How to Hide Blue Ticks, Second Tick, Typing on WhatsApp Plus

February 6, 2021 (3 years ago)


The finest policy is one of privacy! Imagine that businesses and other Android app users may access your data, location, recent decision, future decision, and current style. Such applications are referred to be privacy-less or simply the most unsafe ones in that situation.

One of these privacy-free Android apps is WhatsApp, which offers all the greatest instant messaging functions but lacks privacy with optional features like Blue Ticks, Second Tick, and Typing… status.

If we own a smartphone nowadays, we are immediately exposed to the flimsy technology but are also indirectly exposed to the terrible apps that thwart privacy.

It’s not like a game where we can consistently play effectively since we need to keep things secret and enjoy our independence without interruption or discomfort from others. If you now believe the same as I do, WhatsApp Plus on your phone will allow you to make some adjustments.

Replace the stock WhatsApp app on your phone with WhatsApp Plus, a customised version of WhatsApp. This Plus version of the instant messaging protocol is useful and has numerous amazing features, one of which is increased privacy.

You can virtually anything from your WhatsApp contacts that you want to hide, including Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Typing…, Recording…, Last Seen, and more, using WhatsApp Plus.

It’s time to enhance your communications by turning on all these privacy-rich options if you finally feel as though you’ve shared the majority of your current knowledge with all of your WhatsApp friends.

Enabling won’t be difficult to understand and will pass quickly if you watch the YouTube video that is provided below and is based on it. Additionally, you can use the written instructions that we have included below at a later time.

You should have a thorough understanding of how to enable WhatsApp Plus’s odd privacy-rich features after watching the aforementioned video. If not, you can use the text steps described below to take a step in the direction of your emancipation from online messaging.

  • You must follow the process first! Install WhatsApp Plus on your phone after downloading it.
  • On the following page, enter your WhatsApp number and confirm it with a one-time passcode.
  • Go return to the WhatsApp Plus home page and open the contact whose privacy settings you wish to change.
  • Finally, choose the Custom Privacy option found on each person’s profile.
  • A number of privacy features, such as concealing the blue tick, double tick, blue microphone, typing…, recording, and view status, will be made available to you after taking this action.
  • Toggle the privacy options you want to activate for each of them by clicking the toggles.

You only needed to do that! With the obscene amount of features offered inside WhatsApp Plus, you may now experience a freedom-rich online life and instant chatting.
Please share with us later your favourite privacy feature from this excellent WhatsApp MOD, and be sure to check out the homepage of our website for a full list of other, unique Plus features and instructions on how to enable them.

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