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CARROT Weather v2.5.2 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

App Name CARROT Weather
Publisher Grailr LLC
Size 16MB
Latest Version v2.5.2
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OS Android / 4.4 and up
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In the realm of weather forecasting, CARROT Weather stands out as a quirky yet incredibly powerful tool that brings a fresh twist to checking the forecast. Developed by Grailr LLC, this app is not your typical weather companion. It’s more like having a witty friend who keeps you entertained while keeping you informed about the weather. Let’s delve into what makes CARROT Weather so special. Do you find using the same old weather app boring? You’ll find this weather app entertaining due to its incredibly accurate and comprehensive forecasts. Go no farther than CARROT Weather if you’re searching for an app that will keep you informed on the weather and make you laugh.

What is CARROT Weather?

CARROT Weather is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android devices, designed to provide users with accurate and detailed weather forecasts in a unique and entertaining way. Unlike traditional weather apps that offer mundane weather updates, CARROT Weather injects humor and personality into its forecasts, making checking the weather a delightful experience rather than a mundane chore. Foreca’s very accurate weather data allows users of CARROT Weather to instantly obtain minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and daily forecasts. However, the ability of CARROT Weather to provide this data in an interesting and instructive way sets it apart from other weather apps. In addition to the prediction, CARROT Weather will also bring you insightful commentary and humorous references from popular culture to keep you engaged and informed. Tapping anywhere on the screen will provide you with much additional weather information.


  1. Accurate and Detailed Forecasts:
    • CARROT Weather utilizes Foreca’s remarkably precise weather data to offer users quick access to current, hourly, and daily forecasts. Whether you need to plan your day or prepare for the week ahead, CARROT Weather has you covered with reliable meteorological information.
  2. Overflowing with Personality:
    • What sets CARROT Weather apart is its vibrant personality. From unexpected dialogues to amusing scenery changes, the app keeps users engaged with its quirky antics. Whether it’s spooky fog or torrential downpours, CARROT Weather transforms mundane weather updates into entertaining experiences.
  3. Time Travel (Premium Club only):
    • For those who are part of the Premium Club, CARROT Weather offers a unique feature called Time Travel. This feature allows users to glimpse into the past or future weather conditions for any location. Imagine exploring the weather of a historical event or planning a future trip with this fascinating capability.
  4. Widget (Premium Club only):
    • Another exclusive feature for Premium Club members is the customizable widget. With this widget, users can conveniently view the weather updates directly on their home screen, saving time and effort. Stay informed about the weather without even having to open the app.
  5. Secret Locations:
    • Embark on an adventure with CARROT Weather’s Secret Locations feature. With clues provided within the app, users can discover 32 hidden locations, including unconventional spots like the Moon, the Pyramids, and even Chernobyl. It adds an element of excitement to the weather-checking routine, turning it into a treasure hunt.


  1. Overflowing with Personality:
    • CARROT Weather stands out for its abundance of individuality, injecting humor and wit into weather forecasts. With constantly shifting dialogues and weather conditions, from eerie mist to torrential downpours, CARROT keeps users entertained and amused. With over 6,000 lines of amusing spoken dialogue, you’ll always find something to chuckle about, making checking the weather a delightful experience.
  2. Customizable Widget:
    • Unlike other cluttered weather apps, CARROT Weather offers an elegant and minimalist widget design, providing a refreshing change. The widget can be customized according to your preferences, allowing you to display the weather data that matters most to you. Whether you’re interested in the current temperature, chances of rain, or the day’s forecast, CARROT Weather has you covered. Additionally, you have the freedom to change the widget to suit your style whenever you desire.


  1. Limited Features for Free Users:
    • While CARROT Weather offers a range of entertaining features, some of the most intriguing functionalities, such as Time Travel and certain widgets, are exclusive to Premium Club members. Free users may find themselves missing out on these premium features, limiting their overall experience with the app.
  2. Steep Learning Curve:
    • Due to its unique personality and unconventional approach to weather forecasting, CARROT Weather may have a slightly steeper learning curve compared to traditional weather apps. New users might take some time to familiarize themselves with the app’s humor and navigation, which could be off-putting for those seeking a straightforward weather experience.

