Top 5 Instagram Reels Tips You Didn’t Know

March 7, 2023 (1 year ago)

Instagram, one of the top social media platforms, introduced Instagram Reels, a 15-second video-sharing function, in an effort to quell the TikTok craze. The movie was made available in 50 nations on August 5, 2020. The recently released film was criticised by several reviewers as being “copycat.” However, Instagram Reels became well-known very quickly after its release.

What Are Instagram Reels, And Is It Worth It?

Despite being an apparent rival to the Chinese social networking app, Reels received a tonne of great feedback from users all across the globe. Instagram users may now make short videos to interact with their audiences and followers.

But didn’t IGTV and Instagram stories have a similar function before?

Actually, no. It is crucial to understand the fundamental distinctions between each. The most visible difference is the time stamp; unlike Reels, where each video you submit is maintained in its own area on your profile, similar to how IGTV movies are preserved, tales expire after 24 hours.

You may now upload your reels to your feed or tales, and there are improved editing choices and speed settings. Additionally, any original audio used will be credited to you and made available for other users to use in their own reel creations!

Reels are a fun addition to the larger Instagram ecology, but are they worthwhile? Can Reels support the development of your brands amid the confusion of social media?

The use of Reels as a further marketing tactic by major corporations like Sephora, Walmart, and Beardbrand provides the solution. Reels is a novel platform for entrepreneurs to experiment while still retaining their TikTok presence. Videos continue to be the top option for businesses as sales lead magnets.

Instagram Reels anticipates success in the future since nobody wants to put all of their eggs in one basket.

Where Can I Buy Instagram Reels?

The introduction of Instagram Reels was international, spanning 50 nations. France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, America, and Japan are a few of the important markets.

Reels On Instagram: Why The Launch?

As we indicated at the beginning, the new Instagram function drew criticism from many users who saw it as a near-exact replica of Tik Tok. However, Robby Stein, product director for Instagram, claims that the two services are distinct while praising TikTok for being the first to popularise short-form videos.

The main distinction between Reels and TikTok is that the latter enables users to share films with friends through Instagram. Instagram is a part of everything. Tik Tok lacks this specific functionality.

Stein adds that Instagram’s primary goal ever since its launch has been “to create simple technology for anyone who wants to make a video.” Reels is thus an endeavour to realise its idea rather than a spontaneous creation. Additionally, if we examine Instagram’s history, we can see that it consistently succeeds in better implementing the ideas of its rivals.

One example is the 2016 launch of Instagram stories, which was compared to Snapchat at the time. A year later, though, Instagram stories had a far larger user base than Snapchat. Another factor in Instagram’s decision to introduce reels may have been the popularity of stories.

How Can You Create An Instagram Reel?

It’s really easy to utilise the Instagram reels, in case you were wondering. Here are the steps in brief form:

  • Click the Instagram logo to access “story.”
  • On the bottom left, select “reel”.
  • You may either shoot video or upload one that is already on your camera roll.
  • Start utilising tools to set up your recording so you can generate your first reel. To choose someone from your collection, select Audio.
  • To modify the pace of your clip, tap pace. To pick between several special effects, tap Effects. To choose the length of your reel, tap Timer.
  • Tap and hold the record button after getting ready. As the timer is set, the video will begin to record. Once you have recorded your clips, you can delete or trim them.
  • Put stickers, doodles, and text on your reel to make it your own.

You’re all done now. Share with your followers right now!

The aforementioned were a few pointers for using Instagram Reels. The five secrets listed below are ones we bet you didn’t know.

The next time you utilise a reel, take these pointers to make it impactful and send your audience reeling!

Tip #1: Centre The Text On The Page

Text should be placed in the centre of the screen, not at the top or bottom. It’s always a good idea to include subtitles, text, stickers, and drawings on your reel to pique curiosity and aid viewers in understanding the events shown in the clip. Except for the interactive sticker, you can use all the features just like in Instagram Stories.

Additionally, your reel will open with viewer-facing buttons and the text will overlap, unlike Stories where text and captions are visible in any corner. In order for your insert to be easily legible if you publish your reel to your Feed as well, position it in the centre or somewhat below.

Tip #2: Use The Inshot App With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels demand precise editing and the use of effects if you want to stand out from the competition. While Instagram has many other features that could lessen the impact your reels can have, TikTok is a platform that is exclusively for sharing videos. Additionally, some of the editing options are quite laborious!

