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    • 🔰 Update Base to 303.
    • 🔰 Add Instagram Icon to Icons List
    • 🔰 Implement Bug Fix Page including tools for Reset All Instagram Configs, Export Server Configs, Replace Configs
    • 🔰 Fix Bugs
    • 💎 New Options Added to Instagram Secret Options.
App NameOfficial Honista
PublisherHonista Team
Latest Versionv8.0
Get it On Goolge Google
MOD InfoExtra Feature
OSAndroid / 4.4 and up


Are you tired of using social media applications that lack essential features, compromise your privacy, and fail to cater to your unique preferences? Look no further! Welcome to Official Honista, a revolutionary social media platform developed by the Honista Team. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t tried Honista yet, get ready to discover a whole new world of possibilities and unmatched user experience.

What is Honista?

Honista is a feature-packed social media app that outperforms its competitors in every aspect. It boasts seamless compatibility with all smartphones, a plethora of powerful tools, and top-notch development quality. From its inception, Honista has been dedicated to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. With over 5 million users and counting, it has become a favorite among social media enthusiasts worldwide.

Why Should You Use Honista?

If you’re wondering why you haven’t tried or downloaded Honista yet, now is the time to change that. With its unbeatable development quality, compatibility across all devices, and a wealth of effective tools, Honista outperforms its competition by a significant margin. The app’s commitment to continuous updates ensures it remains at the forefront of social media innovation. Join the growing community of over 5 million satisfied Honista users and experience social media like never before.

Key Features of Honista:

1. Always Updated: Honista is constantly evolving, adding new features, and enhancing the user experience. Regular updates ensure that you enjoy the latest innovations and improvements. To stay up-to-date, just follow a few simple steps in the app to check for new updates.

2. Security and Privacy: Honista values your privacy, and they take it seriously. With the latest update, Honista introduces conversation encryption, providing top-level protection for your data and chats. You’re also in control of various privacy settings, including app locks, hidden chats, and more.

3. Ghost Mode for Ultimate Privacy: Unlike any other app, Honista offers a unique Ghost Mode that allows you to browse the app entirely incognito. You can view stories and messages without leaving any traces, join live broadcasts discreetly, and maintain complete privacy while using the app.

4. Unlimited Customization: With Honista v5.0, you have the power to customize every aspect of the app according to your taste. Change interface colors, fonts, emojis, and more. You can even make Honista resemble an iOS app with just a few taps, eliminating the need for additional customization apps.

5. High-Quality Professional Tools: Honista brings you a comprehensive set of content tools and add-ons, designed to boost productivity and save time. With these tools, you can download media, play videos with your preferred mobile player, repost content, copy captions, and much more.

6. Content and Ads Control Filters: Honista respects your preferences. You can filter out ads, sponsored posts, and suggested content, tailoring your feed to your liking. Additionally, post filters allow you to manage the type of content displayed, ensuring you see only what interests you.

7. Data Consumption Control: No more worries about data consumption. Honista offers options to reduce data usage, including uploading images at the lowest quality and downloading videos with lower resolutions.

8. Easy Media Download: Downloading media has never been easier with Honista. You can directly download photos, videos, and stories with a single click. Custom media download options let you choose precisely what you want to save.

Extra Features of Official Honista

1. Remove Ads and Suggestions: Tired of annoying ads and unsolicited suggestions cluttering your feed? Honista offers comprehensive control over ad visibility and suggestions. Take charge of your content with these options:

  • Remove Sponsored Ads: Say goodbye to sponsored posts that interrupt your browsing experience.
  • Remove Suggested Posts: Hide suggested content that may not align with your interests.
  • Remove Suggested Pages: Keep your feed clean by eliminating suggested pages.
  • Activate Anti-Ads and Advertisers: Enable this powerful feature to block ads and advertisers effectively.
  • View Anti-Ads Enabled Pages: Stay informed about pages with anti-ad settings enabled.

2. Post Filters: Customize the content displayed in your Honista feed with post filters. Tailor your experience by controlling the visibility of different types of posts:

  • Remove Videos: Filter out posts containing videos.
  • Remove Pictures: Hide posts with pictures if they’re not your preference.
  • Remove Posts from Private Pages: Control visibility from private accounts.
  • Remove Posts from Public Pages: Choose which posts you see from public accounts.
  • Remove Liked Posts: Hide posts you’ve previously liked.
  • Remove Previously Viewed Posts: Clear your feed of posts you’ve already seen.

3. Control Internet Consumption: Worried about exceeding your data limit due to media-rich content on Honista? Fear not! Manage your data usage with the following options:

  • Upload Images at the Lowest Quality: Save data by uploading images in lower resolutions.
  • Download Videos in the Lowest Quality: Download videos with reduced resolution to conserve data.
  • Delete Posts with Videos: Easily remove posts containing videos to free up space.

4. Direct and Custom Media Download: Downloading media from Honista has never been easier. Enjoy hassle-free media downloads without the need for third-party apps:

  • Direct Media Download: Simply click on the download icon to instantly save videos, photos, or stories.
  • Custom Media Download: Customize your downloads by selecting specific content through the magic wand icon.

