Get Shaad For Android, The Official Learning And Training Social Network For Students, Instructors, And Administrators.

January 5, 2024 (3 months ago)


A global quarantine was implemented following the Corona virus epidemic in late 1998, and all public spaces and businesses were shut down for a while. The same thing happened to schools, which were closed for months. This caused the kids’ educational process to be disrupted for a long period and they were not permitted to study and learn for a comparatively long time. It was impossible to reopen schools due to the coronavirus’ longevity and the absence of a cure or vaccine for it, therefore it became necessary to find alternate means of instruction. Last but not least, “Shad,” a method allowing students to continue their education digitally, was established by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Hamrah Aval.

Shad, which stands for Student Education Network, is available as a website and a mobile application. With the Android version of this application, NulledAndroid is at your disposal right now. The Ministry of Education has made available for free the official Shad app for the Android operating system. With this programme, all students, instructors, and school administrators may completely resume their academic duties and manage an online virtual school.

The country code and birthdate are used to register for this programme. The Ministry of Education has already recorded this information in the system, and inputting it entails user verification. The user can access all the embedded features and capabilities for his user role in the software once registration is complete. For instance, the instructor can connect with the pupils through video while also presenting their lessons in text, audio, and video forms.

Through the application, it is also possible to set homework and other assignments. The student may access all of the educational materials offered in his own panel and turn in his homework to the teacher. If you have trouble authenticating while enrolling for the programme, it’s probable that your information has been entered improperly and you need to get in touch with your administrator to get it corrected.

Five months after the launch of this national initiative, Shad, the largest interactive application in the nation, has more than 14 million active users. Shad was developed by the technical team of the first companion for the Ministry of Education.
The Ministry of Education developed and launched the Shad social network of students with the intention of coordinating virtual training for instructors and in accordance with social responsibility during school closures. Internal messengers are used as the project’s implementation infrastructure; it has a straightforward user interface for connecting to the messenger and authenticating the administrator, teacher, and student; and it offers the ability to hold online classes based on the exchange of messages and content.

Only students, instructors, and school employees are permitted to use the cheerful programme of the students’ social network, which was launched on March 28, 2018, in the presence of the Minister of Education in this ministry. As a result, beginning at the start of the new school year and after the declared vacations, students can virtually enter the classroom and engage with their instructors. Together with the attendance and absence tracking system, this new method allows teachers to deliver relevant instructional material to students with more creativity and equipped classrooms.


  • a simple and user-friendly UI
  • The ability of automated authentication and speedy admission into the school’s virtual environment
  • The Persian language must always be used.
  • other messengers’ structures are comparable to this one.
  • Possibility of customising the page Possibility of modifying the program’s appearance settings
  • The presence of numerous stickers
  • saving files in saved messages
  • Downloading the software is free of charge.
  • Being produced in Iran based on the potential and educational requirements of Iranian students The accessibility of students, administrators, professors, etc.

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