Use InShot combined with Reels if you want your recordings to reflect the highest possible craftsmanship. It’s a video-editing programme with incredible capabilities and choices for editing, trimming, and enhancing your films that will surely wow your audience!

To enhance your video production game, use InShot to add sound effects, music features, the option to record voiceovers, and stickers to your reels.

Tip #3: Reapply Effects And Add A Cover Image

Although you might pick up on this advice with practise, it’s best to be aware of all the dos and don’ts so that no clips are wasted. All the clips you have added to the initial clip in your recording, such as subtitles, sound effects, or audio, must be applied again. Unfortunately, none of this is automatic.

Additionally, you ought to include a cover image for your video that will serve as the thumbnail. There is an option to submit a cover picture called “thumbnail” on the last page where you may write a description and share it with your followers.

Make sure to include one because it appeals to the audience on two levels, whether it be by including a frame from the reel or by including a picture of yourself. Additionally, it complements your feed better.

If you’re wondering why we’re included this tip on the list, you should be aware that after you’ve published anything with your Feed, it’s impossible to go back and change your reel or cover picture. This brings us to our following advice:

Tip #4: Create A Plan, Write A Script, Or Save A Draught

Instagram reels are not like your stories, which disappear after a day, or the long-form, non-editable videos on IGTV. brief video clips as Reels are here to transform the Instagram landscape and are an effective marketing tool for companies and influencers.

It would be disappointing if you uploaded your reel but were unable to correct a typographical error. As you prepare your YouTube videos, write scripts, take deep breaths, and record them, you should also prepare Reels in the same way.

The shortest time you have to engage your audience and make your message is 15 seconds. Therefore, the ideal reels for your Instagram page can only be produced by a potent artistic performance.

Nevertheless, we all make mistakes and wish we could go back and fix them. Reels regrettably does not permit editing of clips or uploaded videos as Instagram posts do.

When you get to the last screen, choose “Save as Draught” rather than “Publish” to prevent committing a mistake. In this manner, you may review the adjustments afterwards and fix any potential errors.

Tip #5 Make It Searchable And Shareable To Stories And Feeds

If people cannot view reels on their explorer’s page, there is no point in creating them. Use popular hashtags to your advantage, just like you would in posts on your Feed, to improve search rankings and broaden your audience.

Nowadays, using hashtags is the preferred method of promoting videos, articles, photographs, and tweets among the deluge of social media content.

Sharing it to both your feed and story at the same time is another tactic for increasing your audience and generating organic traffic. Users must learn the sharing twist the hard way, however. There aren’t many alternatives available after the user reaches the last page where sharing options are shown.

There are two sharing options: one is to post it to the grid, which is Instagram’s feed, and the other is to share it with the stories. The Reel will now go to the tale area if you press on the Stories button and vanish after 24 hours as normal. That implies that it wouldn’t be saved to your profile’s Reels section.

So choosing the grid option when posting it for the first time is a good strategy. Tap the “aeroplane” symbol when it arrives on your feed to post it immediately to your story. Your reel will show up in both locations this way!

Without Installing It, How Can I Use Instagram Reels On My Computer?

You may be asking why reels need to be created on a computer when they can easily be made on a phone.

Yes, you can create a reel on your smartphone, but what if you want to edit it first?

It is helpful in this situation to use a PC. The large screen will also make it easier for you to thoroughly examine the reel from above and see any possible errors.

You need a third-party programme to utilise Instagram reels on a PC without installing it. Despite the market having thousands of similar programmes, MirrorGo (iOS) is a solid option because to its user-friendly layout.

Does Instagram Reels Merit A Try?

Instagram Reels has quickly gained popularity. This quick success could be explained by the fact that Instagram had a strong user base of more than 1 billion users before Instagram Reels was introduced. In contrast, TikTok only has 500 billion users despite all of its popular videos.

Whatever the cause of its popularity, Instagram Reel has a lot of intriguing features that are worth checking out at least once. Installing AeroInsta, a feature-rich Instagram app that has been modified, might add some spice.

Instagram Reels offers something for everyone, whether you’re a business searching for innovative methods to sell your goods or services or a celebrity hoping to grow your fan base.

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