GBWhatsApp: Learn How to Download and Install WhatsApp That Enables Themes and New Features

April 9, 2022 (2 years ago)


A Whatsapp MOD (modification) that functions as an upgraded version of WhatsApp is GBWhatsapp, sometimes referred to as GBWhatsApp Plus. It offers lots of graphical and functional customization options. The latest version of WhatsApp, which was introduced in 2015, had a straightforward goal from the beginning.

Similar to YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp provides users with greater functionality because YoWhatsApp has been blocked by WhatsApp, which prevents users from customising the application. Despite WhatsApp‘s widespread adoption, many individuals criticise its restrictions and the lack of sophisticated customization. And GBWhatsapp shows up because it sees this as a fantastic chance for development.

Both in terms of security and the capacity to modify the application’s themes and colours, it seeks to meet all the requirements of the most discerning WhatsApp users. The user, who has virtually unlimited control over it, is literally in command.

The application begins with “GB,” becoming “GBWhatsapp,” because GB is a group of independent developers that provide tools and extensions.

All versions of the Android operating system are supported by GBWhatsapp, which is fantastic news for people who use it. Furthermore, this APK adds a functionality that any user with two SIM cards will appreciate having: You are permitted to use two accounts in GBWhatsApp, one for each mobile phone number. And don’t think the surprises are finished just yet; there will be plenty of new emojis and themes to let you customise your conversations and give your WhatsApp account a distinct character.


  • The first of them has to be the fact that GBWhatsApp enables dual-chip smartphone owners to simultaneously use two accounts on the same device. You will have two WhatsApp accounts, each of which is separate from the other and unaffected by it.
  • Choose the theme you like most from the theme centre offered by GB, download it, and then personalise it as you see fit.
  • GBWhatsapp offers complete customization of the app, unlike other WhatsApp MODs.
  • Greater customization options are now available, whereas the official version does not.
  • You know those moments when you don’t want to chat to anyone in particular? This can be prevented, though, because GBWhatsapp has a “hidden” mode in which nobody can see that you are online—aside from the people you are now speaking with, of course.
  • Without leaving the app, GBWhatsapp allows you to translate discussions into a number of different languages.
  • You know that awkward Spanish-speaking friend?
  • With this unique feature of the App, everything will be simpler.
  • Instead than having to remove each message individually, you may delete many messages at once.
  • The “blue check” is still visible in messages, but you may conceal yours. Nobody will be able to challenge you since they won’t know you read the message. This app will simplify your romantic relationships and reduce arguments fueled by envy, right?
  • Block any account without any restrictions or obstacles.
  • You may stream live to as many as 600 viewers!
  • When using GBWhatsapp instead of the standard version of WhatsApp, you may transmit and receive files in greater quality.
  • You may customise pop-up notifications to suit your tastes.
  • You may even find out who saw your profile in it.
  • This feature will deter prying eyes from your profile photo and recent updates.
  • A password may even be set up for each individual discussion. To top it all off, the programme also allows you to insert passwords in your talks.
  • Additionally, if you would want to be able to access all discussions in the programme, you can use a master password.
    Your choice!
  • And if you feel that the password you’ve set is no longer safe, just change it to a better one to stop anyone from accessing your personal data.
  • There are alternatives to directly block someone who frequently calls at inconvenient or erratic hours. You will have much more privacy and comfort because only selected contacts won’t be able to contact you when blocking is in effect!
  • It’s quite conceivable for no one to contact you if that’s what you really desire.
  • Simply block the call to all of your GBWhatsapp contacts, and unless you decide otherwise, no one will be able to reach you.
  • Did you enjoy a phrase or statement in a friend’s or relative’s status that was posted to your contact list?
  • Playing it on your GBWhatsapp is also quite easy.
  • Many individuals find the WhatsApp character restriction to be annoying. However, you may input up to 250 characters when using the GB version.
  • If it’s more convenient, you may conceal the call icon, which will prevent your contacts from even being able to call you, thereby eliminating the opportunity.
  • Whenever you wish, you may customise your widgets using GBWhatsapp.
  • It has the benefit of allowing you to see incoming material without having to download it to your device.
  • This helps to free up a sizable quantity of memory on your smartphone.
  • Do you have a fantastic GIF you would want to post on WhatsApp but are unable to do so since the app does not support that format? You have this choice with GBWhatsApp. Flash-formatted selfies are also supported.
  • Can’t read your text messages because of vision issues?
  • Don’t worry, you may adjust the letter size and position so that it’s best for the condition of your eyes.
  • The camera icon may also be hidden to prevent it from showing up in chat windows.
  • When all of your preferences and settings are ideal, you can save, share, or even erase them whenever you choose.
  • With GBWhatsapp, you are never constrained by the decisions made by the initial application and are always in control.
  • By no means are these the only updates that GBWhatsapp provides its users with. Many more exist, including the one that enables you to stop someone from deleting a message. Isn’t there a lot of wonderful things there?
  • Now that you are aware of the majority of MOD GBWhatsapp’s benefits, it is crucial to keep in mind that this extension is not officially approved by WhatsApp. Additionally, even though, unlike other extensions, the official version of WhatsApp has not yet banned it, this could still occur in the future. Be completely conscious of this truth.
  • There is now no risk associated with GBWhatsapp, and thousands of users all around the world are downloading and using its capabilities.
  • GB is still working to make new advancements in privacy and customisation. The upcoming versions, which still don’t have a fixed release date, might include even more functionality.
  • Are we going to discover how to download the popular WhatsApp in GB?


