Open In Browser Issue: Say goodbye to frustrating browser redirections. TorrCrow Pro now seamlessly opens torrent links within the app itself.
  4. Added Crash Logging: With added crash logging, TorrCrow Pro ensures stability by identifying and addressing any issues promptly.
  5. Added Hide Tab with No Result Feature: Keep your interface clutter-free with the added option to hide tabs that yield no search results.
  6. Fixed Minor Bug in IpTorrents: Enjoy improved functionality with the resolution of a minor bug affecting IpTorrents.
  7. Fixed Yify Sorting Issue: Experience smoother navigation and organization with the fix for Yify sorting issues.
  8. Fixed UI Update Bugs: TorrCrow Pro’s user interface now boasts improved stability and performance with the resolution of UI update bugs.
  9. Fixed Unrelated Torrents Issue: Bid farewell to irrelevant search results with the fix for unrelated torrents appearing in searches.
  10. Search Across Multiple Engines: Expand your search horizon by searching for torrents across various search engines simultaneously.
  11. Single Hint Engine Selection: Choose your preferred search engine with just a single hint, simplifying the search process.
  12. Speech-to-Text Conversion: Accelerate your search with TorrCrow Pro’s unique speech-to-text conversion system, enabling swift searches using voice commands.
  13. Magnet Link Retrieval: Obtain magnet links effortlessly without the need for additional tools, streamlining the download process.
  14. Direct Torrent Execution: Seamlessly run received torrents directly through the program, eliminating the need for external applications.
  15. Torrent Filtering Options: Filter your received torrents based on size and other criteria, allowing for personalized torrent management.
  16. Browse Top Torrents: Stay updated with the latest trends by browsing through the top torrents conveniently within TorrCrow Pro.
  17. Sync Settings Across Devices: Keep your preferences consistent across multiple devices with the set of settings designed for seamless synchronization.
  18. Dual Theme Options: Customize your TorrCrow Pro experience with the choice between two visually appealing themes – dark and light.


  1. Efficient Torrent Search: TorrCrow Pro allows for efficient and detailed torrent searches, providing users with a long list of torrents that meet their criteria with just a simple search term entry.
  2. Customizable Search Options: Users can search for torrents either by typing in the search bar or using voice search, enhancing accessibility. Advanced filters help refine searches to specific details, simplifying the process further.
  3. Categorized Torrents: The application categorizes torrents based on their unique characteristics, making it easier for users to find what they need quickly and efficiently.
  4. Instant Magnet Link Exchange: TorrCrow Pro facilitates instant magnet link exchange between users, supporting multiple protocols for swift torrenting experiences.
  5. Archive List Management: Users can easily track and manage favorite torrents by adding them to the archive list, enabling quick access to valuable torrents whenever needed.
  6. Keyword Search and Shortcuts: Keyword search and keyboard shortcuts expedite the process of narrowing down search results, ensuring users find the desired torrents with ease.
  7. Customizable Settings: TorrCrow Pro offers a range of customizable settings, allowing users to tailor the system to their preferences, including search methods, categorization options, and more.
  8. Application Customization: Users can personalize the application’s appearance by adjusting color settings, with options ranging from light to dark mode, catering to individual preferences and reducing eye strain.


  1. Complex Inner Workings: While TorrCrow Pro appears simple on the surface, its complex inner workings may be overwhelming for some users who prefer a more straightforward experience without delving into technical details.
  2. Management of Torrent List: Users may find it challenging to manage their torrent lists effectively, especially when dealing with numerous favorite torrents, requiring careful organization and decision-making.
  3. Learning Curve: The range of features and customization options in TorrCrow Pro may pose a slight learning curve for new users, necessitating some time to familiarize themselves with the application’s functionalities.
  4. Potential URL Inactivity: Users may encounter issues with inactive torrent URLs after extended periods of inactivity, requiring manual verification to ensure access to desired torrents.
  5. Color Scheme Preferences: While the application offers customizable color settings, some users may find it challenging to find a color scheme that suits their preferences and provides a comfortable viewing experience.

