PUBG Mobile Global Beta APK Download 2023

October 5, 2023 (7 months ago)

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE BETA is the beta version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG). The biggest distinction between this and the regular version is right here; you get a first look at the game’s features before everyone else. Of course, you’ll have to give up a certain level of steadiness; but, this is to be expected. You will compete in a 100-person Battle Royale against other online players in the video game. With each passing step, the map grows smaller and smaller.

What Exactly Is Pubg Mobile Beta?

The PUBG Mobile Beta Global version is comparable to the PUBG Mobile Global version; aside from the features, there are new modes, maps, firearms, and vehicles in the Beta phase, or, to put it simply, it is intended for testing. If players encounter any problems or difficulties while playing the game, they may submit feedback.

In addition to the traditional video game setting, PUBG MOBILE BETA has a 4-on-4 ‘group deathmatch,’ a setting where you must cope with throngs of undead, and a scenario that is all about driving different automobiles. Furthermore, all of these game types are initially accessible on the beta version.

The options menu also allows you to change the level of visual detail. This means you can tailor your experience to your smartphone’s capabilities. You may also customise the controls for whether you’re hiking, driving, or walking.

PUBG MOBILE BETA is a fantastic adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. You may spend hours playing on various settings that, in many instances, have not been introduced to the stable version. As an added benefit, if you choose the team match, you will be able to communicate with your pals in-game using the microphone on your smartphone.

What Makes Pubg Mobile Beta Unique?

The global edition of PUBG Mobile features solid gameplay, and many issues have already been resolved with large upgrades. Many hackers in the game discover new methods to abuse the game, which causes it to lose the interest of fair-playing players. You may try out new gameplays, modes, maps, and other features in PUBG Mobile Beta.

PUBG Mobile Beta is still under testing, and you may encounter several issues and mistakes, which may be irritating if you are unwilling to share your experience and comments with the developers. Although the PUBG Mobile beta allows you to explore fresh features, weaponry, vehicles, and so on, it also gives you a feel of the unique difficulties that will be included in the PUBG Mobile Global edition.

You should only download and install the PUBG Mobile Beta version if you want to assist the developers address the game’s flaws. This also allows other players across the globe to play a stable game when the final version is published, allowing the developers to work on newer modes, features, and so on.

New Gameplay And Features

The new Beta version contains the Kong vs. Godzilla friendship theme, a brand new automobile, and a slew of other new features, which we will go through in this post. Remember that in order to play the game, you must first have PUBG Mobile Global loaded on your Android smartphone and acquire the invitation code.

Aside from the Kong vs. Godzilla song, the freshly released Hundred Rhythm version is PUBG Mobile Global’s third anniversary theme. There are new snipers, an electric motor Glider, melee weapons, an All-Talent Champion camp, and so on.

Version 2.0

Football In-Game Changelog

When you enter the cheer park, you may now play football and enjoy some time while your squad prepares to join you in the game. This is an entirely new feature to PUBG mobile, and nothing like it has ever been implemented before. In the game, you kick the football in a cheer park-themed environment by moving the ball with the analogue stick. Furthermore, when the ball is kicked, it goes in the direction of the character. While the purpose of this game is to pass the time, there is a scoreboard over the goal.

Livik Map Has Been Remastered

Since its debut in version 1.4, the Livik map has been in the beta stage for a long time. This little map of 22 squares has piqued the curiosity of many players. However, the game’s makers were waiting for it to become stable. The map, like the Erangel map, has received a gorgeous visual makeover. To top it all off, players will get high-grade treasure on this map where a yellow circle will flicker for a short period of time.


With the improvement of the Livik map, we can now see a Volcano emerge from the far mountains in the game. However, your gaming character will not be harmed by standing on the Volcano. Changes are possible in the near future.

Other Modifications

You may now upgrade the weapon to XT and shoot as many rounds as you like. This option is only available if you have enough bullets in your rucksack. Another modification is the animation that appears when matching is in progress.

Installing Pubg Mobile Beta

Please have everything ready before installing Beta PUBG Mobile Global on your Android smartphone.


  • An active internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi).
  • Invitation code for the beta test.
  • PUBG Mobile Beta APK.
  • Install apps from “unknown sources” or “third-party” sources.
  • Internal storage space of 5GB is available.

Please keep in mind that invitation codes may only be received from the PUBG Mobile Global version. If you are unable to get the Invitation code, use this approach to obtain it. You may not use someone else’s code; if you do, your account will be banned.

How To Obtain A Pubg Mobile Beta Invitation Code

This technique is applicable to players from India or any other nation where PUBG Mobile is prohibited, or if you are unable to create the Invitation code for Beta testing the game in any situation.

Step 1: Get any free VPN programme or install Faster & Safer Internet.

Step 2: Launch the VPN and connect to any server other than the one in India. We recommend connecting to any US server.

Step 3: After connecting to the VPN, launch PUBG Mobile Global and press the “Repair” button.

Step 4: Allow the operation to finish before restarting PUBG Mobile Global.

Step 5: Select “Events” from the game’s main screen.

Step 6: Next, at the top of the screen, press on suggested.

Step 7: At the bottom of the screen, you should now see the Beta Test Invitation button.

Step 8: A new browser window will be launched. Click the “generate code” button.

Step 9: After copying the code, launch the PUBG Mobile Beta software on your smartphone.

Step ten: Enter the produced code and have fun.

Last Words

The PUBG Mobile Beta 1.4 update adds a slew of new features, modes, vehicles, and so on. The gameplay is intended to put the game’s new and intriguing features to the test. Remember that you won’t be able to play PUBG Mobile beta with your permanent account, and you’ll also need a guest account to try out the new features and modes. To use your permanent ID, you must install the PUBG Mobile Korean edition, which is available in Korean.Download Here

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