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OBWhatsApp (shwhats) v60.3

App Name OBWhatsApp (shwhats)
Publisher Shadi Al-Athuri-shwhats
Size 80MB
Latest Version v60.3
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MOD Info Extra Feature
OS Android / 5.0
Installs 5M+
Rating 4.3
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OBWhatsApp, developed by Shadi Al-Athuri, is a revolutionary rendition of WhatsApp that redefines user privacy and customization. Published through redwhatsapp.com, this 80MB-sized application introduces a myriad of unique features, setting it apart as one of the most dynamic WhatsApp Plus versions available today.

What is OBWhatsApp?:

OBWhatsApp, also known as shwhats, is an enhanced version of WhatsApp, offering unparalleled privacy tools, customization options, and unique functionalities. Developed by Shadi Al-Athuri, it stands out for its ability to isolate from the internet, extensive theme controls, and a wide range of add-ons, making it a sought-after choice for both genders.

Best Features:

  1. Privacy Tools: Activate appearance-hiding tools to safeguard your privacy, prevent message deletion, and hide friends’ appearances cautiously.
  2. Internet Isolation: Effortlessly block internet access, temporarily concealing your presence and minimizing disruptions.
  3. Customization: Enjoy a plethora of themes and customizable elements, from font colors to conversation appearances, allowing complete control over the app’s visual aspects.
  4. Add-On Variety: Access anti-ban tools, font changes, language translation, transcription, backups, and numerous other additions, enriching your communication experience.

Latest Features:

  1. Content Copy: Copy messages, statuses, and video clip descriptions hassle-free with the latest update.
  2. Added Comments: An innovative feature enabling you to add notes to sent or received messages, enhancing message organization.
  3. Audio Clip Control: Start, stop, and resume recording audio clips before sending—a feature absent in the original version.
  4. Multiple Numbers: Seamlessly add and switch between numbers, send links without the fear of being banned, offering enhanced flexibility.
  5. Community Access: Join channels, groups, and communities without limitations, benefitting from recent modifications.
  6. Bug Fixes: Enjoy a more stable experience with all previous errors resolved, ensuring a smoother usage.

OBWhatsApp Packages:

  1. WhatsApp-Omar-Annabi: A specialized version tailored with unique features and enhancements, catering to personalized communication experiences. This variant could focus on enriched privacy tools or exclusive customization options, curated by Omar Annabi.
  2. WhatsApp Omar Blue: Renowned for its extensive theme controls and privacy-centric features, this package offers a distinct shade of customization and enhanced privacy settings.
  3. WhatsApp Omar Al Wardi: A variant possibly designed for a vibrant user interface, focusing on vivid themes, colorful designs, and an enriched aesthetic experience, carrying the essence of Omar Al Wardi’s design preferences.
  4. WhatsApp Omar Al Akhdar: This APK might emphasize environmental themes or sustainability, featuring eco-friendly visual elements or even introducing functionalities promoting environmental awareness, tied to the vision of Omar Al Akhdar.
  5. WhatsApp Omar Al-Ahmar: An iteration concentrating on intense security measures and fortified privacy protocols, offering heightened protection and encryption, aligning with Omar Al-Ahmar’s inclination towards secure communication.
  6. WhatsApp Omar Golden version: This package could symbolize a premium edition, possibly incorporating exclusive features, advanced functionalities, or dedicated support services, presenting an elite tier of the OBWhatsApp experience.

Pros of OBWhatsApp (shwhats):

  1. Enhanced Privacy Features: With the addition of Ghost Mode, users can operate invisibly, freezing their last seen, preventing message read receipts, and viewing statuses secretly, ensuring heightened privacy.
  2. Custom Media Download Control: The ability to manage media downloads for each chat individually provides greater control over data consumption and storage.
  3. WhatsApp Old UI Style: The inclusion of the old UI style allows users nostalgic for previous WhatsApp designs to switch back, offering a familiar and preferred interface.
  4. See Message Edit History: Users can now track message edits, enabling transparency and accountability in conversations.
  5. Option to Show/Hide Ghost Mode Icon: Flexibility to display or hide the Ghost Mode icon grants users control over their visibility settings.
  6. Antiban Improvements: Enhanced measures to prevent bans provide a more secure user experience.
  7. Multiple Accounts on Same Device: Enabling multiple accounts on one device enhances convenience for users managing different WhatsApp profiles.
  8. Adjust Group Permissions: Empowering users with control over group permissions adds to the management and customization within group chats.
  9. New Settings UI: A revamped Settings UI offers a refreshed and potentially more user-friendly navigation experience.
  10. Added Security Features: Features like approving new group members before joining and adding an email address to the account contribute to a more secure environment.

Cons of OBWhatsApp (shwhats):

  1. Compatibility Concerns: Some features or functionalities might not be fully compatible with all devices, leading to potential glitches or malfunctions.
  2. Complexity for New Users: With numerous added features, the app might become overwhelming for new users, requiring time to explore and understand all functionalities.
  3. Risk of Unofficial Source: As the app is not from an official WhatsApp source, there might be security risks or uncertainties about data privacy, even with added security measures.
  4. Possible Instability: Despite bug fixes, there may still be occasional stability issues due to the continuous updates and modifications.
  5. Performance Variability: Certain features might affect the app’s performance differently on various devices, leading to inconsistencies.
  6. Learning Curve: Users accustomed to the original WhatsApp interface may find it challenging to adapt to the modified layout and features.
  7. Dependency on Regular Updates: Regular updates are necessary to maintain stability and security, potentially causing inconvenience if updates are delayed or infrequent.
  8. Limited Official Support: Due to its unofficial nature, there might be limited or no official customer support channels available for troubleshooting.
  9. Uncertainty of Future Features: Changes in future updates may alter or remove certain features that users have grown accustomed to, leading to potential dissatisfaction.
  10. Data Security Concerns: While efforts are made to improve security, the risks associated with unofficial apps and potential data breaches persist.


OBWhatsApp, the brainchild of Shadi Al-Athuri, presents a comprehensive overhaul of the WhatsApp experience. With its focus on privacy, customization, and an array of new functionalities, it stands tall as a superior choice for users seeking a versatile and secure messaging platform. Upgrade to OBWhatsApp today for an enriched and personalized communication journey.

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