How Do I Hide a Chat? In WhatsApp Plus, [Brief]

September 12, 2023 (7 months ago)

How Do I Hide a Chat? In WhatsApp Plus, [Brief]

  • Privacy may be distinguished from hyper-privacy. The main benefit of utilising the customised version of WhatsApp instead of the original is the increased communication privacy provided by concealing such talks.
  • Only you will know where the conversations are once you have hidden them, and no one else will be able to access them via the WA Plus app interface. You must download WhatsApp Plus since the concealing feature makes the WhatsApp Messenger app unavailable.
  • There is a link below that will take you to the download page for WhatsApp Plus APK for Android devices.
  • A download link for WA Plus may also be found on the website’s main page along with instructions on how to set up the app on an Android smartphone.
  • However, if you acquire the upgraded version, you’ll be able to hide conversations and use more advanced capabilities with the same message.
  • The technique to conceal a communication in WhatsApp Plus is what you will find most vital on this page; the Download link is only a supporting element.
  • When you install WhatsApp Plus on your Android smartphone, you’ll have access to a tonne of amazing features that are neither new nor familiar to you. In such scenario, you’ll need to be familiar with a get-through process to use the Plus version.
  • To increase privacy, we are starting by concealing conversations in WhatsApp Plus. Complete instructions on how to hide conversations would be provided, along with other crucial instructions on how to carry out WhatsApp Plus’s included activities.
  • We all aim to help you comprehend each of these elements so you may develop into a well-known modder.

Difference Between Securing a Chat in WhatsApp Plus and Hiding a Chat

  • When you first use a WhatsApp Mod, such as the WhatsApp Plus version, you have two options: one is to conceal the conversation, and the other is WhatsApp Lock, which you can find under the chats and security area.
  • In essence, these two tasks are distinct, although they both do the same security-related tasks. Using a PIN, password, or fingerprint sensor, WhatsApp Lock locks the conversation if security is a concern.
  • But you may conceal your discussions when the aspect is more privacy-rich and safe conversing. This will lock the conversation for security reasons and prevent the talks from appearing on the chat screen.
  • Using this method, you may see the conversation using a secret or magical technique that we provided in the part after our explanation of how to conceal chats. Therefore, concealing and safeguarding conversations in WhatsApp Plus are two distinct features.

How Can I Hide a WhatsApp Plus Chat?

  • Thousands of WhatsApp Plus users have been astounded by the advantage of being able to conceal a communication.
  • The conversations may be immediately hidden from the message screen by using this function.
  • So that even if someone were to unlock your phone and launch the WA Plus app, they would not be able to locate that conversation without knowing the location and password.
  • You must follow the steps below if you wish to conceal conversations in WhatsApp Plus.
  1. Launch the WhatsApp Plus programme.
  2. On the Chat you want to conceal, tap and hold.
  3. Select Hide Chat by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. Your conversations are no longer displayed on WhatsApp’s front page.

How can I get to those WhatsApp Plus Hidden Chats?

  • Your WhatsApp Plus conversations were hidden via the aforementioned method, but you’re now having trouble getting them back on the app’s UI.
  • That often occurs because we haven’t used an app with such a unique function before, and utilising it fluently is never going to happen. You may discover how to access hidden conversations following each of the procedures given below.
  • On your Android phone, open the WhatsApp Plus application.
  • After one or two clicks on the WhatsApp icon, a password box will appear.

  • Enter the PIN, password, or fingerprint as what you gave for concealing conversations into the fingerprint scanner.

  • You will now see a list of the WhatsApp Plus conversations that you have protected and made accessible so that you may respond to them as needed.

How to Change the Password for WhatsApp Plus’s Hidden Chats?

  • We already informed you about the hidden chat privilege, which is comparable to chat security.
  • Yes, you may use a password to protect those secret conversations so that, even if someone manages to discover them all, they won’t be able to access them.
  • The following steps may be used to enable a password that can be a four-digit PIN, a password with numbers, or a fingerprint scanner, similar to the ones you used for WhatsApp Lock.
  • Using the App Launcher, open the WhatsApp Plus app on your smartphone.
  • On WhatsApp Plus’s top panel, choose the vertical ellipse menu symbol with three dots.
  • To see the list of advanced choices you get with it, tap and access the Plus Settings.

  • Select Privacy and Security by tapping it.

  • You only need to click the Recovery Question option that is located within there.

  • Enter a relevant Recovery Question at this point.

  • Return to the home screen of WhatsApp Plus and hit the WhatsApp icon.

