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  • Note: The Persian language is not supported by the Duolingo: Language Lessons software.
App Name Duolingo: Language Lessons
Publisher Duolingo
Size 57MB
Latest Version v5.143.3
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MOD Info Premium Unlocked, Lite, Optimized Size
OS Android / 4.1 and up
Installs 500M+
Rating 4.5
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Duolingo is a language learning application developed by Duolingo and published by redwhatsapp.com. It’s a handy tool for anyone interested in learning a new language, offering a variety of features to enhance the learning experience. With in-depth courses, the software Duolingo helps you rapidly and effectively improve your English. With its new features, this free program will assist you in learning a new language and enhancing your abilities. Start your lesson now and become lost in an incredibly beautiful interface.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a language learning platform that provides free, effective language lessons in various languages. It offers a unique interface designed to make learning enjoyable and interactive. Duolingo: Learn Languages is a language-learning tool that both professionals and respectable media outlets strongly recommend. Users have access to engaging lessons that have been written in the languages that the application supports. Additionally, when there are a variety of teaching strategies, activities, and skill practice opportunities, learning a foreign language becomes utterly successful. Thus, this platform is ideal for a wide range of users.


  1. Many Effective Short Lessons for Free:
    • Duolingo offers a wide range of short lessons for free, covering 35 different languages.
    • Lessons include listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises, ensuring comprehensive learning.
    • Users can quickly progress and gain confidence in communicating with the newly learned language.
  2. Creative Lessons in Many Styles:
    • The app offers diverse lesson styles to keep users engaged, making learning feel like a game.
    • Each lesson is relatively short to prevent boredom and features a relaxed pace.
    • Progress notifications help users track their learning journey and motivate them to achieve their goals.
  3. Daily Study Reminders:
    • Duolingo reminds users to study daily, ensuring consistent progress.
    • Lessons are created by qualified language experts, guaranteeing high-quality content.
    • The app’s literal translation function helps users understand and learn from their mistakes.
  4. Learning Progress Tracking and Rewards:
  5. Effective Foreign Language Learning:
    • Duolingo offers comprehensive lessons across various topics to improve language skills.
    • The app serves as a foundation for learning new languages, catering to beginners and advanced learners alike.
  6. Diverse Lesson Types:
    • Lessons in Duolingo are structured like a tree, guiding users through progressive learning.
    • Exercises focus on practical everyday communication, making learning intuitive and enjoyable.
    • Various language skills are covered, enhancing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
  7. Community Interaction:
    • Duolingo provides a community for users to interact, connect, and learn together.
    • Learners can receive help and explanations from the community when facing challenges during exercises.
  8. Customized Learning Process:
    • Users can choose their learning path and pace through the app’s structured lessons.
    • Interactive games and virtual rewards keep users motivated throughout their learning journey.
    • Duolingo is available on multiple platforms, allowing users to study anytime, anywhere.


  1. Many Effective Short Lessons for Free:
    • Offers lessons in 35 different languages, catering to diverse language learners.
    • Comprehensive lessons cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
    • Users can quickly progress and gain confidence in their language abilities.
  2. Creative Lessons in Many Styles:
    • Lessons are designed to be short and engaging, preventing boredom.
    • Interactive interface makes learning feel like a game, increasing interest and progress.
    • Progress notifications help users track their learning journey easily.
  3. Daily Study Reminders:
    • Reminds users to study daily, ensuring consistent improvement.
    • High-quality lessons created by language experts, fostering confidence in learning.
    • Diverse exercises and regular updates enhance the learning experience.
  4. Learning Progress Tracking and Rewards:
    • Provides a vocabulary system with thousands of words for practice.
    • Users can set daily goals and receive rewards for completing lessons.
    • Motivates learners through monitoring progress and offering incentives.
  5. Effective Foreign Language Learning:
    • Offers lessons spanning various topics, aiding in skill improvement.
    • Acts as a foundation for learning new languages, suitable for beginners and advanced learners.
    • Helps users retrieve forgotten knowledge and start with a new language confidently.


  1. Limited Depth in Advanced Topics:
    • May lack in-depth coverage of advanced language topics for more proficient learners.
    • Advanced learners might find the lessons too simplistic for their needs.
  2. Overreliance on App for Learning:
    • Users may become overly dependent on the app and neglect other supplementary learning methods.
    • Lack of real-life interaction might hinder speaking and listening skills in practical situations.