As a safety measure, create a backup of your WhatsApp data first. After that, remove it from your phone and begin downloading GBWhatsapp’s most recent version. You can only do this if you have a File APK (file manager) set up on your smartphone. A file manager may be found under the Ziggi downloads area (APK file).
Once everything is prepared, you will just need to take a few more steps to access all of the most recent GB features and functions, boosting your options and enhancing how you use the programme on your smartphone.


It is vital to note that GBWhatsapp is a MOD created by the community with the goal of giving the user extra tools before installing the programme. Consequently, your smartphone needs your permission to install it. Actually, it couldn’t be easier; simply navigate to Security and enable “installation from unknown sources.” (Click Here to get the apk)
Then, start installing the software by going to the downloads folder on your smartphone. Simply accept the GBWhatsapp update on WhatsApp to get started. Everything is incredibly easy and doesn’t require any additional work.

The next step will be to click on “Agree and continue”, it is important that you do not click on “restore”, as this is not possible. So worth mentioning: click agree and continue.

You must then confirm your phone number. By entering DDD and your mobile number, then selecting “Next.” As a result, the “connection” page will show up on the screen, where you may enter a code to continue installing GBWhatsapp.

To see if the SMS message with the code has already arrived, check your cell phone. Return to the installation tab when this has occurred and input the numbers. Once finished, select “Verify”. Before beginning the entire procedure, you can backup your WhatsApp messages, but there is no assurance that you will be able to. When we finally installed the programme, it didn’t matter that we tried to accomplish that and were unsuccessful.

A new window will appear where you must type your name or the nickname you like to go by after verification, which may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection and processing speed.

Simply click the next button after selecting your name and the emojis that will appear on your GBWhatsapp public profile to bring up the next screen:

Voila! You have now successfully installed GBWhatsapp. After that, you may change the themes on your GBWhatsapp as you choose by selecting new ones. Examine the application’s various features by browsing it.


Simply follow the steps listed below to see how easy it is to do:

Click “More options” after clicking the three dots.

Select “Download Themes” after clicking “More Settings,” and a menu of options will appear on the screen. Now, you have the honourable task of selecting your preferred theme. Choose “Apply” after deciding which theme is the most amazing to use on your smartphone.

As you can see, a popup displaying the new theme’s loading progress for your GBWhatsapp will emerge.

Finally, just choose to restart the application, at which point you may start using the new theme you just bought!

You can customize and change the colors of the new theme. You can change themes whenever you want, downloading whatever fits your needs and customizing it however you want.

After utilising GBWhatsapp and all of its incredible features, your approach to using WhatsApp will never be the same! The programme has so many features that describing them all would take up a whole book. The good news is that GBWhatsapp is extremely user-friendly, and as you use it, you’ll unavoidably find additional features in a surprise way.

For individuals who value privacy and like to personalise WhatsApp, the app is ideal. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive MOD for the well-known smartphone chat software. It is important to note that you may create a backup of your phone’s data and your chats before downloading it, and doing so is highly advised.

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