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Telegraph (Graph Messenger) v10.1.1

App NameTelegraph (Graph Messenger)
Latest Versionv10.1.1
MOD InfoExtra Feature
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  • Degraded background for stories and images.
  • Possibility to use images for the profile picture and when responding to stories.
  • Ability to search for photos from the web by adding a photo or sticker to the story.
  • Use of text drafts when posting or responding to stories.
  • Option to hide stories from the main page title.
  • Option to copy the text of the link and the bot button, as well as being able to translate it.
  • Show the message subject ID on the message details page.
  • Possibility to copy messages in the media links section.
  • Ability to save animated emoji files.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Telegram Stories.
  • New file management settings.
  • Redesigned private channel invitation screen.

Introduction to Telegraph (Graph Messenger):

Discover Telegraph (Graph Messenger), an advanced messaging platform designed to elevate your communication experience. Developed by ILMILI, this unique messenger offers an array of features to streamline your messaging, protect your privacy, and customize your interactions. With a size of 73MB, Telegraph can be accessed at, providing you with a versatile and feature-rich messaging solution.

What is Telegraph (Graph Messenger)?

Telegraph (Graph Messenger) is a messaging application that goes beyond traditional messaging services. It aims to provide users with a comprehensive and customized messaging experience while maintaining adherence to Telegram API terms and ensuring legality.


  1. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an uninterrupted messaging experience as Telegraph (Graph Messenger) completely disables ads and analytics servers.
  2. Customizable Emojis: Personalize your messaging by changing the color of multi-colored emojis, adding a unique touch to your conversations.
  3. Enhanced Bot Interactions: Copy or translate the help text of bots, allowing for easier interaction and understanding of bot functions.
  4. Global Message Search Filters: Utilize new filters for global message searches, including forwarding pro, select range, and a download manager for better message organization.
  5. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: Benefit from a smoother and optimized experience with bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Telegram-Specific Changes:

  • Anonymous Group Administrators: Activate the “Be Anonymous” permission for group administrators, allowing them to post on behalf of the group while remaining invisible in the member list.

Additional Features of Telegraph (Graph Messenger):

  • Real Multi-Account System: Log in to an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously, with the ability to manage 100 active accounts.
  • Download Manager: Organize and schedule downloads using the multi-queue download manager.
  • Theme Support: Customize your messaging experience with various themes, including Telegram, Plus, and Mobogram themes.
  • Voice Changer: Change your voice when sending voice messages for added fun and creativity.
  • Hidden Section: Keep your chats and contacts private with password or pattern lock protection.
  • Favorite Messages: Highlight messages in a separate page for quick access.
  • Auto Answer Machine: Automatically send messages to contacts when you can’t respond.
  • Categorized Chats: Organize your chats into categories for efficient management.
  • File Manager: Access all media from chats in one central location.
  • Contact Changes: Receive notifications when your special contacts update their information.
  • Customizable Interface: Edit and customize the main menu, change screen light, and apply color filters.
  • Proxy Settings: Configure proxy settings for enhanced connectivity and privacy.


  1. Enhanced Background for Stories and Images: Enjoy visually appealing stories and images with improved background aesthetics, enhancing your multimedia sharing.
  2. Versatile Profile Pictures and Story Responses: Utilize images for profile pictures and responding to stories, giving you more options for personal expression.
  3. Effortless Web Photo Search: Easily find web images for your stories by adding photos or stickers, enriching your visual content.
  4. Text Drafts for Seamless Story Posting: Make use of text drafts while posting or responding to stories, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.
  5. Enhanced Privacy with Hidden Stories: Maintain privacy by hiding stories from the main page title, giving you more control over your shared content.
  6. Convenient Copy and Translate Options: Copy text from links and bot buttons, and enjoy translation capabilities, enhancing interaction and understanding.
  7. Streamlined Message Management: View message subject IDs on message details pages and easily copy messages from the media links section.
  8. Animated Emoji File Saving: Save animated emoji files for creative and engaging messaging experiences.
  9. Telegram Stories Integration: Access Telegram Stories, allowing you to engage with this popular feature directly from the app.
  10. Advanced File Management Settings: Benefit from new file management settings, enhancing organization and access to your media.
  11. Redesigned Private Channel Invitations: Experience a revamped private channel invitation screen, improving user experience and accessibility.
  12. Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: Enjoy a smoother and more reliable experience with resolved bugs and performance enhancements.


  1. Learning Curve: Due to the app’s diverse features, there might be a learning curve for users unfamiliar with its functionalities.
  2. Dependency on Telegram API: The app’s adherence to Telegram API terms might limit certain features that are not supported by the API.
  3. Privacy Considerations: While the app offers privacy features, users should remain cautious and mindful of sharing sensitive information.
  4. Customization Complexity: The extensive customization options may be overwhelming for users seeking a more straightforward messaging experience.
  5. Resource Usage: Some advanced features might require additional device resources, potentially impacting performance on older devices.
  6. Limited Availability: Users may need to access the app through external sources, as it might not be available on mainstream app stores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Telegraph (Graph Messenger)

Q1: What is Telegraph (Graph Messenger)? Telegraph (Graph Messenger) is a messaging app developed by ILMILI. It offers a range of advanced features and enhancements designed to provide a comprehensive and enriched messaging experience.

