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June 1, 2023 (11 months ago)


Since Android is now the most popular mobile operating system, we will focus mostly on Android devices in this article. We communicate with our friends and family via WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and many other social networking and instant messaging applications on our Android devices.

Instagram appears to be the greatest app out of all of them, and Android users frequently use it. In essence, Instagram is a social media site where anyone may post photos and videos. If you’ve used Instagram for a time, you’ll be aware that there are no alternatives for users to save pictures or videos using the mobile app.

Additionally, Instagram for Android does not support various languages, nor can users zoom in on the images. Android users thus opt to utilise Instagram’s customised version to deal with such issues. There are plenty of Instagram mods available on the Google Play Store, and you can use any of them.


As a result, we have chosen to present in this post a selection of the finest WhatsApp modifications that work with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. Examining some of the top WhatsApp Mods for Android in 2023 will now be discussed.


It is a new version of the first WhatsApp. It was created by the developer Fouad Makdad and Yousef Al Basha, who worked nonstop. Additionally, he created a number of different WhatsApp iterations. But this version—which was created by Fouad Makdad and Yousef Al Basha—is regarded as their greatest.

The interface, privacy settings, functionality, customisation, and text style in this edition are all stunning. With this software, you can decide to be more anonymous. Additionally, you may select the colour scheme.



The developer Deltalabs Studio produced WhatsApp Delta, or WhatsApp gb Delta as some users refer to it, which is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that includes fantastic features like personalising the home screen, storing views just once, concealing blue ticks, etc.


  • Call Rejection Message
  • Parallax Home UI
  • Card Home UI
  • Custom Rounded FAB
  • Tab Rounded
  • Gradient Ring View
  • Mark Mention
  • Neomorph startup UI
  • Custom search view
  • Quickly answers
  • Reject calls without ringing
  • Gradient custom toast
  • Redesign of the HOME layout
  • Redesign the TAB style
  • Quickly answers
  • Reject calls without ringing
  • Gradient custom toast
  • Redesign of the HOME layout
  • Redesign the TAB style


MB The only variant of WhatsApp Plus to have the WhatsApp iPhone theme is Stephanie’s version of WhatsApp Plus, which she calls WhatsApp ios. After installing MBWhatsApp, you’ll see that the interfaces and emoji are identical to those in WhatsApp for iPhone.

Stephanie, who previously created WhatsApp iPhone for Android, tweaked the original to create WhatsApp MB ios or mbwhatsapp iphone. You’ll note that MBWhatsApp has an iPhone theme throughout and uses iPhone symbols and emojis when you first download the programme. The copy has issues occasionally that disturb you when using the software, which is one aspect of it that you probably don’t enjoy.


  • Message or call to an unknown number – Just enter the mobile number and choose the option either call or message.
  • Freeze Last Seen – This option allows you to freeze your last seen and only show that last seen data to your contacts. The drawback is; you can’t even see the exact
  • last seen of your contacts.
  • Disable forward – Once you enable this feature, Forward tag will not be shown in the message you forward.
  • Who can call me? – Customise who can call you – Including everyone, My contacts, My Contacts except…, Select Contacts, and Nobody.
  • Hide view status – Don’t tell contacts that you have viewed their status.
  • Anti delete status – Still you can able see the status of others even they deleted.
  • Anti delete messages – Similar to the anti delete status feature but here it is for status.
  • Show blue ticks after reply – Contacts will only see the blue ticks after you replied to their message.
  • Lock – Three ways to lock your Fouad iOS WAMOD – Fingerprint, Pattern and PIN.
  • FMThemes – 3000+ themes are available in the themes store.
  • Change Background colour – Choose the colour you want to whole app background.
  • Font Styles – 30+ fonts are available to apply throughout the Fouad iOS App.
  • Emoji variant – Choose different emoji styles from Facebook. Emoji One and Android Oreo.
  • Hide Media from the gallery – Hide photos, videos and GIFs that you downloaded using MBWhatsApp.
  • Backup and Restore – Create titanium backup like data backup to restore whole app data.
  • Languages – App available in over 10 languages.
  • Always Online – Once you enable this feature, you will be online until you clear in the recents.
  • Image mod – Send up to 21 MB image les.
  • Disable image share limit – Send more than 10 images at once.
  • Home screen customisation – Header, Rows, and more.
  • How to Install Fouad iOS APK on Android?
  • Note: Take a backup from the current installed WAMOD or Ocial App to restore on Fouad iOS.


A modified version of the original WhatsApp called JiMODs WhatsApp+ or JT WhatsApp 2023 was created by JiMetechs and Jim Elrezzi. This version is extremely similar to YOWhatsApp, and there is another JTWhatsApp version that functions alongside the original WhatsApp but has a different phone number.


