Top 5 PUBG Mobile Emulators For PC (Windows 12/11/10/8/7)

July 30, 2023 (9 months ago)

Are you a PUBG Mobile player who wants to utilise the keyboard and mouse to navigate more effectively? Do you want improved keybindings for mobility and fighting while playing on a computer? You’ve come to the correct spot because in this post, we’ll list the best 5 PUBG Mobile emulators for PC.

The PUBG Mobile edition has more than 400 million active players, and new players are constantly entering the game. As more players switch to the emulator versions, which enable them to play more precisely and earn more Chicken Dinners, the competition is becoming more difficult day by day.

Many players may still enjoy the same gameplay on their superior computers even when they lack the high-end devices needed to run PUBG Mobile. Although PUBG Mobile has an official emulator, you can only play against other emulator players. In contrast, PUBG Mobile has no problems with cross-platform play when you are playing with pals; they just inform the other player about it.

It is advantageous to play PUBG Mobile using an emulator if you do not have a more advanced smartphone that can provide lag-free gameplay. We’ll talk about the top Android emulators for Windows 12/11/10/8/7-based PCs that support PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Emulator: What Is It?

The mobile game may be installed and played on a computer using the PUBG Mobile emulator, which is software for Windows-based systems. If you like playing PUBG Mobile but don’t possess a mobile device, you may play the game without any problems on your computer. You can play PUBG Mobile on your PC by downloading any of the top 5 mobile emulators for Windows.

The Android-powered mobile emulator for PUBG is comparable to any Android-powered smartphone. The main difference between an Android smartphone and an emulator is that the latter can only run computer-based programmes and games while being unable to make calls via cellular networks.

Mobile emulators for Windows PC have been carefully tuned to perform better while processing other apps and playing games. Although there are many Android emulators available for PC, in this article we will only discuss the top ones for PUBG Mobile gaming.

For Windows 12/11/10/8/7, the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Emulators

Let’s talk about the top Windows PUBG Mobile emulators. If your computer system has the necessary hardware, you may also check out the Top 5 Xbox 360 Emulators For PC to play Xbox games on your computer.

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy

The official emulator for Windows-based PCs created by PUBG officials is called Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is one of the top emulators made to provide the best gaming experience and performance on a PC.

The Tencent Gaming Buddy is well optimised but can only run games on a PC. The programme receives frequent upgrades, and with each version, a number of issues are corrected and monthly security patches are included.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the installation process takes a few minutes. The PUBG Mobile emulator is 1.5 GB, whereas the setup file is just 9 MB. You may use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Play Games account to log in after downloading the game.

You may download any maps you like for the game after logging in for the first time. There are choices where you may download HD Audio, HD Graphics, HD Resource Packs, etc., much as the mobile version.

Remember that the Livik, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok maps must be downloaded individually since the PUBG Mobile games only come with the Erangel map by default and take up more space. Download Here

2. Bluestacks

One of the first and most reliable Android emulators for Windows and macOS is Bluestacks. With the aid of DirectX and the system graphics, Bluestacks has refined its software to the point where any high-end Android game can be played without lag.

The Bluestacks emulator has been recommended by several gamers as a way to improve speed and visuals while playing PUBG Mobile. They acknowledged that Bluestacks Emulator offers them a smoother gaming experience and better stability.

One of the simplest programmes to use is Bluestacks Emulator for PC. After installing the programme, you may sign in to Google Playstore using your Google Account credentials by visiting the official website.

Once the setup is complete, you can search for and download the PUBG Mobile game from the Google Play Store. The configuration for PUBG Mobile is comparable to that described in Tencent Gaming Buddy. Download Here

3. Nox Player

The lightweight Android emulator Nox Player correctly provides performance and stability. It performs the job perfectly, even if we cannot compare it to the official Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator or Bluestacks. One of the top emulators for Windows-based systems is Nox Player.

On Nox Player, you can play a lot of high-end Android games without experiencing any lag or glitches, barring a bad internet connection. Play games like Call of Duty Mobile, Clash Royale, 8 Ball Pool, and PUBG Mobile with ease.

The Nox Player settings are a little bit complicated, so you’ll need to have patience to find the ones that work best for you. You won’t have any problems after you get used to the settings.

One of the top emulators for Windows and macOS, Nox Player is built and tuned for the finest gaming experience. If you want to play more Android games on your PC, download and install it. Download Here

4. Memu Player

The only emulator that can run PUBG Mobile properly on a machine with less powerful hardware is Memu Player. Memu doesn’t need specialised graphics or any other essential part of a computer, therefore it may operate on a laptop with as little as 4GB of RAM.

Memu Player may be optimised to provide the finest gaming experience on a PC if you have a graphics card. With this emulator, you can play a variety of low-end Android games without experiencing lag.

The most fundamental options, such key binding and mapping, are included with Memu Player emulator for PC and will immediately optimise the PUBG Mobile game on your computer. For high-end games like PUBG Mobile and Fau-G, it is advised that you have a minimum Intel i3 chipset with 4GB of RAM. Download Here

5. Remix OS Player

Not least among the PC Android emulators is Remix OS Player, which was created primarily for gaming. This PC emulator from Jide Technology offers superior performance and stability with the smallest hardware requirements.

Remix OS Player now supports Windows PC and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Based on Google’s Android Studio, it is the quickest and most optimised Android emulator available.

Since the emulator comes with a key mapping tool that enables Android games’ touch control schemes to be used with a mouse and keyboard, gamers can easily optimise the software. Download Here

Final Reflections

It might be challenging to choose the top Android emulator for PC until you’ve tried them all. Everything relies on the hardware configuration of the computer, and it is a personal decision. If you simply want to use Tencent Gaming Buddy to play PUBG Mobile or Nox Player, we advise you to do so. Memu Player will work best on computers with lesser specifications, however it doesn’t have a graphical display.

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