Q2: What are the key features of Telegraph (Graph Messenger)? Telegraph (Graph Messenger) offers an array of unique features, including:

  • Degraded background for stories and images
  • Ability to use images for profile pictures and responding to stories
  • Searching for web photos by adding a photo or sticker to stories
  • Utilizing text drafts for posting or responding to stories
  • Option to hide stories from the main page title
  • Copying text from links and bot buttons, with translation capabilities
  • Displaying message subject IDs on the message details page
  • Copying messages in the media links section
  • Saving animated emoji files
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Access to Telegram Stories
  • New file management settings
  • Redesigned private channel invitation screen

Q3: Are ads and analytics servers disabled in Telegraph? Yes, Telegraph (Graph Messenger) comes with completely disabled ads and analytics servers, ensuring a more streamlined and ad-free experience.

Q4: Can I customize the appearance of emojis in Telegraph? Absolutely, you have the ability to change the color of all multi-colored emojis, allowing for a personalized messaging experience.

Q5: How does the multi-account system work in Telegraph? Telegraph offers a real multi-account system that allows unlimited account logins and supports up to 100 simultaneous active accounts, providing unmatched flexibility.

Q6: What is the Voice Changer feature in Telegraph? The Voice Changer feature enables you to modify your voice when sending voice messages, adding a playful touch to your communication.

Q7: How can I manage my downloads in Telegraph? Telegraph includes a Download Manager with a multi-queue download manager, allowing you to manage and schedule your downloads efficiently.

Q8: Is Telegraph compatible with different themes? Yes, Telegraph supports various themes, including Telegram themes, Plus themes, and Mobogram themes, giving you the option to personalize your messaging interface.

Q9: Can I enhance privacy in Telegraph? Yes, you can enhance privacy by utilizing features such as the Hidden Section and lock options for chats, contacts, and more. You can even set passwords or pattern locks for added security.

Q10: Is Telegraph optimized for proxy usage? Absolutely, Telegraph provides professional proxy settings, multi-delete, share, and copy functions. It also allows for sorting by ping time and smart connection to proxies based on ping time.

Q11: Where can I download Telegraph (Graph Messenger)? You can download Telegraph (Graph Messenger) from the official publishing site: Please note that this version adheres to Telegram API terms and does not include any illegal features.


Enhance Your Messaging Experience Telegraph (Graph Messenger) introduces an array of features that enhance your messaging interactions. From ad-free communication to customizable emojis, enhanced bot interactions, and advanced search filters, Telegraph offers a robust platform for efficient and engaging conversations. As you explore its features, remember to prioritize privacy and responsible usage to make the most of this versatile messaging solution.

Telegraph (Graph Messenger) v10.0.1

  • Completely disabled ads and analytics servers.
  • Ability to change the color of all multi-colored emojis.
  • Option to copy or translate the bot’s help text.
  • New filters added to global message search (forwarding pro, select range, download manager).
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Telegram changes:
  • Anonymous group administrators
  • Activate “Be Anonymous” in an administrator’s permissions to allow him to post on behalf of the group and become invisible in the member list.
  • Much more ..
  • This is just a version without AD and it is achieved with the Telegram API terms and it does not have any illegal features.
  • Real multi account system, unlimited account login and 100 simultaneous active account.
  • Download Manager, manage and schedule your downloads with a multi queue download manager.
  • Support any type of theme, telegram theme or Plus theme or Mobogram theme.
  • Voice changer, change your voice when send voice messages.
  • Hidden section, hide your chats and contacts and set password or pattern lock for them.
  • Lock chats, lock your chats and set password or pattern lock for them.
  • Send Drawing, draw anything you like and send as message.
  • Time Line, show all channels messages in one page.
  • Favorite Messages, add messages to favorite messages and show them in separate page.
  • Auto answer machine, send auto message to contact when you can’t answer.
  • Short Messages, When the message is long it shows it short.
  • Separate channels, groups, users,… in chats list.
  • Favorite chats, add chats to favorite chats and show them in separate list.
  • Categorize chats list, create categories and add chats to them.
  • File manager, show all chats media in one page.
  • Contact changes, can show contact changes like change name, avatar and phone in one page.
  • Special contact, notify you when your special contact is online.
  • Can edit and customize main menu.
  • Can change screen light and color filter.
  • Telegraph settings, you can customize your telegraph app in telegraph settings.
  • Professional proxy settings, Multi delete, share and copy. Sort by ping time.
  • Smart connect to proxy by ping time.
  • Import proxies from file and clipboard. export proxies to file.
Download (73MB)

You are now ready to download Telegraph (Graph Messenger) for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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