OGYouTube APK Download For Android 2023

June 18, 2023 (10 months ago)

OGYouTube is a feature-rich yet simple modified version of the original YouTube software. If the fundamental functions of the official YouTube app irritate you, it’s time to switch. OG YouTube has several new tools, such as Direct YouTube Downloader, that make YouTube more easy and enable you to download videos much faster.

If you look at the updated version of WhatsApp, you will see that there are several WhatsApp alterations such as WhatsApp Aero, YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and so on. However, this is not the case with YouTube-modified apps. We only have one reliable YouTube mod, which is known as OG YouTube. One of the key reasons most people choose to use OGYouTube is the application’s YouTube download capability.

To use the old-school way, copy the video URL, go to third-party sites, paste the link, and then download the movie. OGYouTube for Android, on the other hand, does not. You may download practically any video from the YouTube app, which will appear in the Gallery.

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about the original YouTube app, let’s move on to something new. All of the application’s functionality, download links, installation instructions, and how to download YouTube videos using OGYouTube are included below. After then, without further ado.

What exactly is OG YouTube?

In a nutshell, OGYouTube is a customised version of the YouTube programme with added functionality. The most popular function is the YouTube download option. We may think of it as a tool for downloading YouTube videos to an Android smartphone. There are several tools and websites available for downloading and saving YouTube videos offline.

The official YouTube app can store videos offline, however the biggest disadvantage is that since the download videos are encrypted, they are not kept in the gallery. To view recorded YouTube videos, we must utilise the YouTube programme.

However, we now have a solution thanks to OGYouTube, which has an easy-to-use interface and an advanced YouTube video downloader. Simply search for a video and download it to your smartphone, where you can watch it with any video player.

OGYouTube Features 2023

  • The ability to download videos from YouTube in HD quality is the most crucial feature of the YouTube OG programme. It makes no difference what video you wish to download.
  • OG You can find whatever you need on YouTube. Download movies ranging in resolution from 144p to 4k.
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3: YouTube’s library contains millions of music.
  • We sometimes have to download the music without the video.
  • To record the MP3 version of a song, utilise the
  • MP3 downloader option in OGYT.
  • PIP mode is useful if you want to do two things at once, such as viewing a movie on YouTube and conversing with pals on WhatsApp.
  • This is where the PIP mode, or Picture in Picture mode, comes in handy.
  • Video playback will display as an overlay in any Android application.
  • Playback in the background: If you minimise the YouTube application to new apps, the video stops, and you must have a YouTube premium subscription to do so.
  • YouTube for those with no advertising experience: OGYouTube disables all advertisements during video playing.

PIP Mode (Picture in Picture)

Image mode is a useful feature that allows you to view YouTube videos in other apps. Assume you wish to talk on WhatsApp while also watching a video. You are now ready to begin using OGYT. This little YouTube playback panel that shows in any other programme is known as PIP mode. For this feature to operate properly, you must allow screen overlay access.

Background YouTube video play

You may already be aware that while the YouTube programme is minimised, you cannot play videos in the background. This issue has been resolved in the most recent version of OG YouTube. With the aid of OG YouTube modified, you can quickly conduct a YouTube background reading. All you need to do is watch your favourite video and then read it. After that, minimise the YouTube programme, and you’ll see that playing does not cease even when the app is minimised, and the videos in the background continue to play. However, this is not the case with the official YouTube app.

Download High-Definition YouTube Videos

The official YouTube app has a useful download function that enables you to save videos to your smartphone. However, the video will not appear in the file manager and will not be accessible outside of the YouTube app. However, this is not the case with OGYouTube; the video you downloaded will be saved as a local file on your device and accessible via any File Manager application. You may then quickly share it with your friends using any file-sharing tool.

No Ads

Every time we view a video, we are bombarded with impenetrable adverts that cannot be associated with YouTubers. OG YouTube has an ad blocker built in that prevents all adverts from appearing in the YouTube-modified app. Then you won’t see any ads, whether they’re Bumper ads, video ads that can’t be ignored, or classified ads at the bottom of the screen. For an ad-free experience on the official YouTube app, you must pay a fee.


Download OGYouTube APK For Android 2023 Download YouTube Vanced APK YouTube Pro (Premium Unlocked)

How to Download and Install OG YouTube APK for Android?

Step 1: After downloading the OG YouTube APK and MicroG, go to your Android device’s security settings and allow the programme to install. Installing it will ask for permission if you are on Android Oreo or above; however, if you are on Android Nougat or below, go to Settings > Security > enable unknown sources or 3rd party apps.

Step 2: Install but do not open the OG YouTube APK file.

Step 3: Now, download and install the MicroG APK file.

Step 4: From the app drawer, launch OG YouTube and sign in with your Google Account (optional) to sync your subscribed channels and playlists.

Step 5: Have fun!

How Can I Download YouTube Videos Using the OGYouTube App?

  • Search for the video on the OgYouTube App.
  • Start playing the video when you’ve selected it.
  • A download icon will appear below; click it.
  • A pop-up window will open; pick the video quality to download.
  • The download will begin immediately; just wait for it to finish.
  • The stored videos may be accessed through the OGYT app or the phone’s gallery.

How to Enable Picture in Picture (PIP) Mode

  • Go to the settings menu on the OGYT app.
  • Enable PIP mode by going to General > Display.
  • Play any video that you find.
  • Tap the home button on your mobile device after clicking the PIP symbol.
  • The video is being played in a tiny window.
  • You may now use other applications while watching a YouTube video.

How Does OGYouTube Play Videos in the Background?

  • Open the original YouTube app and look for a video.
  • Play the video and then choose the backdrop option.
  • The video will be pushed to the background as the music continues to play.
  • Enjoy the background music on OG YouTube.


I hope you liked using the OGYouTube app. Download from the download URL given above, and the link will be updated as soon as the new version is available. So keep this page bookmarked for future updates. To use OGYT, you must first download and install a programme called MicroG for OGYT. OGYT will only function if you have MicroG installed on your phone. As a result, you should think about downloading and installing both programmes.

OG In many respects, YouTube has an edge over the official app, comparable to YouTube Vanced, which is popular these days, and the Video Downloader option is one of them. Please let us know if you run across any issues.

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