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    • Custom application theme
    • Privacy and security
    • Audio to voice note
    • Rounded home ui
    • Custom fab chat
App NameDodi Whatsapp Business
PublisherDodi Studio
Latest Versionv1.20
Get it On Goolge Google
MOD InfoExtra Feature
OSAndroid / 4.1 and up


In the world of business messaging, having a reliable and customizable platform is essential for effective communication. Dodi WhatsApp Business, developed by Dodi-Hidayat, offers a feature-rich messaging solution designed specifically for businesses. With its new home UI, enhanced chat UI, privacy controls, lock app feature, media mods, theme options, and more, Dodi WhatsApp Business empowers you to streamline your business communication and customize the app to meet your specific needs. Join us as we explore the standout features of Dodi WhatsApp Business, available for download on, your trusted source for technology insights.

New Home UI: Navigate with Ease

Dodi WhatsApp Business introduces a new home UI that enhances your navigation experience. With an intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly access your chats, contacts, and important business conversations.

Enhanced Chat UI: Optimize Communication

The improved chat UI in Dodi WhatsApp Business offers a more efficient and streamlined conversation experience. Enjoy a clean and organized interface that allows you to communicate seamlessly with your customers, suppliers, and team members.

Chats Privacy: Control Your Conversations

Maintaining the privacy of your business conversations is crucial. Dodi WhatsApp Business provides enhanced privacy controls, allowing you to set privacy settings for individual chats, ensuring confidential information stays secure.

Status Privacy: Share Selectively

With Dodi WhatsApp Business, you have control over the privacy of your status updates. Choose who can view your status, ensuring that your business updates reach the intended audience while maintaining privacy.

Calls Privacy: Manage Your Business Calls

Dodi WhatsApp Business offers privacy settings for calls, allowing you to control who can call you and ensuring that your business calls are managed efficiently and according to your preferences.

Lock App: Secure Your Business Data

Protect your business data and conversations with the lock app feature. Dodi WhatsApp Business allows you to set a PIN or passcode to ensure that only authorized users can access your business messages and contacts.

Media Mods: Customize Media Sharing

Enhance your media sharing capabilities with media mods in Dodi WhatsApp Business. Customize the quality and resolution of images and videos, ensuring that your business media is shared in the best possible format.

Theme Options: Customize the Look and Feel

Make Dodi WhatsApp Business reflect your brand identity with theme options. Choose from a variety of themes and customize the app’s colors to match your business branding, providing a cohesive and professional experience.


  1. Custom Application Theme: Dodi WhatsApp Business allows users to customize the application’s theme, giving it a personalized look and feel.
  2. Privacy and Security: The app prioritizes privacy and security features, ensuring that user data and conversations are protected.
  3. Audio to Voice Note: Users can easily convert audio messages into voice notes, making it convenient to listen to longer messages.
  4. Rounded Home UI: The rounded home user interface design provides a visually appealing and modern look to the application.
  5. Custom FAB Chat: The app offers a customizable floating action button (FAB) for chats, enabling users to access specific chat functions quickly.
  6. New Home UI: Dodi WhatsApp Business introduces a new home user interface, potentially improving the overall user experience and navigation.
  7. New Chat UI: The updated chat user interface enhances the messaging experience with improved visuals and features.
  8. Chats Privacy: Users can set privacy options for their chats, allowing them to control who can view their conversations.
  9. Status Privacy: The app provides options for status privacy, giving users control over who can see their status updates.
  10. Calls Privacy: Dodi WhatsApp Business offers privacy settings for calls, allowing users to manage who can contact them.
  11. Lock App: Users can secure their app by setting a lock, providing an additional layer of privacy and preventing unauthorized access.
  12. Media Mods: The app includes various media modifications, such as increased media quality or additional media sharing options.
  13. Theme Options: Dodi WhatsApp Business offers a range of theme options, allowing users to customize the application’s appearance to their liking.
  14. Custom All UI Colors: Users can customize all UI colors within the app, enabling them to create a personalized visual experience.
  15. Custom Privacy: The app provides customizable privacy settings, allowing users to fine-tune their privacy preferences according to their needs.
  16. Calls Rejection: Users have the option to reject incoming calls, providing more control over their communication.
  17. Custom Wallpaper: Dodi WhatsApp Business allows users to set custom wallpapers for chats and the overall app interface.
  18. Show Admin Caption: The app supports displaying admin captions in group chats, making it easier to identify important messages.
  19. Forward Status: Users can forward status updates to their contacts, enabling them to share interesting or relevant content easily.
  20. View Revoked Message: The app allows users to view messages that have been revoked or deleted by the sender.
  21. Send Images Full Resolution: Dodi WhatsApp Business enables users to send images in their original, full resolution, preserving the quality of shared images.
  22. Broadcast Message to Group: Users can send broadcast messages to multiple groups simultaneously, saving time and effort.
  23. Message Schedule: The app includes a message scheduling feature, allowing users to compose and send messages at specific times in the future.
  24. Message Auto Reply: Users can set up automatic replies to incoming messages, which can be useful for managing business or personal communication.
  25. Who Blocked You: Dodi WhatsApp Business provides the ability to check if someone has blocked your account.
  26. Custom Status: Users can create and set custom status updates, expressing themselves in a unique way.
  27. Custom Media Auto Download: The app offers customization options for media auto-download settings, giving users control over data usage.
  28. Toast Online/Status/Profile: Users receive toast notifications when contacts come online, update their status, or change their profile picture.
  29. Multi-Account: Dodi WhatsApp Business supports multiple accounts, allowing users to manage different business or personal profiles within the same app.