FAQs about CARROT Weather:

  1. What is the Weather Time Machine feature in CARROT Weather?
    • The Weather Time Machine allows users to explore weather records from any date and location. Whether you’re curious about the weather on your birthday ten years ago or want to know the conditions of a historical event, CARROT Weather’s Weather Time Machine feature provides fun and educational insights into past weather data.
  2. How does the Weather Time Machine distinguish CARROT Weather from other weather apps?
    • CARROT Weather’s Weather Time Machine sets it apart from other weather applications by offering a unique and engaging way to interact with historical weather data. Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or simply curious about past weather events, this feature adds an exciting dimension to the app’s functionality.
  3. What are Secret Locations in CARROT Weather?
    • Secret Locations are hidden spots within CARROT Weather that users can discover by following clues. With 32 mysterious destinations to uncover, ranging from the Moon to the Pyramids to Chernobyl, this feature adds an element of adventure to the app. Exploring these secret locations enhances the overall entertainment value of CARROT Weather.
  4. How can users access the Secret Locations feature?
    • To access the Secret Locations in CARROT Weather, users need to follow the hints provided within the app. By solving clues and embarking on a virtual treasure hunt, users can uncover these hidden destinations and add an exciting twist to their weather-checking experience.
  5. What makes the Secret Locations feature in CARROT Weather captivating?
    • The Secret Locations feature in CARROT Weather adds a captivating element of discovery and exploration to the app. By offering intriguing destinations like the Moon and the Pyramids, users are motivated to engage with the app in a playful and adventurous manner, making it more than just a typical weather forecasting tool.
  6. Are there any additional benefits to discovering Secret Locations in CARROT Weather?
    • Aside from the thrill of uncovering hidden spots, discovering Secret Locations in CARROT Weather adds to the overall entertainment value of the app. It encourages users to interact with the app in creative ways and rewards them with unique experiences, further enhancing their enjoyment of CARROT Weather.

Installation Guide for CARROT Weather:

  1. Downloading CARROT Weather:
    • Visit the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) on your smartphone or tablet.
    • In the search bar, type “CARROT Weather” and press enter.
    • Locate the CARROT Weather app in the search results and tap on it to open its download page.
  2. Installing CARROT Weather:
    • Once you’re on the CARROT Weather download page, tap on the “Install” or “Get” button (for iOS) or “Install” button (for Android).
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Depending on your device and internet connection speed, the download and installation may take a few moments.
  3. Granting Permissions (if prompted):
    • After installation, open the CARROT Weather app for the first time.
    • You may be prompted to grant certain permissions, such as access to your location, notifications, or other device features. It’s essential to allow these permissions to ensure the app functions correctly and provides accurate weather forecasts.
  4. Setting Up Your Account (if applicable):
    • If CARROT Weather requires you to create an account or sign in, follow the prompts to set up your account. This may involve providing an email address, creating a password, or signing in with an existing account (e.g., Apple ID, Google account).
  5. Exploring CARROT Weather:
    • Once installation and setup are complete, you’re ready to explore CARROT Weather!
    • Take some time to familiarize yourself with the app’s features, such as viewing current weather conditions, accessing forecasts, customizing settings, and enjoying the app’s unique personality.
  6. Enjoying Premium Features (optional):
    • Consider upgrading to CARROT Weather’s Premium Club to unlock additional features like Time Travel and exclusive widgets. Premium Club membership may require a subscription fee, so review the pricing and benefits before opting in.
  7. Regular Updates:
    • To ensure you’re always using the latest version of CARROT Weather with the most up-to-date features and improvements, enable automatic updates for the app in your device settings.


In conclusion, CARROT Weather transcends the conventional boundaries of weather apps by infusing humor, personality, and unique features into its platform. Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or simply seeking a fun way to stay informed, CARROT Weather offers an experience like no other. With its accurate forecasts, entertaining dialogue, and exclusive features like Time Travel and Secret Locations, CARROT Weather has earned its place as a must-have app for those who appreciate a touch of whimsy in their daily routines.

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  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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