5 Best Apps To Help Fight Covid-19 Second Wave In India

September 16, 2023 (7 months ago)

Many Indians feel powerless as the country presently experiences the second and even bigger COVID-19 wave. In this wave, a lot of individuals are seeking for information on hospitals, vaccines, oxygen concentrators, and other COVID-19-related topics. People in need utilise social media platforms and other resource finding applications to gather all these resources in one location.

They are receiving assistance from the social networking site and app for finding resources during these trying times. Let’s examine the top 5 mobile applications you need to download to combat the COVID-19 second wave in India.

Top 5 Apps For The Covid-19 Second Wave

You should download the top 5 applications listed below to your cellphones in order to find any necessary resources, such as hospitals, immunisation clinics, and much more.


Cowin is the #1 app on the list of the top 5 applications. The Indian government has launched the app Cowin, which is among the top 5 applications list. The portal enables users to register for COVID-19 vaccine slots and get their vaccination. Additionally, this software aids users in scheduling their immunisation appointment. Users may also keep track of their immunisation regimen using it. Within this app, users may also save their immunisation records.


Let’s say you’re seeking to reserve a spot for a vaccine for a family member or yourself. You would have been well aware of how hard it is to reserve a spot. This occurs because the majority of these openings are usually already taken. But sometimes, fresh spots are made available. But to maintain tabs on them, one must be online constantly. PayTM has an alternative to make this simple. A tool created by the well-known app PayTM connects to the Cowin portal on a regular basis. After that, the app tells users of any openings nearby.


Twitter has recently risen to the top of the list of resource discovery apps. Twitter is being used by people to address the shortage of resources. Twitter users are assisting those in need in quickly locating supplies. In addition to all of this, Twitter also gives individuals updates unique to their state. The social networking site has taken all necessary measures to prevent bogus reports about this epidemic from spreading. The business also tries to make sure that consumers get all necessary and correct information.

Aarogya Setu

The Indian government’s Aarogya Setu app is one of the top 5 applications. This programme functions as a contact-tracking tool for Covid.

The software enables users to evaluate their own symptoms. Users of the software may also track contacts to determine if they are safe or not. The software also alerts users to any nearby infectious areas or containment zones of any other type. Additionally, this app offers current details on the epidemic. Users may use this app to schedule their own vaccinations. The Cowin app and this one operate together. It also offers additional crucial rules for user security. This app also has a button for sharing information with the government, a fast call for the COVID-19 hotline, a function for arranging a vaccination appointment, and many other features.

Public App

Public App is the next app in the top 5 list. Politicians, government officials, medical experts, and others primarily utilise the Public App to disseminate factual information across the COVID-Care centres. This confirmed data may be relevant to hospitals, shots, medical equipment, lockdown procedures, the supply of basic necessities, and much more.


In difficult circumstances, these top 5 apps might be vital in a person’s life who is in need. We advise you to keep these applications updated on your cellphones since they may be useful in difficult situations. Additionally, you’ll be kept up to speed on information on the Corona Virus, vaccines, available dates, etc. Share the applications with your loved ones so they can track along with you.

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