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Latest Versionv2.0
MOD InfoExtra Feature
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  • Added Download All Media No Restricted
  • Added option to remove water Mark
  • Added option to hide Story
  • Added option to hide live Broadcast
  • Added Option to Hide Ads
  • Remove caches files

Introduction to ARTikTok

Welcome to the world of ARTikTok, a unique and innovative application designed for TikTok enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating features that set ARTikTok apart and make it a standout choice for content creators and viewers alike. Developed by ARTikTok, this app brings a fresh perspective to the realm of short-form video content.

What is ARTikTok?

ARTikTok is a modified version of the popular TikTok app that offers an enhanced experience to its users. It’s designed to provide an ad-free and feature-rich environment for both content creators and viewers. With a focus on creativity, ease of use, and exclusive features, ARTikTok aims to empower individuals to express themselves through engaging and entertaining short videos.

Features of ARTikTok

Discover a range of exceptional features in ARTikTok that make it a standout platform for creating and enjoying short videos:

  1. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy your videos without the interruption of ads, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the content.
  2. Watermark-Free Downloads: Download videos without the watermark, ensuring that you can save and share your favorite clips without any branding.
  3. Organized Download Folder: Videos are downloaded to the ARTikTok folder, making it easy to find and manage your downloaded content.
  4. Simple Video Download: Download videos with ease by long-pressing on the video and selecting the download option from the menu.
  5. Bypass Video Restrictions: Download any video, even those with restrictions, enabling you to access a wider range of content.
  6. Boosted Views: Utilize specific video tags to potentially increase your video views and engagement, offering a unique advantage.
  7. User-Friendly for Creators: ARTikTok provides an easy-to-use interface, ideal for both amateur and professional content creators.
  8. Efficiency in Content Creation: The app’s intuitive design and features streamline the content creation process, saving you time and effort.
  9. Exclusive Video Clips: Create and share exclusive and distinctive video clips that showcase your creativity and captivate your followers.
  10. Enhanced Creativity: Craft humorous and engaging videos with the addition of special stickers, effects, filters, sound, and music.
  11. Wide Range of Expression: Share your talents in art, acting, singing, sports, fashion, photography, and more, connecting with a global audience.
  12. Global Friendships: Add friends from around the world, expanding your social connections beyond geographical boundaries.

Pros of ARTikTok

  1. Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy videos without the disruption of ads, providing a seamless viewing and creating experience.
  2. Watermark Removal: With the option to remove watermarks, your downloaded videos can maintain a clean and professional appearance.
  3. Enhanced Privacy: Hide your Story and live broadcasts from others, giving you control over what you share with your followers.
  4. Ad Removal Option: Choose to hide ads, allowing you to focus solely on the content without any interruptions.
  5. Optimized Storage: Clear cache files to free up storage space on your device, ensuring smooth performance.
  6. Unrestricted Media Download: Download all types of media, even those with restrictions, expanding your content library.
  7. Efficient Organization: Download videos to the designated ARTikTok folder, making content management and sharing effortless.
  8. Boosted Views: Utilize specific video tags to potentially increase the visibility and reach of your videos, driving engagement.
  9. Creator-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly design caters to content creators, enabling easy navigation and video creation.
  10. Effortless Downloads: Download videos with a simple long press, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  11. Global Connectivity: Add friends from around the world, fostering cross-cultural connections and networking.
  12. Enhanced Creativity: Utilize stickers, effects, filters, and sound/music effects to create unique and engaging video content.

Cons of ARTikTok

  1. Unofficial Version: As a modified version of the original app, ARTikTok may not have official support or updates from the TikTok platform.
  2. Security Concerns: Downloading apps from unofficial sources could potentially pose security risks if not from a trusted developer.
  3. Compatibility Issues: The app may not be compatible with all devices or versions of operating systems, limiting accessibility.
  4. Legal Implications: Downloading videos from TikTok, even through third-party apps, may raise copyright and intellectual property concerns.
  5. Lack of Official Updates: Unlike the original app, modified versions may not receive regular updates or bug fixes.
  6. Loss of Official Features: Some features of the original TikTok app may not be available or fully functional in the modified version.
  7. Unpredictable Performance: Due to modifications, the app’s performance may vary, potentially leading to crashes or glitches.
  8. Limited Support: As an unofficial app, you may have limited access to customer support or assistance for technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – ARTikTok

Q1: What is ARTikTok? ARTikTok is a modified version of the TikTok app that offers unique features not found in the original version. It aims to enhance the TikTok experience for users by providing options such as ad-free viewing, downloading videos without watermarks, and more.

