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Photo Video Maker & Music – FotoPlay v6.3.1.6 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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  • FotoPlay Mod APK enhances photos with stickers, effects, and music to create the best slideshows ever.
  • FotoPlay's multi-layer editing capabilities enable you to produce visually striking movies. To spice up the video's content and choose the ideal aspect ratio, feel free to add music, text, and stickers.
App Name Photo Video Maker & Music – FotoPlay
Publisher FotoPlay Video Maker
Size 87MB
Latest Version v6.3.1.6
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MOD Info VIP Unlocked
OS Android / 4.1 and up
Installs 10M+
Rating 4.7
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In the digital age, expressing creativity through multimedia has become increasingly popular. Whether it’s for personal memories or professional presentations, having a tool that seamlessly combines photos, videos, and music can greatly enhance storytelling. One such tool that has been making waves in the realm of multimedia creation is FotoPlay. With the aid of a special addon, FotoPlay users may create amazing films and modify them anyway they see fit. Furthermore, the personalizations and adaptations are comprehensive and plentiful, promising to provide everyone with fresh ideas to finish their projects quickly.

What is FotoPlay?

FotoPlay is a versatile photo video maker and music app that allows users to create stunning slideshows with ease. Developed by FotoPlay Video Maker, this app has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and robust features. With a size of 87MB, it’s a powerful tool packed into a compact package. With its various capabilities, FotoPlay can assist you in producing a video with captivating material. Certain aspects may be readily altered in terms of time and pace, and effects can be added to enhance their beauty. Additionally, you may add a lot to the clip to make it seem better, and don’t forget to verify the platform’s aspect ratio before sharing it.


  1. Creating Attractive Slideshows: With FotoPlay, users can craft attractive and high-quality slideshows in just a few minutes. Whether it’s for personal memories or professional presentations, this feature ensures that users can quickly and effortlessly bring their ideas to life.
  2. Transition Effects and Animations: Users have access to a diverse set of transition effects and animations between images. There are no restrictions on choosing these effects, allowing for complete creative freedom in slideshow creation.
  3. Stickers and Animated Texts: Add an extra layer of creativity to your slideshows with stickers and animated texts. Whether it’s playful emojis or elegant typography, these elements can enhance the visual appeal of your presentations.
  4. Multimedia Elements: FotoPlay allows users to incorporate various elements such as stickers, parts of favorite songs, and various effects simultaneously in a slideshow. This feature enables users to create dynamic and engaging multimedia experiences.
  5. Playback Speed Control: Take control of the pace of your slideshow with the option to adjust playback speed. Whether you want to create a fast-paced montage or a slow and contemplative sequence, this feature allows for customization according to your preferences.
  6. Beautiful Frames: Add a touch of elegance to your slideshows with beautiful frames. Whether it’s a classic border or a modern design, these frames can add polish and professionalism to your presentations.
  7. Sound Extraction and Video Format Conversion: FotoPlay offers the possibility of extracting sound and converting the format of video files to pink. This feature ensures compatibility and flexibility in sharing your creations across different platforms.
  8. High-Quality Output: Whether you’re sharing your slideshow on social media or presenting it to a client, FotoPlay delivers high-quality output. Ensure that your creations look stunning and professional, no matter where they’re viewed.


  1. Excellent Design Options: FotoPlay offers various features that enable users to create masterful photo slideshows with ease. With customizable cover images, transition effects, and a library of materials, users can produce professional-looking presentations with minimal effort.
  2. Advanced Audio Tools: The app provides extensive audio tools, allowing users to enhance the overall quality of their videos with customized audio. Users can easily mix in popular songs from various genres or add effects to elevate the audiovisual experience.
  3. Background Audio Playback: With FotoPlay, users can play audio in the background by converting videos to audio first, ensuring precise synchronization between visuals and audio cues. Additionally, users can record voiceovers directly within the app, further enhancing their presentations.
  4. Special Effects and Filters: Enhance your videos with jaw-dropping special effects and filters reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters. FotoPlay offers a wide range of visual effects and filters, allowing users to create captivating and visually stunning slideshows.
  5. Sticker and Emoji Library: Add a touch of cuteness to your slideshows with animated emoji stickers from the app’s extensive library. Users can choose from various styles and options to make their videos more engaging and appealing to viewers across different social media platforms.


  1. Limited Customization: While FotoPlay offers a wide range of features, some users may find the customization options to be somewhat limited compared to more advanced video editing software.
  2. File Size: With a size of 87MB, FotoPlay may consume a significant amount of storage space on users’ devices, particularly for those with limited storage capacity.
  3. In-App Purchases: While many features are available for free, some advanced features and materials may require in-app purchases, potentially limiting access for users who prefer not to spend additional money.
  4. Learning Curve: For users new to multimedia editing, FotoPlay may have a slight learning curve due to its various features and tools. Some users may require additional time to familiarize themselves with the app’s functionalities.
  5. Limited Aspect Ratio Options: While users can flip the aspect ratio of their videos to suit different social media platforms, the app may have limited options compared to more specialized editing software.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about FotoPlay:

