[Official] Xiaomi Smartphone Bootloader Unlocking Instructions

June 9, 2023 (11 months ago)

You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to unlock the bootloader on a Xiaomi smartphone you own. This post will walk you through the process of unlocking the bootloader on any Xiaomi smartphone, including the Redmi and Note series.

Xiaomi smartphones are affordable, easy to use, and provide the happiness that a user seeks. Many customers want to discover additional features of Xiaomi smartphones by unlocking the bootloaders. One of the firms that allows practically everyone to unlock the bootloader of their products is Xiaomi. It has made it simple for both technical and non-technical users to unlock the bootloaders.

Describe The Bootloader

In layman’s terms, a bootloader is a piece of software that launches before the phone powers on. The hardware acts as the phone’s intermediary and instructs it which programmes to load. Therefore, when you click the power button on your phone, the bootloader launches the Android operating system. Due of the bootloader’s security, many manufacturers lock it to prevent intrusions.

Additionally, bootloaders aid in launching the recovery mode, quick boot mode, etc. The Android smartphone has a piece of code called recovery mode that allows the operating system to be completely rewritten. The bootloader, which enables the simultaneous loading of both of these Softwares, is in some ways a crucial component of the Android smartphone. The phone becomes worthless if the bootloader doesn’t run the set of programmes.

Why Unlock The Bootloader?

Bootloaders are secured to maintain the phone’s security, and only the operating system that the manufacturer has provided may be loaded. The user may install a custom recovery, such the commonly used TWRP, which enables users to flash custom ROMs, modifications, patches, kernels, etc. once the bootloader has been unlocked.

After your Xiaomi smartphone’s bootloader has been unlocked, you may install the operating system of your choice, such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Resurrection Remix, etc., which offers better performance and stability than Xiaomi’s original MIUI operating system.

Benefits Of An Unlocked Bootloader

How Do Xiaomi Smartphones Unlock Their Bootloaders?

The procedure for unlocking every Xiaomi gadget is the same and necessitates the use of a computer. Before unlocking your Xiaomi smartphone, have a look at the criteria listed below.


Download Here


Navigate to Settings > About > All specifications > and repeatedly hit MIUI version 5-8. You’ll see the message “Developer mode enabled.”

  • Back in Settings, choose Additional Settings, Developer Options, and then select Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging.

  • Open/run miflash_unlock.exe from the extracted MI Unlock Tool folder on your PC.
  • Sign in to the MI account connected to your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Switch off your smartphone, then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds, or until a rabbit appears on the screen.
  • Use a USB data cord to connect your device to your computer.
  • After the Mi Unlock Tool has identified your device, click Unlock and wait for the procedure to be finished.

Congratulations! The bootloader has been successfully unlocked.

Depending on the device type, the initial unlocking request on many Xiaomi smartphones might take anywhere between 3 and 15 days. On the Mi Unlock Tool interface, you will get a notification of the same.


On Xiaomi smartphones, the bootloader unlocking procedure is the same and just takes ten minutes. A protected bootloader, however, still allows you to get OTA updates from the manufacturer. However, we only advise unlocking the bootloader if you want to root or install a custom ROM on your smartphone.

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