  • It is basically customizable, allowing you to alter the colours, sizes, and a variety of other features.
  • EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT: You may now extend the basic 16 Mb upload media limit to transmit larger music or video files.
  • FULL IMAGE QUALITY: As the image is sent, its quality improves (the original one decreases it).
  • The original “WhatsApp” is ad-free.
  • QUICK SHARE: One click may be used to share music.
  • PARTIAL COPY/PASTE: Rather of copying the entire text, you may choose the section you wish to send to contacts.
  • WATCH STATUS: While conversing, you may view status right in the chat window.
  • Conceal PROFILE PICTURE: You may choose to show or hide contact profile photos (in chat screen).
  • A LOT OF THEMES Theme viewer and download built-in. Check online for WhatsApp+ users’ themes and choose the one you like most.


The most recent modification to the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, offers a welcoming user chat experience. In 2019, this mod was released. Fouad Mokdad and Hazar BOZKURT both designed. Due to its distinctive qualities, it is both incredibly spectacular and very elegant in appearance.

Everyone should give the Aero WhatsApp APK mod a try at least once because it offers so many remarkable features. It offers a fresh, eye-catching user interface that rapidly draws attention. This patch enables the user end-to-end encryption for chatting, just as other WhatsApp modifications like Fouad mods, which makes it ideal for usage.


  • New appealing User Interface
  • Numerous topics and sticker packs
  • Anti-ban WhatsApp mod
  • Quick performance than some other WhatsApp mod
  • WhatsApp Aero Themes store worked inside
  • Home screen customizations
  • Other customizations
  • Better security with inbuilt storage
  • Other cool features of WhatsApp Aero mod


A modified version of the original WhatsApp is called NS WhatsApp. Three versions of NSWhatsApp Plus are available: NSWhatsApp Blue, NSWhatsApp 2 Red, and NSWhatsApp 3 Orange. Although they all have distinct icons, they all have the same themes and functions.



A WhatsApp MOD created specifically to replicate the look and feel of WhatsApp on an iPhone is called DYowa. Although it is modelled by Delta YoWhatsApp, it has several amazing features. Dyowa or Dyowa whatsApp download is one of the very few modifications created to offer you an iPhone sensation of WhatsApp on your Android phone, same like MBWhatsApp Fouad iOS WhatsApp and BMWhatsApp.


  • Double-tap a fresh FAB call
  • In the group, the participant’s moniker is not highlighted
  • Arabic language text size is not working.
  • YoWidget HSV colour choices are not visible on Android 8.0+: A Workaround
  • Yowidget does not display properly on phones with RTL Arabic.
  • The display of photographs is interrupted at the bottom by the white status bar.
  • Too many input style bugs (Aran, Rounded, Simple, etc…)
  • On some phones, the WhatsApp big size wallpaper may not support the Cargo theme.
  • FAB now goes right overall in RTL languages.
  • Much more.


Jesus Muentes developed YMWhatsApp+, another MOD version of the original WhatsApp. This WhatsApp clone for Android smartphones is really useful. It offers more sophisticated privacy and security features than the original WhatsApp Messenger.

Nowadays, customers routinely use WhatsApp plus copies instead of the original WhatsApp since they don’t feel restricted by doing so. YMWhatsApp is one of these copies that is most recent. The YMWhatsApp apk also offers users a tonne of amazing features, which we’ll discuss below. From this page, you can download YM WhatsApp and learn more about its features.


  • Anti-Ban: it has a Fully Anti-Ban feature which means you will never get banned from using a WhatsApp mod.
  • Hide Last Seen: No one in your contact list seen when you last used WhatsApp, but you can see everyone’s last seen as well.
  • Hide Status Seen: If you want to see someone’s Status but don’t want to let them know, then this option will help you to hide your Status seen.
  • Send HQ images: One of the biggest issues in original WhatsApp is Low-Quality Images, for that we had to use Document file sharing right? But now in YMWA+ You can send Original Quality images.
  • Hide Message Seen: if you want to read some messages but would not let them know then use this feature, it will disable showing the double Tick and the blue tick in the other chat.
  • See Deleted messages. WhatsApp has an in-build feature called “Delete for Everyone” which means if someone uses that feature against you, The deleted messages never got deleted from your side.
  • Group Message Counter: See Who is more active in your group, this feature count how many messages are sent by group members.
  • Custom Privacy Settings: You can set custom privacy of Last Seen, Message Read Seen, etc.
  • Clean & Optimized UI: YMWhatsApp is Popular because of its Clean Layout and Optimized/Cras Free App.
  • See Deleted Status: If Someone put a status and deletes it, you can still see that deleted status.
  • Save Status: Now you don’t have to ask your friend for that Status You liked, Directly Download or Save any Status.
  • Send Videos up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send videos Up to 16MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Send Audio up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send Audio Files Up to 10MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Airplane Mode: This feature allows you to disconnect WhatsApp from the internet So that you use other things on your phone except for YMWA.
  • Disable Call Button: If you use WhatsApp for different purposes and get lots of calls then enable this option, it will disable the call function and no one can disturb you.
  • In-build Junk Cleaner: WhatsApp Takes a huge space in our internal storage, which may be unwanted for you. Now you can clean them easily with the Junk cleaner feature.