5. Special Features Exclusive to Honista: Embrace exclusive features tailored to your preferences through the app’s settings:

  • Download Settings: Easily manage and store your settings using the backup and restore feature.
  • Magic Wand: Access a host of unique tools and features to enhance your Honista experience.
  • Story Features: Enjoy specialized features for creating and interacting with stories.
  • Reels Features: Explore exclusive tools for creating and engaging with reels.
  • Profile Features: Customize your profile with unique settings and options.
  • Conversation Features: Unlock special tools for enhancing your conversations on Honista.
  • Toolbar Settings: Tailor the app’s toolbar to suit your needs.
  • Honista Backup Settings: Keep your preferences safe with the ability to backup and restore settings.

6. Advanced Settings in Honista: For power users and professionals, Honista offers comprehensive control over all features and settings. Be cautious when adjusting advanced settings, as it may impact your user experience. However, you can always reset the app to its default settings if needed.


  1. Powerful Customization: Official Honista offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize the app’s interface, fonts, and emojis to their liking.
  2. Enhanced Privacy: With features like Ghost Mode and conversation encryption, Honista prioritizes user privacy and data security.
  3. Advanced Media Tools: The app provides high-quality professional tools, such as video trimming, boomerang, and green screen options, to enhance content creation.
  4. Data Consumption Control: Honista offers options to reduce data usage, optimizing the experience for users with limited internet plans.
  5. Unique Direct Features: Activate auto-play for voice messages, use music in notes, and more exclusive options for direct messaging.
  6. Creative Story Features: Honista enables users to create longer video stories, zoom in on stories, and change the size of story circles for a personalized touch.
  7. Reels Enhancements: Enjoy extended reels duration, remixing options, and toggling between suggested and following content in the reels page.
  8. Live Stream Options: Activate live streaming only for followers, making it more exclusive and controlled.
  9. Threads and Shared Activities: Explore threads and shared activity features that allow users to connect and interact more effectively.
  10. Continuous Updates: Honista Team is committed to continuous improvement, regularly adding new features and addressing user feedback.


  1. App Size: The app size is relatively large, requiring sufficient storage space on the device.
  2. Learning Curve: With a plethora of features, new users may take time to fully explore and utilize all the functionalities.
  3. Advanced Settings Caution: Tweaking advanced settings without proper knowledge may affect the app’s performance and user experience.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Who developed Official Honista?
    • Official Honista was developed by the Honista Team, a group of dedicated developers committed to revolutionizing social media.
  2. Where can I download Official Honista?
  3. What is the app’s size?
    • The size of Official Honista is 74MB, so ensure you have sufficient storage space on your device.
  4. Can I control my privacy on Honista?
    • Absolutely! Honista offers various privacy settings, including Ghost Mode and conversation encryption, allowing you to maintain complete control over your privacy.
  5. Can I download media directly from Honista?
    • Yes, you can download photos, videos, and stories directly within the app without the need for third-party applications.
  6. How often does Honista update its features?
    • Honista Team is dedicated to continuous improvement, releasing regular updates with new features and enhancements based on user feedback.
  7. Are there specific features for creating and managing Reels?
    • Yes, Honista offers specialized features for Reels, such as extended duration, remixing options, and more customization for a unique experience.
  8. Can I back up my settings on Honista?
    • Yes, you can easily back up and restore your settings using the Honista Backup Settings feature, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.


In conclusion, Official Honista stands out as an exceptional social media application that prioritizes user satisfaction, privacy, and customization. With a plethora of powerful features and continuous updates, Honista has earned the trust of over 5 million users and continues to redefine the social media experience. Why settle for mediocrity when you can join the Honista community and unlock a world of limitless possibilities? Experience the revolution today at and take control of your social media journey like never before.

Official Honista v8.0

  • 🔰 Update Base to 303.
  • 🔰 Add Instagram Icon to Icons List
  • 🔰 Implement Bug Fix Page including tools for Reset All Instagram Configs, Export Server Configs, Replace Configs
  • 🔰 Fix Bugs
  • 💎 New Options Added to Instagram Secret Options.

Official Honista v7.2

  • Activate Instagram Messenger Special Features
  • Activating Video Trimmer for More Than 60 Seconds Video In Story Creating
  • Activate Pinch to Zoom on Stories
  • Change Size of Story Circles on Home Page:  SMALL
  • Change Size of Story Circles on Home Page:  TINY
  • Activate Post the Story to Highlight Directly
  • Activate Auto Play Next Voice in Direct
  • Activate Unlike Reaction by Double Tap on Message
  • Activate Music in Notes in Direct
  • Activate Selecting Display of Notes for All Followers or Only the Followed Back Followers
  • Activate Direct Widget
  • Activate Channels Tab in Direct
  • Activate Live Only for Follow Back Users
  • Activate Show Reels Caption in Comments
  • Activate Show Common followers who have liked Reels Post
  • Activate Reels Remix New Options
  • Activate Switch Between Suggested and Following in Reels Page
  • Activate Green Screen Option in Reels Camera
  • Activate Boomerang for Reels Creating
  • Activate Threads
  • Activating Shared Activities (tags, likes, comments, follow date) Between You and Selected Page
  • Activate Show Liked by Author Comment
New Options Added to Advanced Options:
  • 90 Seconds Reels
  • 60 Seconds Stories
  • Post Reorder
  • Edit Carousel Posts
  • Direct Pining
  • Invite Link for Groups
  • Comment Replies Separate Page
  • Mention After Upload
  • Like and Reply Comments in Live
  • Live Explore
  • and more....

Download Official Honista

Download (74MB)

You are now ready to download Official Honista for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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