Q2: Who is the developer of ARTikTok? ARTikTok is developed by the team at ARTikTok and is designed to provide users with additional functionalities beyond the standard TikTok app.

Q3: Where can I download ARTikTok? You can download ARTikTok from “” Please note that as a modified version, it may not be available on official app stores like Google Play Store.

Q4: What are the key features of ARTikTok? ARTikTok offers several unique features, including:

  • Ad-free video viewing experience
  • Downloading videos without watermarks
  • Saving downloaded videos to the TikTok folder
  • Easy video download via a long press on the video
  • Downloading videos regardless of restrictions
  • Enhanced video views using specific video tags
  • User-friendly for TikTok content creators
  • Light and easy content creation experience
  • Reduced design and publishing time
  • Exclusive video creation and sharing
  • Adding special stickers, effects, filters, and music
  • Sharing creativity in various fields
  • Adding friends from around the world

Q5: Is ARTikTok safe to use? While ARTikTok offers additional features, it’s essential to keep in mind that using modified apps carries some risks. Downloading apps from unofficial sources might expose your device to security vulnerabilities. Always exercise caution and use trusted sources for downloading apps.

Q6: Can I download videos without watermarks using ARTikTok? Yes, ARTikTok allows you to download videos without watermarks, giving you the freedom to share or use downloaded content without any visual distractions.

Q7: Can I hide my Story and live broadcasts in ARTikTok? Absolutely, ARTikTok provides you with the option to hide your Story and live broadcasts, offering increased privacy and control over your content.

Q8: Are there any risks associated with using modified apps like ARTikTok? Using modified apps might pose risks such as security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and potential violation of the original app’s terms of use. Be sure to consider these factors before using such apps.

Q9: Does ARTikTok offer any options to remove ads? Yes, ARTikTok gives you the option to hide ads, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience while using the app.

Q10: How can I ensure the safety of my device while using ARTikTok? To enhance the safety of your device, only download apps from trusted sources. Additionally, consider using security software to scan downloaded files for potential threats.


ARTikTok revolutionizes the TikTok experience, offering an ad-free platform that empowers users to create, share, and enjoy short videos like never before. With its focus on creativity, user-friendly interface, and exclusive features, ARTikTok opens doors for expression across various genres and interests. Whether you’re a content creator or an enthusiastic viewer, ARTikTok is designed to elevate your TikTok journey. Explore the possibilities of ARTikTok on “” and discover a world of creativity, entertainment, and connection.

ARTikTok v2.0

  • Added Download All Media No Restricted
  • Added option to remove water Mark
  • Added option to hide Story
  • Added option to hide live Broadcast
  • Added Option to Hide Ads
  • Remove caches files

ARTikTok v1.0

  • You can add or watch videos without ads.
  • Download clips without watermark.
  • Download TikTok folder instead of DCIM, Camera.
  • Download the video by long clicking on the video and you will see the download option.
  • Download any video, even if it has restrictions.
  • Get more video views when using a specific video tag in ARTikTok.
  • TikTok app is easy to apply for TikTok content creators.
  • It is characterized by the lightness and ease of content.
  • The time to design and publish content is reduced in a short time.
  • You can shoot exclusive and distinctive video clips to share with your followers.
  • You can shoot distinctive comic videos and add special stickers, effects, filters, sound and music effects.
  • You can share your creativity in the field of art, acting, singing, sports, fashion or digital photography.
  • You can add friends from all over the world.
  • And many other distinguished features in Tik Tok were not mentioned.
Download (137MB)

You are now ready to download ARTikTok for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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