Top 11 Android Premium VPN Apps

April 4, 2023 (1 year ago)

Many people must now work remotely due to the pandemic. People must access their Company’s setup data when they are out of their offices. Since the private setups are less secure than the company’s, there is a chance that it could be stolen and compromised at any time. VPNs are becoming more popular as a means of online protection and safety. Thankfully, VPNs are no longer just for computers. VPN providers have developed mobile applications that function just as well as their desktop equivalents.

There are several VPN services available, but not all of them are secure or even worthwhile. We carefully examined Top-notch services and reduced them to some of the finest VPNs available to you in order to simplify your choosing process.

If you’re serious about protecting your online privacy, we advise you to use a paid VPN. There are several free VPNs on the market, but only a select handful are useful since they have a few less features and a smaller capacity. If you want to see how a VPN works, feel free to check out the free VPNs we suggest at the conclusion of the post.

#1 NordVPN (Best VPN for android)

As a result, to get things going, NordVPN is domiciled in Panama, a South American nation without a legislation requiring the retention of customer data. It doesn’t take part in the Five Eyes or the International 14 Eyes organisation.

Due to their zero log policy, NordVPN only keeps the most basic information about your account and does not keep any records of your online activities.

They provide excellent encryption, which elevates the tunnelling of your communication. There are more than 5500 servers available, spanning 59 different nations. It’s fantastic that they provide not one, not two, but three VPN protocols. Our favourite feature of NordVPN has to be the ability to connect to six devices at once. For an additional degree of protection, they provide a tool that lets you connect via two VPNs simultaneously.


  • high-quality AES-256-bit encryption.
  • Three VPN protocols: NordLynx, WireGuard, and OpenVPN.
  • If the VPN connection is lost, kill a switch that immediately stops all data traffic.
  • the ability to pick from 5500+ servers in 59 different countries.
  • the ability to connect six devices at once.
  • P2P servers for the exchange of huge files.
  • For added protection, route traffic from two servers rather than simply one.

Pricing: There are three options available from NordVPN.

  • Plan for one month, which will cost you $11.95
  • Bills for the first year are $4.92 monthly and $59 annually. 58% in savings
  • Bills for the two years are $3.71 a month and $89 (a 68% savings), plus three more months are free.

#2 ExpressVPN (Fastest VPN)

Without a doubt, the fastest VPN for Android is ExpressVPN. It is becoming one of the most popular choices among VPN users around. Choose from more than 3,000 lightning-fast servers spread over 160 locations in 94 different countries. Your data is secured using 4096 CA, TLS v1.2, and AES 256 encryption. ExpressVPN stated in 2019 that its servers will operate on RAM (Read Only Memory) rather than hard drives, enhancing their security.

They adhere to a stringent No log policy and only keep the bare minimum of information about your account. You may choose which applications on your smartphone will utilise VPN and which apps will connect to a conventional network using their split tunnelling function. Up to 5 devices may be connected to the network at once.

ExpressVPN secures anything operating on Android OS, not just mobile devices.

Numerous speed test sites around the world support ExpressVPN’s speed reliability, and Trustpilot has given it a whopping 4.7/5 rating.


  • You may choose which individual programmes will connect to the proxy network using the split tunnelling option.
  • The remainder of the applications will be linked to the normal network and only the chosen apps will have VPN access.
  • Kill switch that is activated in the event of a connection failure.
  • different protocols, including Open, UDP, and TCP.
  • more than 3000 servers, spread over 94 nations.
  • Connect up to five devices at once.

Expressvpn Has Three Distinct Pricing Tiers, Which You May Choose From.

  • Plan for one month: This will cost you around $12.95.
  • This plan charges $59.95 for six months and $9.99 each month.
  • Bills for the first year are $99.95, or $6.67 each month. Free for three further months

#3 Surfshark (Can handle any number of devices)

Since its launch in 2018, Surfshark has amassed more than 2.4 million users globally. The fact that you may connect as many devices as you want to the VPN, which is AWESOME, is what makes it popular in addition to the outstanding security features. You’re not required to stick to a small selection of gadgets.

It has more than 1700 servers located across 63 different nations.

When you are connected to their service, their excellent no-log policy prevents them from even being able to see what you are doing online.

With its “NoBorders mode,” you may use the VPN service even in places with severe regulations. The greatest possible encryption, AES-256-GCM, is used to safeguard your data. It unblocks geo-restricted material rapidly and even permits torrenting. It features a great ad blocking function that many VPNs do not have. All of these capabilities, along with a lot more, are stolen prices. Surfshark is highly cost-effective, so it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.


  • An ‘n’ number of devices may be connected at once.
  • Data protection network kill switch for case the connection is lost.
  • end-to-end encryption using cutting-edge military technology.
  • freedom to choose from more than 63 countries and 1700 servers.
  • Blocking of ads

Pricing: There are three different plan choices available with Surfshark, all of which are quite affordable.

  • Plan for one month: The price for this plan is $12.96.
  • Bills for $6.50 every month for six months, totaling $38.98. (Savings of 50%).
  • Bills for the two years are $2.22 per month plus $59.82 for the two years plus three more months free (83% savings).

#4 CyberGhost VPN (Most number of servers)

CyberGhost has the most servers on our list, with over 6000 fast servers spread throughout 90 nations. It is a VPN service founded in Romania, which did not have a provision requiring the keeping of customer data in its constitution when it was established in 2004. It is quite simple to use and great for novices.

CyberGhost has a highly open-minded stance. They are the first VPN service providers to release transparency reports that list DMCA complaints, requests for police to access users’ data, and activities that have been flagged as malware. However, you need not worry because CyberGhost does not store anything and consequently has nothing to reveal to anyone. Overall, it is loaded with features and affordable.