  • Next, hit Reset and provide the answer to the Recover Question.

  • Tap the WhatsApp icon once more.

  • You will be given the option to choose a Lock this time: Pattern, PIN, or Fingerprint.

  • Try using the New Lock to access the Hidden Chat after configuring your chosen Lock.

  • You are now on the page where you may adjust WhatsApp Lock settings. Here, you may choose from those three possibilities for the WhatsApp Lock protocol or, if you’d like, alter the exact functioning protocol.

In WhatsApp Plus, how can I manage hidden chats?

  • As of right now, you’ve found a place to hide those talks so that nobody else can access them, altered the password used to lock and encrypt those chats, and acquired a method of accessing those chats.
  • Nevertheless, maintaining the concealed conversations is the last step in the process of concealing chats. Because WhatsApp Plus is a private messaging platform, you may control the concealed conversations with a variety of choices.

Message Forwarding to Hidden Chats

  • You must forward your private communications before concealing them if, like everyone else on WhatsApp Plus, you like doing so. It’s crucial, because we can’t constantly copy messages or store media assets to send them on WhatsApp Plus.
  • You will thus get a toggle function that, if enabled, will make the secret contact listed while sending the conversation visible to you. You will lose some of your secret chat privacy, but you must be valuable enough to warrant it for message forwarding.

How can I stop people from unintentionally clicking the WhatsApp logo to access hidden chats?

  • Preventing unintentional access to your hidden conversations is one of the last important steps that must be taken after concealing a chat.
  • If you haven’t read the part above about accessing secret conversations, allow me to explain that you may do so by clicking the WhatsApp logo.
  • We are all aware that unintentionally clicking the WhatsApp logo might reveal secret conversations and compromise our communications privacy.
  • Let’s get rid of it as well. By following the instructions below, you may stop clicking the WhatsApp logo to display all of the choices, one of which is revealing hidden conversations.
  • Again, this is an app toggle that you can use at any moment to activate or disable so that you can access or halt the functioning of the WhatsApp icon.
  • Open the WhatsApp Plus application on your phone.
  • In the top-right corner, click the three dots symbol.
  • From that menu, choose Plus Settings.

  • When you choose the Home Screen tab, a settings menu will once again appear.

  • Scroll through the list after clicking to open Header settings.

  • You’ll see a toggle there that reads Disable clicking on “WhatsApp.”

  • Toggle this switch to restart the WhatsApp Plus application.
  • As of right now, if somebody clicks the WhatsApp Plus button up on the top panel, the WhatsApp Plus app won’t respond when asked for a pin or pattern.
  • However, in order to reverse engineer that process and deactivate the toggle you selected to deactivate clicking on “WhatsApp,” you must restart the programme. Only then will you be able to view those secret conversations.
  • This action will instantly update the WhatsApp icon to include all of the hidden conversations.

How Can WhatsApp Plus Chats Be Unhidden?

  • To unhide the WhatsApp Plus conversations is the last step in the process we’re interested in learning. As with concealing the messages, showing them is also a crucial operation since it will enable you to control the conversation in a manner similar to how you did it formally.
  • The actions stated below should be followed if you want the hidden chat to appear on the list with all of the previous capabilities and settings.
  • Open the WhatsApp Plus application on your phone.
    Input the chosen Pattern or PIN by clicking the WhatsApp Plus button in the top panel.

  • Now, long-press the conversation that you wish to make visible when you see the list of hidden chats.
  • On the top right panel, tap the Eye symbol.

  • Select the Unhide Chat option once again and enter the PIN or pattern of your choice.

  • Now, the specific conversation will appear on WhatsApp Plus’s main messaging screen with all other messages, and you won’t need to enter a password to view it.

How Do I Lock a WhatsApp Plus Chat?

  • On your Android phone, open the WhatsApp Plus application.
  • Choose and touch the conversation that you want WhatsApp Lock to protect.

  • You may access each contact’s default settings by tapping their name.

  • Select the Security button from the list of options for that specific contact, as seen in the image below.

  • Set the extra parameters after selecting one of the three options: pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.

  • Set the extra parameters after selecting one of the three options: pattern, PIN, or fingerprint.


The most privileged option available with WhatsApp Mods like WhatsApp Plus is to hide conversations. Not only do you need internal and external security, but communications also need privacy, which is crucial. You may use this function to make conversations that you don’t want to be seen on the WhatsApp screen invisible to anybody who is browsing the app’s UI. Learn the aforementioned tips, bear them in mind, and take pleasure in secret talks.

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