Top 10 Business WhatsApp 2023

November 27, 2023 (6 months ago)


Since Android is now the most popular mobile operating system, we will focus mostly on Android devices in this article. We communicate with our friends and family via Business WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and many other social networking and instant messaging applications on our Android devices.

Instagram appears to be the greatest app out of all of them, and Android users frequently use it. In essence, Instagram is a social media site where anyone may post photos and videos. If you’ve used Instagram for a time, you’ll be aware that there are no alternatives for users to save pictures or videos using the mobile app.

Additionally, Instagram for Android does not support various languages, nor can users zoom in on the images. Android users thus opt to utilise Instagram’s customised version to deal with such issues. There are plenty of Instagram mods available on the Google Play Store, and you can use any of them.


As a result, we have chosen to present in this post a selection of the finest Business WhatsApp modifications that work with both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. Examining some of the top Business WhatsApp Mods for Android in 2023 will now be discussed.


This is a modified version of Jesus Muentes’ WhatsApp Business application. With this, you may add a few more features to run your online business over WhatsApp. Because it is a clone apk file, anyone may use both the original and the clone version on the same device.

One of the most popular WhatsApp Plus copies right now among users is YMWhatsApp Business. Users prefer WhatsApp Plus copies over the original WhatsApp because they don’t feel constrained by them. Also, YMWhatsApp Business apk provides users with a tonne of incredible features, which we’ll go over below. You may get YMWhatsApp Business from this site and learn about its capabilities.


  • Hide Last Seen: No one in your contact list seen when you last used WhatsApp, but you can see everyone’s last seen as well.
  • Hide Status Seen: If you want to see someone’s Status but don’t want to let them know, then this option will help you to hide your Status seen.
  • Send HQ images: One of the biggest issues in original WhatsApp is Low-Quality Images, for that we had to use Document file sharing right? But now in YMWA+ You can send Original Quality images.
  • Hide Message Seen: if you want to read some messages but would not let them know then use this feature, it will disable showing the double Tick and the blue tick in the other chat.
  • See Deleted messages. WhatsApp has an in-build feature called “Delete for Everyone” which means if someone uses that feature against you, The deleted messages never got deleted from your side.
  • Group Message Counter: See Who is more active in your group, this feature count how many messages are sent by group members.
  • Custom Privacy Settings: You can set custom privacy of Last Seen, Message Read Seen, etc.
  • Clean & Optimized UI: YMWhatsApp Business is Popular because of its Clean Layout and Optimized/Cras Free App.
  • See Deleted Status: If Someone put a status and deletes it, you can still see that deleted status.
  • Save Status: Now you don’t have to ask your friend for that Status You liked, Directly Download or Save any Status.
  • Send Videos up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send videos Up to 16MB but in YMWhatsApp Business You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Send Audio up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send Audio Files Up to 10MB but in YMWhatsApp Business You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Airplane Mode: This feature allows you to disconnect WhatsApp from the internet So that you use other things on your phone except for YMWA.
  • Disable Call Button: If you use WhatsApp for different purposes and get lots of calls then enable this option, it will disable the call function and no one can disturb you.
  • In-build Junk Cleaner: WhatsApp Takes a huge space in our internal storage, which may be unwanted for you. Now you can clean them easily with the Junk cleaner feature.


Delta WhatsApp Business’s 2023 update is packed with new capabilities that will improve how businesses interact with their clients. Businesses may now send scheduled messages to clients using the new automated messaging tool, such as purchase confirmations or payment reminders. Additionally, WhatsApp Business now offers multilingual support so that companies may engage with their clients anywhere in the globe.

A free communication software for Android handsets called WhatsApp Business enables you to interact with your clients. You may build a business profile on WhatsApp Business with details about your company, including your address, website, and a map of your location. In order for your consumers to browse and search your items directly within the app, you can also develop a product catalogue. Finally, WhatsApp Business enables you to respond to messages you receive fast, enabling you to serve your clients effectively.

With all these features, WhatsApp Business has developed into a platform that is essential for many businesses, especially those that deal with the general public, such shops, eateries, and beauty parlours. WhatsApp Business, however, is not faultless and has recently been experiencing some problems.

The availability of Delta WhatsApp Business on Android-only handsets is the first issue. This implies that users of iOS devices, like the iPhone, are excluded. The second issue is that just a few nations, like Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom, provide WhatsApp Business. This implies that a lot of businesses are unable to utilise the service.