FAQ: TorrCrow Pro

  1. What is TorrCrow Pro? TorrCrow Pro is a torrent search and download application developed by Shivam Developments. It allows users to search for and download torrent files quickly and efficiently.
  2. How does TorrCrow Pro work? TorrCrow Pro enables users to search for any torrent file online instantly. Users can search for various types of content such as games, movies, music, and more.
  3. What features does TorrCrow Pro offer for managing torrents? TorrCrow Pro serves as a download manager for torrents, providing users with the ability to upload and download torrent files with ease. It ensures absolute stability in internet consumption by efficiently managing all torrent files.
  4. Can I create torrent files with TorrCrow Pro? Yes, TorrCrow Pro offers the functionality to create torrent files effortlessly. The application provides complete instructions for users to compress or create multiple torrent files, including specifying addresses, leech speed, and more.
  5. Are there customization options available in TorrCrow Pro? Yes, TorrCrow Pro offers various themes for customization, allowing users to personalize their torrenting experience. Users can change themes and interactions to enhance user experience and improve performance.
  6. How can I bookmark and share favorite torrents using TorrCrow Pro? TorrCrow Pro allows users to personalize and bookmark their favorite torrents for easy access and sharing. Users can easily share their favorite torrents with others, adding convenience and versatility to their torrenting experience.

Installation Guide: TorrCrow Pro

  1. Download TorrCrow Pro: Visit the official website of Shivam Developments or to download TorrCrow Pro. Look for the download link or button prominently displayed on the website.
  2. Check Compatibility: Before downloading TorrCrow Pro, ensure that your device meets the system requirements. TorrCrow Pro is compatible with most smartphones and tablets running on Android OS.
  3. Download and Install: Once you’ve located the download link, tap on it to initiate the download process. The app file size is 12MB, so ensure you have sufficient storage space on your device.
  4. Enable Unknown Sources: If you’re downloading TorrCrow Pro from a source other than the Google Play Store, you may need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings. This allows installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.
  5. Install TorrCrow Pro: Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded APK file in your device’s file manager. Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  6. Follow Installation Prompts: Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation of TorrCrow Pro. You may be prompted to grant certain permissions to the app during the installation process.
  7. Launch TorrCrow Pro: Once the installation is complete, you’ll find the TorrCrow Pro icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer. Tap on the icon to launch the application.
  8. Begin Torrenting: Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed TorrCrow Pro on your device. You can now start searching for and downloading torrents with ease using TorrCrow Pro’s user-friendly interface.


TorrCrow Pro stands out as a comprehensive solution for torrent enthusiasts, offering a multitude of features aimed at enhancing the torrenting experience. With its recent updates and fixes, it continues to evolve, providing users with a seamless and efficient platform for their torrent searches and downloads. Whether you’re a seasoned torrent user or just starting out, TorrCrow Pro is your go-to companion for all your torrenting needs.

Key Features of TorrCrow Pro:

  1. Versatile Torrent Management: TorrCrow Pro serves as the ultimate torrent manager, offering exceptional features for downloading, uploading, and compressing torrent data, ensuring efficient handling of files.
  2. Intuitive Interface and Customization: With an intuitive interface and extensive customization options, TorrCrow Pro provides quick access to torrent sites and information, enhancing productivity and user experience.
  3. Comprehensive Torrent Search: Users can search for any torrent files online with high accuracy, covering a wide range of content including media, documents, data, and more, catering to diverse personal needs.
  4. Effortless Download and Upload: TorrCrow Pro facilitates seamless download or upload of torrents to specific online storage, enabling easy sharing and secure storage of important data to prevent breaches.
  5. Simple Torrent Creation Tools: TorrCrow Pro offers simple tools for creating new torrent files, allowing users to add all necessary information such as URL, content, destination, and more to achieve the desired results effectively.

  • Fixed Voice Search
  • Added Reset App's Settings Option
  • Fixed Open In Browser issue
  • Added Crash Logging
  • Added Hide tab with no result feature
  • Fixed a minor bug in IpTorrents
  • Fixed Yify sorting issue
  • Fixed UI update bugs
  • Fixed Unrelated torrents issue
  • Fixed hide tab feature

Download TorrCrow Pro

Download (12MB)

You are now ready to download TorrCrow Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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