How To Set Proxy Settings In WhatsApp And Unblock For Free

July 14, 2023 (9 months ago)


WhatsApp is one of the most important applications that enable users around the world to use it to communicate with all family and relatives without any privacy control, as it is considered one of the most reliable applications and is used in more than 170 countries around the world and has garnered more than a billion users, but WhatsApp has banned some countries From using WhatsApp, such as China, North Korea, and others, and some countries block WhatsApp from calling and making calls with other countries, and for this reason, WhatsApp has added a new feature called “Proxy Settings” as this feature enables all users to use WhatsApp without any ban.

In the event that you live in any country where WhatsApp is banned, it will be difficult for you to operate WhatsApp, and in this article I will show you the method that enables you to use WhatsApp without problems. Moreover, you can activate WhatsApp and use it completely free of charge. You can also share video calls, voice calls, etc. You can chat With your friends and anywhere around the world, for free and without restrictions, in a way that is completely encrypted between the two parties.


The benefit of the Internet is to simplify things and make them more understandable to users in all countries, but in some countries WhatsApp may not work well as it has been banned in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, North Korea, China and others, but Meta has taken a position on this issue as it These mentioned countries restrict WhatsApp functions, which leads to stopping it.

For this reason, all the mentioned countries have to face some restrictions that make users unable to use the features offered by the WhatsApp application, and to solve this problem, we offer you the proxy settings feature.

By using these settings on WhatsApp, users can connect to a proxy server located in another country, as the proxy works like a vpn, but the proxy differs from the vpn, as the proxy ip is real and effective for one of the countries that you selected

North Korea, China, Syria, Iran, UAE, etc. These are the countries where WhatsApp is completely banned or some of its features are blocked.


In general, when we use any application, our Internet provider uses an address called ip, and it is considered a special address for our phone on the Internet, through which it can know all the information that we use and it can block us whenever it wants or it can restrict our access to anything and by using this technology some countries imposed restrictions on application WhatsApp, as it is a social networking application that can be downloaded or activated when using a VPN. I cannot do this. To solve this problem, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, provided a new feature and technology known as WhatsApp proxy or WhatsApp proxy.

When we connect to any proxy, our internet service provider directs our connection to a server located in another country that hides our location and we can access it without problems or restrictions. You can use your own application.

It works like any VPN in WhatsApp, but all settings in VPN are used for cache route locations and some are used for WhatsApp only.


The method is based on using a trusted WhatsApp proxy. Before we jump into the Settings section, we need your help with this task.

For most of the WhatsApp users who are not tech-savvy, we have found some very effective free proxies to use.

We used and tried one of them when we tested the option in the previous guide and you can choose any of our totally free WhatsApp proxy codes anywhere including Pakistan, Iran, UAE, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the like.

Proxy Server Country Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands United Kingdom United States Netherlands

In highly restricted countries, using these proxies will definitely help people re-establish free and secure WhatsApp connections and communicate with their loved ones, regardless of the cyber regulations in the area.


Here I will explain to you how to contact a WhatsApp agent in detail. At first, you should follow these steps.

Open the Noureddine WhatsApp application and make sure you have the latest version installed to get the proxy settings feature.
From within WhatsApp and from the chats interface, click on the three dots and enter the settings as shown in the image.
Go to the Storage and Data section and scroll down to the “Proxy Settings” option.
Click on “Proxy Settings” and enable proxy use.
Now open the Set Proxy option and paste any of the IP addresses above as mentioned earlier, and wait for the connection to be established.
Once you make the connection using a proxy server, you can now use WhatsApp without any restrictions.


In this article I have given a list of a group of WhatsApp proxy servers which enables people living in UAE, North Korea, Syria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and China now to connect to WhatsApp without using a VPN. A WhatsApp proxy allows each user to connect to the server and allow you to use it.

The WhatsApp proxy list allows users to connect to other servers with end-to-end encrypted security systems. WhatsApp says that if you use a WhatsApp proxy, you don’t have to worry about end-to-end encryption. Users should not worry about data leakage.

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