  • New Smojis
  • Full privacy (YoWa)
  • Separate chats and groups
  • Fix more than 3 chats
  • Send audio in your notes
  • Hide archived chats
  • Change font style
  • Confirm sticker
  • Send images at original quality
  • Send files larger than 100MB (1GB)
  • Tested from Android 12
  • First Release!
  • Based on YMWA Business


Small and medium-sized businesses can use the WhatsApp Business Mod Apk version of the software. It has added features including a control panel for managing conversations and automatically delivering messages. Moreover, WhatsApp Business Plus gives entrepreneurs the ability to create profiles with thorough business information, making it even easier to connect with customers.

Companies may utilise WhatsApp Business Plus to engage with customers more successfully. The service gives your business a unique virtual phone number and advanced messaging features like automated response sending and message scheduling. With WhatsApp Business Plus, you can also create a company profile where you can provide vital information like your address, operating hours, and other characteristics.


  • Add (message scheduling – auto reply)
  • Possibility to publish any case to your case (choose the case you want to republish to you – press the download button and then the republish button)
  • The ability to share the status externally (status to be shared – download button – share)
  • Possibility to interact with the like button when you double-click on the message
  • The ability to translate messages (a long press on the message – press the translation icon)
  • Possibility to select a part of the text in a new way (long press on the message – press the s icon)
  • Now when creating a new group message list, you can add subscribers at once by pressing the select all icon
  • Now the group admin can delete the messages of the group members (the option not to delete messages must be turned off)
  • Now when you lock a conversation, its messages will not appear on the main screen
  • Now you can interact on the status
  • Now when you download a file, it will show you the actual time to download it
  • Now when you post a status a notification will appear telling you that it has been sent successfully
  • Possibility to know who left or removed the group (group – group info – go down to the last subscriber – see previous participants)
  • Possibility to vote within the group
  • Possibility to make your photo an avatar like Facebook (Settings – Avatar)
  • Possibility to click on the links in the case of the news
  • Possibility to interact with any emoji
  • Adding the download profile to the gallery (enter the profile – click the share icon – or click the share icon)
  • Add option 6.7 to reset options to default
  • Add option 6.8 to restart the program
  • Add an option to advertise on Facebook (WhatsApp << the three dots)
  • Delete media preview
  • Remove from your ban
  • Delete the option to hide interactions
  • Fix notification option when changing profile picture
  • Fix the crash when clicking on the option to create a shortcut for the program
  • Fixes and improvements


Many of us use the famous WhatsApp messaging application, and after the impressive success of this wonderful application, the company issued a version of WhatsApp for business for all companies, business owners, and people who own projects and work via the Internet ..

And users, in large cases, have become using the WhatsApp application in all areas of life, such as work, chatting, and communicating with friends, in addition to using it personally or commercially to communicate with customers, through the buying and selling operations that take place through it, which makes marketing goods through the application easier.

Therefore, the developers have modified WhatsApp Business, which allows the ability of business owners and business and marketing owners to practice marketing their products and businesses through this application.


  • Exclusively enable the creation of polls and voting in groups!
  • Add repost of any status to your story / status!
  • Add a theme store
  • Add an option to reset privacy to solve the problems of delaying receiving messages in Add-ons and then Privacy!
  • Fix all breakdown problems of all devices
  • Fix the crash problem in Kitkat devices
  • More fixes and other improvements
  • More legendary additions
  • Enjoy and discover something new for yourself!


JiMODs JTWABusiness+ Jimtechs Editions Get WhatsApp Business: The Best Anti-Ban Solution for Your Company in 2023 by downloading it.
Let’s quickly review the official WhatsApp Business and compare it to JTWABusiness+ JiMODs before delving into its capabilities.

A comprehensive and potent communication solution created for small enterprises and entrepreneurs is JTWABusiness+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions. It has a tonne of useful features that can be used to interact with consumers, run a business, and expand your clientele. The software is SEO friendly, thus it may assist you in expanding your internet presence and readership. You may customise welcome messages, fast replies, and automatic responses with JTWABusiness+ JiMODs Jimtechs Editions to help you streamline customer contacts and offer a smooth experience. Additionally, the software lets you tag your chats and group them according to kind, making it simpler to organise and keep track of client dialogues.

The JiMODs features also allow you to create a business profile that may display your company name, profile photo, and description, making it easier for clients to locate you and provide them an instant glimpse of your enterprise. The programme also allows you to send out bulk messages, which may help you swiftly and efficiently contact a huge number of consumers. JTWABusiness+ JiMODs v1.0 Jimtechs Editions offers a strong and adaptable solution for small enterprises wishing to expand and interact with their clients with all these capabilities.


  • JTWABusiness+ JiMODs have improved privacy.
  • the ability to communicate anyone without keeping their phone number and the ability to download stories
  • private correspondence
  • Prevent story and message deletion
  • JTWABusiness+ JiMODs offers a tonne of additional functionality that the standard WhatsApp Business does not.