  1. Is Duolingo suitable for beginners?
    • Yes, Duolingo is ideal for beginners as it offers comprehensive lessons in various languages, making it easy to start learning from scratch.
  2. Can I use Duolingo offline?
    • Duolingo requires an internet connection to access its lessons and features. However, some content may be available offline after initial download.
  3. Does Duolingo offer support for advanced learners?
    • While Duolingo caters to learners of all levels, its focus is primarily on beginners and intermediate learners. Advanced learners may find the content limited in depth.
  4. Is Duolingo completely free to use?
    • Yes, Duolingo offers many features for free. However, there is also a premium subscription option available for additional features and ad-free experience.
  5. Can I interact with other learners on Duolingo?
    • Yes, Duolingo has a community feature where learners can interact, ask questions, and practice together. It’s a great way to engage with fellow language enthusiasts.

Installation Guide:

  1. Downloading Duolingo:
  2. Installing Duolingo:
    • Once on the app’s page, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button.
    • Wait for the app to download and install on your device. The installation process may take a few moments depending on your internet connection speed.
  3. Opening Duolingo:
    • After installation is complete, tap on the “Open” button on the app’s page.
    • Alternatively, you can find the Duolingo app icon on your device’s home screen or in the app drawer and tap on it to open.
  4. Creating an Account:
    • Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to create an account or log in if you already have one.
    • Enter your email address, create a password, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account creation process.
  5. Choosing Language and Starting Lessons:
    • Once logged in, select the language you want to learn from the list of available options.
    • Start your language learning journey by selecting the appropriate lesson or topic.
  6. Exploring Features:
    • Familiarize yourself with Duolingo’s features, including lessons, exercises, progress tracking, and community interaction.
    • Customize your learning experience by setting goals and preferences in the app’s settings.
  7. Enjoy Learning:
    • Begin your language learning adventure with Duolingo’s interactive and engaging lessons.
    • Practice regularly to improve your skills and progress through the levels.
  8. Optional Premium Features:
    • Consider upgrading to Duolingo Plus for additional features and benefits, such as ad-free experience and offline access to lessons.
  9. Stay Updated:
    • Keep the Duolingo app updated to access the latest features, improvements, and content additions.
    • Check for app updates regularly in the app store to ensure you have the latest version installed.
  10. Happy Learning!
    • Enjoy the journey of learning new languages with Duolingo and expand your linguistic horizons.


Duolingo offers a user-friendly and effective platform for learning new languages. With its diverse features, interactive lessons, and community support, it’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their language skills. Download Duolingo now and embark on your language learning adventure!

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Language Learning:
    • Duolingo offers effective language learning for various languages including English, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, and more.
    • Its unique design enhances the learning experience, making it enjoyable and effective.
  2. Assessment Tests:
    • Users can take various tests to determine their proficiency level in different languages.
    • These tests help in customizing the learning experience according to the user’s skill level.
  3. Interactive Learning Methods:
    • Duolingo incorporates innovative features such as voice recognition technology, allowing users to practice speaking by receiving sound through the phone’s microphone.
    • Periodic training sessions ensure consistent progress and skill improvement.
  4. Freemium Model:
  5. RedWhatsApp Release:
    • The unlocked and modded version of Duolingo, released by RedWhatsApp, provides access to all paid and free features without any time limitations.
    • Users can enjoy premium features without paying for them, making language learning accessible to all.
  6. Wide Language Selection:
    • Duolingo offers lessons in over 30 living languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Hindi, Arabic, Thai, Korean, Chinese, and more.
    • While Persian language support is not available, English-speaking users can learn a wide range of languages using Duolingo.
  7. Accessible Learning:
    • Duolingo provides a user-friendly interface and easy-to-follow lessons, making language learning accessible to learners of all levels.
    • The program caters to beginners as well as those looking to improve their existing language skills.
  8. Progress Tracking:
    • Users can track their progress through the app, monitoring their performance and improvement over time.
    • This feature helps users stay motivated and focused on their language learning goals.
  9. Community Interaction:
    • Duolingo fosters a sense of community among language learners, allowing users to interact, share tips, and support each other’s learning journey.
  10. Continuous Updates:

    • Duolingo regularly updates its content and features, ensuring users have access to the latest tools and resources for language learning.
    • Users can expect new lessons, exercises, and improvements to enhance their learning experience.
  • Premium / Paid features unlocked
  • Languages Courses unlocked
  • Start Lessons unlocked
  • Special Offers features Unlocked
  • Power-Ups features Unlocked
  • Outfits features Unlocked
  • Bonus features Unlocked
  • Available to download offline automatically
  • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified
  • Ads layouts visibility disabled
  • Languages: Full Multi Languages

Download Duolingo: Language Lessons

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You are now ready to download Duolingo: Language Lessons for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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