On Trustpilot, CyberGhost has a staggering 4.8/5 rating.


  • Connect up to seven devices at once.
  • Streaming server optimisation
  • Available split tunnelling feature
  • Wi-Fi protection function that is automatic.
  • strict no-log guidelines
  • the ability to choose from 6900 servers.

Pricing: CyberGhost offers four distinct plan options.

  • Plan for one month: The price for this plan is $12.16.
  • 1-year plan: The monthly payment for this plan is $3.95, and the annual payment is $47.44.
  • 2-year plan: The total cost of this plan for the two-year period is $83.14, or $3.46 per month.
  • The largest savings are seen in the three-year plan. You will pay $2.24 each month, $87.42 for three years, plus an extra three months for free.

#5 Private Internet Access

This VPN lives up to its name; internet access is genuinely private with it. You may connect to VPN servers in more than 77 countries and 128 regions. trusted by organisations like Forbes and Business Insider, among others. One of the top VPN companies is called Private Internet Access. It provides unlimited bandwidth and effectively filters ads, viruses, and trackers. You may connect up to 10 devices at once, which is also a benefit since the majority of VPN companies on the market only let you to utilise 6-7 devices at once.

It is incredibly user-friendly and supports P2P servers, making it easy for you to share big files online.

With Private Internet Access, you may simply utilise torrents and unlock geo-restricted material. They have a great kill switch option that protects you in the event of a server disconnect.


  • IP masking.
  • kill switches on the internet prevent data tampering while servers are offline.
  • 4 VPN protocols.
  • various VPN entry points.
  • unlimited amounts of bandwidth.
  • being able to manage ten devices at once.

Pricing: Three options are available from private internet access. You may pay even with gift cards from other companies. These are their price schedules.

  • Plan for one month: This will cost you around $12.23.
  • One-year plan: This one costs $40.88 over the course of two years and charges $3.40 each month.
  • This plan’s total cost over the course of three years, at $2.20 each month, is $79.52.

Android’s best VPN (Freemium)

Again, for your security, we do not advise sticking with a free VPN, but you can take a look at these free services that we have hand-selected to get you started with VPNs. The most reliable services for a totally free experience are those mentioned above. Let’s investigate them.

#6 Hotspot Shield

In the free version of HotspotShield, 500MB of data usage per day is permitted. It takes around 30 minutes to check email, surf the web, and stream in normal quality using that much data. There are adverts in the free version, and there are only two servers you may connect to.

#7 Windscribe

For free users, Windscribe VPN provides 10 Gigabytes of bandwidth per month. For a reasonable amount of time, that much data is enough to support streaming in standard resolution. It enables split tunnelling and has an integrated ad and malware prevention function. With its outstanding free edition, Windscribe VPN allows you to access pirate websites. Check out our guide on how to obtain a 30GB bandwidth bonus with Windscribe.

#8 Speedify

Each month, Speedify gives its free members 5GB of bandwidth for free. It permits torrenting and gives you access to 5 servers. Streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify may be unblocked by it. The kill switch option, which many others lack, is included in its free edition. Instead of AES-256 encryption, it makes use of 128 GCM.

#9 ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is fantastic for data consumption since it allows unlimited data usage on VPNs, however it has slow performance. Simply because of its unlimited data allowance limit, we’ve included it on the Fourth. Additionally, it provides good encryption and enables three simultaneous connections to servers. Streaming services like Netflix and Spotify may be unblocked using Proton VPN. However, because it lacks P2P servers, it cannot access torrent websites.


With, users get 2 GB of free bandwidth each month. The free version of the software also includes the split tunnelling capability. Access is granted to five of their servers.Some streaming websites like Spotify and Kodi can be unblocked by, but not Netflix.

#11 TunnelBear

For free users, TunnelBear provides 500 Mbs of bandwidth per month. Although it allows torrenting, it is unable to unblock popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. In the free version, it comes with a built-in GhostBear mode that lets you get around VPN restrictions.


#1 Which free VPN for Android is the best?

HotspotShield is the best free VPN for Android out of all the ones we tested.

#2 Which Android VPN is the best?

For Android, NordVPN is the best VPN to choose. It is dependable and has a tonne of features. It is ranked first on our list as a result.

#3 Can family members use the same VPN?

Yes, you are able to simultaneously use many devices with your VPN subscription. The maximum number of devices that may be linked at once varies from one service provider to another.

#4 Is utilising a VPN prohibited?

Although using a VPN is legal, it is still illegal if you use a VPN to carry out an illegal act. The use of VPN services is overtly prohibited in several nations. Currently, this prohibition is in effect in 10 nations. Among them are China, Russia, and the UAE.

#5 Is it prohibited to use a VPN to access Netflix?

Although using a VPN to access Netflix is not illegal, if you live in one of the nations where doing so is, you must follow all applicable laws when using a VPN.

#6 Is paying for a VPN worthwhile?

A VPN is entirely worthwhile to pay for. Free ones also function well, but only to a very limited extent and without many features. Paying for a VPN gives you full access to all of its premium features, which is always preferable to restricted access.

#7 Is Android secure for VPN?

It’s safe to use a VPN on Android, but only if you stick with a reputable provider. There are several phoney and subpar VPN companies out there that, when utilised, damage your device more than they help. Use just those that are suggested by being wise.

Which VPN software has the strongest security?

In our testing, NordVPN has shown to be the most well-rounded and superior VPN service for Android. Despite not being the fastest on the market, it is the strongest due to other features.


Users find it difficult to choose the best VPN service provider since there are so many of them. But don’t worry; we tested the top VPNs available and only the best were chosen for you.

We ensure that only the finest is provided to our consumers. You may use all of these services without giving them a second thought and show others that you are the wiser ones by using the internet safely.

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