  • Themes options
  • Custom all ui colors
  • Custom privacy
  • Calls rejection
  • Custom wallpaper
  • Lock app/chat
  • Show admin caption
  • Forward status
  • View revoked message
  • Send images full resolution
  • Broadcast message to group
  • Message schedule
  • Message auto reply
  • Who blocked you
  • Custom status
  • Custom media auto download
  • Toast online/status/profile
  • Multi account
  • and many more.


  • Added an option to display a confirmation notification before submitting a sticker.
  • Add option to send high resolution images for status
  • Add option to send photos with original state image resolution.
  • Add an option to send a status of up to 30 minutes with the ability to modify the duration
  • Add an option to send HD images to the conversation
  • Add an option to send photos with the resolution of the original image of the conversation.
  • Added option to send high quality JPG images
  • Add an option to increase the number of subscribers to the collective message with the possibility of adjusting the number
  • Add an option to increase the number of group subscribers with the ability to adjust the number
  • The ability to change the color of the text in the written case (state: long press the font icon)
  • The ability to change the color of the alliance in the written case (state: press and hold the colors icon)
  • Add an option to change the color now connected on the home screen
  • Adds an option to change the color of the last seen on the main screen.
  • Add an option to change the color of the sections in the top bar
  • Add an option to change the color of the contacts on the main screen
  • Add an option to change the color of messages on the main screen
  • Fix option to send audio clip up to 100MB
  • Fix option to send documents up to 100MB
  • More fixes


Welcome to the Nasser Al-Jaidi Technology and Informatics blog, dear visitors. Here is the official website for downloading WhatsApp Nasser Business NAWhatsApp Business, a copy in place of the official and a copy in the burgundy theme next to the official, both based on the most recent version and with amazing and excellent features.
Using the links at the bottom of the article, you may download. Simply select the version you are using from the list of icons below. You may access the page for the version you selected by clicking the word “download” beneath the symbol for the version you are using.


  • A completely safe copy and against the ban, God willing
  • Cut the cases for more than 30 seconds and then display them in a full way as if they were one
  • The feature of locking the WhatsApp application by fingerprint, inscription, or a secret number
  • Play all voice chats at once
  • Privacy options, the most important of which are >> Hide the read mark >> And also hide the received mark >> Prevent messages from being deleted >> You can hide that you have seen the status of your friends >> And hide the message forwarding sign has been transferred >> You can enjoy more privacy
  • Download Status Videos
  • transcription written status
  • Auto reply feature
  • Scheduled Messages Feature
  • The feature of displaying the messages sent to the group for each member separately and displaying the messages sent by you in the group separately
  • Mention feature from the main screen, @ appears if someone mentions you or responds to your message in a group, @ appears on the main screen
  • Falling Effects Feature
  • 3D effects feature when navigating between sections
  • Chat scroll up and down effect feature


  • Admin Indicator
  • Poll In Individual Chat
  • Status VOICENOTE
  • Hide Bluetick for Groups
  • Custom Privacy
  • Avatar
  • View Once Disable –  you can view any media file unlimited times instead of onec.
  • Same as stock whatsapp
  • Enable broadcast icon on broadcast  msg
  • Added Delete Icon  [ Status and Msg ]
  • All types of privacy included.(hide last seen,hide status view,blue tick,double tick,typing,anti revoke, hide status view,BOR).
  • Status Downloading
  • SMS verification fixed.


Discover WhatsApp Plus from Yesii mods, a new WhatsApp with many more functions and with an elegant design that will make you stay with this version. As you already know, there are various WhatsApp Plus apps and other more modified versions such as GB Whatsapp, delta Whatsapp and more.

WhatsApp Plus mods are an unofficial version of WhatsApp that allows you to hide double blue checks or last connection time and many more features.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular free instant messaging application for mobile phones in Spain. There is practically no Android or iOS phone that does not have it installed.

Undoubtedly, much of its success is due to the fact that it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. And, of course, that you can send messages unlimited and free.

Currently, it has more than 2,000 million users worldwide, more than other messaging services such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

Through WhatsApp you can send text messages, voice notes, photos, videos, make calls and even make video calls. To do so, you only need to be connected to the Internet. And all this totally free, instantly and without the annoying advertising that floods other applications.

One of the great attractions of WhatsApp are the emoticons and GIFs. With them the messages gain in spontaneity and freshness.

Furthermore, through WhatsApp you can also exchange locations, contacts, files, links, YouTube videos and much more. And since not long ago it is also possible to show a custom status that is displayed in a separate tab of the application.


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