  1. App Size: The app has a size of 58MB, which might be considered large for users with limited storage space on their devices.
  2. Third-Party Developer: Dodi WhatsApp Business is developed by Dodi Studio, which might raise concerns regarding trust and reliability compared to the official WhatsApp application.
  3. Publishing on Bold: The app is published on a platform called “,” which might be less known and trusted than official app stores, potentially impacting user confidence in the app’s legitimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Dodi WhatsApp Business

  1. What is Dodi WhatsApp Business? Dodi WhatsApp Business is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp Business. It offers additional features and customization options that enhance the functionality and user experience of the app.
  2. Is Dodi WhatsApp Business safe to use? Yes, Dodi WhatsApp Business is developed with a focus on security and privacy. However, it is always recommended to download the app from a trusted source like and exercise caution while using any third-party applications.
  3. Can I use Dodi WhatsApp Business alongside the official WhatsApp Business app? Yes, you can use Dodi WhatsApp Business alongside the official WhatsApp Business app on your device. This allows you to manage multiple business accounts efficiently.
  4. What features does Dodi WhatsApp Business offer? Dodi WhatsApp Business offers a range of features, including customized lock screens, enhanced privacy settings, media mods, theme options, customizable UI colors, calls rejection, message scheduling, and many more. These features are designed to provide businesses with greater control and flexibility in their messaging activities.
  5. Can I backup and restore my data on Dodi WhatsApp Business? Yes, Dodi WhatsApp Business allows you to backup and restore your data, ensuring that your important messages, contacts, and media files are safe and can be retrieved if needed.
  6. How do I download Dodi WhatsApp Business? To download Dodi WhatsApp Business, visit, the official website that hosts the latest version of the app. Click on the download link provided and follow the instructions to install it on your device.
  7. Can I use Dodi WhatsApp Business on both Android and iOS devices? Yes, Dodi WhatsApp Business is available for both Android and iOS devices. Make sure to download the version compatible with your device’s operating system.
  8. Is Dodi WhatsApp Business officially supported by WhatsApp? No, Dodi WhatsApp Business is a modified version of WhatsApp Business and is not officially supported by WhatsApp. It is developed by independent developers who add additional features and customization options to the original app.
  9. Is Dodi WhatsApp Business free to use? Yes, Dodi WhatsApp Business is free to download and use. However, keep in mind that standard data charges may apply while using the app, depending on your mobile data plan.
  10. Where can I find more information and updates about Dodi WhatsApp Business? For more information and updates about Dodi WhatsApp Business, visit The website provides the latest news, updates, and downloads related to Dodi WhatsApp Business, keeping you informed about the latest features and developments.

Remember to exercise caution while using modified versions of apps and ensure that you download them from trusted sources.


Dodi WhatsApp Business by Dodi-Hidayat offers a comprehensive messaging solution for businesses, empowering you to communicate effectively while maintaining privacy and customization. With its new home UI, enhanced chat UI, privacy controls, lock app feature, media mods, theme options, and more, Dodi WhatsApp Business is a reliable and customizable platform that meets the specific needs of your business. Download Dodi WhatsApp Business, available in a compact size of 75MB, and optimize your business communication today. Stay informed about the latest technology trends and app modifications on, your ultimate source for tech-related insights.

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Dodi WhatsApp Business v7.0

  • Custom application theme
  • Privacy and security
  • Audio to voice note
  • Rounded home ui
  • Custom fab chat

Dodi WhatsApp Business v6.0E

  • New home ui
  • New chat ui
  • Chats privacy
  • Status privacy
  • Calls Privacy
  • Lock app
  • Media mods
  • And many more

Dodi WhatsApp Business v5.0

  • Base update
  • Themes options
  • Custom all ui colors
  • Custom privacy
  • Calls rejection
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Lock app/chat
  • Show admin caption
  • Forward status
  • View revoked message
  • Send images full resolution
  • Broadcast message to group
  • Message schedule
  • Message auto reply
  • Who blocked you
  • Custom status
  • Custom media auto download
  • Toast online/status/profile
  • Multi account
  • and many more.

Download Dodi Whatsapp Business

Download (65MB)

You are now ready to download Dodi Whatsapp Business for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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