How to Send Images in High Resolution using WhatsApp Plus

April 12, 2020 (4 years ago)


We experience a new life, a new journey, and a fresh analogy every single day. We have varying amounts of energy and optimism every day since we are always evolving. For this reason, we enjoy incorporating imagery into our daily lives.

Images greatly aid us in preserving both our more recent and more distant memories. The majority of the time, we take pictures when on outings, travelling, and attending events with our friends and family, but the hardest issue is SHAREING.

Yes, there are systems like Xender for sharing files offline, but these days, online sharing is the rage, and WhatsApp is the inventor of such technology.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp only offers us a low-resolution image sharing facility; no image may be shared on WhatsApp that is larger than 1 MB. Additionally, it reduces the resolution and size of the little photographs we provide to 100 KBs in order to condense their size.

If you too detest that and discover a sophisticated platform to exchange photographs online, or just despise sending images every time in document format on WhatsApp, you’re at the correct spot. It’s time to introduce WhatsApp Plus, the coolest variant of the messaging app.

It’s the realistic Plus version since it greatly enhanced your previous WhatsApp experience. One can only improve privacy, customisation, and image sharing capacity after installing this software.

It gives you a really useful choice, and if you select it, you may send photographs up to 3 MB in size and with the greatest possible resolution.

Additionally, it gives you the choice to share more than 500 photographs at once, in contrast to the official WhatsApp which only allows 10 to 50 images to be sent at once. Now, if you want to be exactly at that place, that’s okay; but, if you’re considering this improvement, you may progressively follow the steps below:

You must now be equipped with the steps to enhance WhatsApp’s image-sharing functionality thanks to the YouTube video up top. However, if you want to master that method more quickly, adhere to the below-listed step-by-step instruction, which pairs admirably with the preceding video.

  • Utilize this link to get the WhatsApp Plus app package and confirm your official account there.
  • After entering the official WhatsApp Plus interface, look at the top area and select the three-dot menu symbol.
  • Now, head towards Plus Settings → Universal → Settings menu.
  • Look for the Send Images in Full Resolution option under Settings by scrolling down.
  • Once you’ve found it, choose the toggle and move it up to the 3 MB resolution.
  • Restart WhatsApp Plus on your phone after doing this.

Sending photographs to your friends and family will allow you to experience the magic created by the Latest WhatsApp Plus community. For a very long time, you won’t need to click the Document format and look for that image.

Simply click the picture button, select how many photographs you wish to send, and then press the green Send button. You only need to do that to strengthen the notion that “SHARING IS CARING”!

Note: To discover the toggle to allow the ability to send more than 10 photographs to a buddy at once, click this link. It’d guide you towards one of our posts increased significantly regarding the precise method.

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