  1. What can I create with FotoPlay?
    • With FotoPlay, you can create impressive videos using various media elements such as images, music, and text. Whether it’s for personal memories or special events, FotoPlay helps you craft quality videos with ease.
  2. How do I adjust the content of my video in FotoPlay?
    • To adjust your video content in FotoPlay, simply add the media you want to use and then use the intuitive editing tools to lengthen or shorten elements, control their appearance speed, and more. It’s easy to customize your video according to your preferences.
  3. Does FotoPlay support multi-layer editing?
    • Yes, FotoPlay allows for editing videos on different layers, which is particularly useful when working with multiple objects. This feature ensures clarity in the editing process and allows you to edit specific elements without affecting others.
  4. What kind of effects can I add to my videos in FotoPlay?
    • FotoPlay offers a variety of interesting effects that you can add to enhance your videos. From heartwarming effects like hearts to dynamic effects like fireworks, there’s something to suit every image and theme.
  5. Can I add text and stickers to my videos in FotoPlay?
    • Absolutely! FotoPlay provides options to add text and stickers to your videos, allowing you to diversify your content and make it more engaging for viewers. Customize the font, color, and placement of text, and choose from a range of dynamic stickers to add flair to your videos.
  6. How important is the choice of music in FotoPlay?
    • Choosing the right music is crucial in creating an impactful video with FotoPlay. The music sets the tone and enhances the viewer’s experience, so take the time to select a song that complements your video’s theme and evokes the desired emotions.
  7. How do I export my videos from FotoPlay?
    • Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can easily export it from FotoPlay and share it on various platforms with just a single touch. Ensure that you choose the appropriate aspect ratio for the platform you intend to share it on to maintain the video’s quality and presentation.
  8. What should I do if there are black spaces in my exported video?
    • If black spaces appear in your exported video, you can use backgrounds with different colors to mask them. Ensure that the background colors match the overall color scheme of your video for a seamless viewing experience.

Installation Guide for FotoPlay:

  1. Download FotoPlay:
    • Visit the official app store on your device, whether it’s the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.
    • Search for “FotoPlay” in the search bar.
    • Once you find the FotoPlay app developed by FotoPlay Video Maker, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button to initiate the download and installation process.
  2. Allow Permissions:
    • After the download is complete, open the FotoPlay app.
    • You may be prompted to grant certain permissions to the app, such as access to your photos, videos, and device storage. Allow these permissions to ensure FotoPlay functions smoothly.
  3. Complete Installation:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
    • Depending on your device and internet connection speed, the installation may take a few moments.
  4. Launch FotoPlay:
    • Once installation is complete, you can find the FotoPlay app icon on your device’s home screen or in the app drawer.
    • Tap on the FotoPlay icon to launch the app.
  5. Explore Features:
    • Upon launching FotoPlay, take some time to explore its features and functionalities.
    • Familiarize yourself with the various tools available for creating photo slideshows, adding music, applying effects, and more.
  6. Sign Up (Optional):
    • While FotoPlay may allow you to use some features without signing up, consider creating an account to access additional benefits such as cloud storage and personalized settings.
    • Follow the prompts to sign up for a FotoPlay account if desired.
  7. Begin Creating:
    • Once you’re comfortable with FotoPlay’s interface, you can start creating your own photo slideshows with music.
    • Import your photos and videos, add music tracks, apply effects and transitions, and customize your slideshow to your liking.
  8. Save and Share:
    • After creating your masterpiece, save your project to your device or cloud storage.
    • You can then share your photo slideshow with friends and family via social media platforms, messaging apps, or email.
  9. Update FotoPlay (Optional):
    • To ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes, periodically check for updates to the FotoPlay app.
    • Open the app store on your device, navigate to the “Updates” section, and look for FotoPlay. If an update is available, tap on “Update” to install it.
  10. Enjoy Creating Memories:
  • Now that FotoPlay is installed on your device, enjoy creating beautiful photo slideshows with music and relive your favorite memories with ease!

Final Words:

In conclusion, FotoPlay stands out as a comprehensive photo video maker and music app that empowers users to unleash their creativity. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it’s the perfect tool for crafting captivating slideshows for any occasion. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or a casual creator, FotoPlay offers the tools you need to bring your ideas to life. So why wait? Download FotoPlay today and start creating stunning multimedia presentations that will leave a lasting impression.

Key Features of FotoPlay:

  1. Easy Media Addition and Detailed Editing:
    • Users can effortlessly add photos and videos to FotoPlay and make detailed edits to refine the core content before adding other elements.
  2. Unique Effects for Novelty:
    • FotoPlay offers a variety of effects to make each element of the video more novel, ensuring the theme of the video is clear and engaging to viewers.
  3. Aspect Ratio Adjustment:
    • Adjusting the aspect ratio is crucial as it ensures the video is optimized for the platform where it will be shared, enhancing its visibility and appeal.
  4. Detailed Text and Sticker Customization:
    • Users can customize text in detail, choosing fonts, colors, and positions. Combined with dynamic stickers of various genres, videos become more engaging and fun to watch.
  5. Impressive Song Selection:
    • FotoPlay provides an extensive library of impressive songs that attract viewers’ attention and help convey the video’s content effectively and fully.

By leveraging these key features, users can create compelling and professional-looking photo slideshows with music, making FotoPlay an essential tool for multimedia creation.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements. Install or update to the newest version to check it out!

Download Photo Video Maker & Music – FotoPlay

Download (87MB)

You are now ready to download Photo Video Maker & Music – FotoPlay for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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