Al-Humairi, Bashar Bashar Al-Humairi, a programmer and engineer who founded Pro Tech, a platform for instructional technology on all social media platforms, created a customised version of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp The Bashar Al-Humairi version of WhatsApp is an improved and modified version of the standard green WhatsApp, however it was created by the same creator and has additional features.

Additionally, the creator Bashar Al-Humairi added enormous and unique features to WhatsApp versions. He also fixed all the issues, made the app quick and light in size, added WhatsApp GB and Omar’s privacy features, and made it resistant to both the ban and the viruses that update WhatsApp. As a result, the app is now smooth, secure, and free of all glitches and problems.


  • [New] Now the reverse messages button works without any problems or breakdowns within the group
  • [New] Fixed screen with repeated reports multiplied by seven reports at a time
  • [New] Stylish interface design for the home screen
  • [New] You can now send a sound when sending a status
  • [New] Added a new option within the list of options when clicking on chat bubbles. To show an alert when your message is read, click on any message and
  • then choose Notify when message is read (a notification will be sent when the other party reads it).
  • [New] Added a new option to @mention all group members. To [Activate] (Bashar Al-Humairi’s Additions > Conversation Screen).
  • [New] Added a new option to stop continuous playback of voice messages. To [Activate] (Bashar Al-Humairi’s Additions > Conversation Screen).
  • [New] Activating the ability to open people’s statuses by clicking on the profile picture is automatically enabled.
  • [New] Enable displaying a person’s status when clicking on a person’s picture on the home page.
  • [New] Add an option to hide the button to repost your friends’ statuses. (Bashar Al-Hamiry’s additions > Protection and privacy).
  • [New] Add image/video preview without saving to phone or gallery.
  • New Added an option to save the photo/video when previewing.
  • [New] Add a new option to specify the default language for “translation” in chats. (Bashar Al-Humairi Additions > General Settings > Settings).
  • [Exclusively] Exclusively now, when creating a new group or group message, you can select the entire contacts with the click of a button
  • [Exclusively] Exclusively, increasing the lines of the story to 1000 lines instead of 10 lines
  • [Exclusively] Exclusively, adding multiple and elegant new fonts (for activation, add Abboud emoji and icons to change the font type)
  • [Exclusively] Add the account verification button (for activation, add Bashar Al-Humairi, privacy, additional resources)
  • [Add] Backups will now be created on a .ZIP file
  • [Enable] Avatar feature to create or edit a profile picture. (Settings > Avatar).
  • [Activate] Communities feature has been activated
  • [Enable] The undo feature when deleting messages has been enabled
  • [Enable] You can be messaging yourself (to save your information)
  • [Enable] Send text with photo/video
  • [Activate] New look when opening the camera
  • [Activation] Add a new option to hide the camera icon. (Bashar Al-Humairi’s additions > Home screen > Top bar > Hide camera icon)
  • [Improvement] Error when sending the message on some phones
  • [Improvement] Some translations in some languages
  • [improve] The backup file has been moved to Storage/Documents/BRBackups.
  • [Improvement] Now, when you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup/backup will remain
  • [Improvement] Repost your friends’ statuses to your story/status button!
  • [Improvement] Removed “Appearance” option from settings to avoid problems. Use the moon/sun icon on the home screen.
  • [Improvement] Polls and group voting are now 100% working.


Despite being a modified version of the original WhatsApp, CyberWhatsapp Apk functions flawlessly alongside it. The Cyber aspect of WhatsApp is what makes CyberWhatsapp 2023 so unique. CyberWhatsapp has features including view-only media downloads, message deletion prevention, and online status concealment.


  • Copy the status of contacts only by tapping on their status.
  • Hide last seen for specic contacts only.
  • Set Group name up to 35 characters.
  • You can now click on the links right away without having to save the sender’s number or the Group Admin’s
  • Ability to save any WhatsApp story to phone.
  • Ability to call directly on the phone from the app itself.
  • Show Contacts Tab in Different Style.
  • Ability to set your status up to 255 characters instead of the traditional 139 characters.
  • Ability to send all les without restrictions(Eg. Apk, etc.)
  • Ability to send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  • Ability to copy the status selectively.
  • Mod to distinguish between normal messages & broadcast messages.
  • Option to stay online for 24 hours, obviously on the cost of battery consumption.
  • Changing the bubbles styles & tick styles.
  • You can Mod any aspect of the app as you wish.
  • Ability to Pin More than 3 Chats.
  • The possibility of sending a 50 Mb video instead of 16 Mb.
  • The possibility of sending a 100 Mb audio clip instead of 16 Mb.
  • The possibility of sending 90 images in a single time instead of 10 images.
  • You can hide the name & date when you’re copying two or more messages.
  • You can download and change the theme of the app.

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