List of the Top 15 Android Custom ROMs in 2023

August 10, 2023 (8 months ago)

Android is an open-source programme that allows users to freely utilise its resources. Custom ROMs for Android are one of the most useful features available today. It enables users to test and experiment with other operating systems on their Android-based smartphone or tablet.

Since the beginning of the Android era, many developers have taken the initiative to port custom ROMs for Android smartphones and tablets that used to run slowly or didn’t receive further upgrades from the manufacturers.

There are several modified ROMs for Android with various functionalities. Some are optimised for performance, while others are jam-packed with modifications. However, all custom ROMs serve the same purpose: to provide the device with the most recent Android security patches and updates.

The Top 15 Android Custom ROMs for 2023

1. LineageOS

Free open-source operating system for Android-based devices called LineageOS is available. Its previous moniker, CyanogenMod, was changed on December 2016. Due to its lightweight construction, the custom ROM is often used as the foundation for other custom ROMs. Since there are fewer applications in LineageOS than in other Android operating systems, it runs more smoothly and quickly. Github Official Website

2. Pixel Experience

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP)-based ROM Pixel Experience comes with all the Pixel extras, including the wallpapers, icons, launcher, boot animation, and ringtones. Due to its simplicity and required tweaks, the ROM offers greater battery life and performance than Stock UI. The Pixel Team strives to provide the highest level of security and stability together with the most beneficial features for the optimal operation of the device.Github  Official Website

3. cRDroid Android

The crDroid Android custom ROM is intended to provide stock Android’s functionality and stability while also offering additional customization possibilities. The ROM is designed to be simple and lightweight for all Android devices. Under the hood, there are more than 40 customization options combined with excellent security features. Github Official Website

4. Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix, often known as RR OS, was created to improve the Android Experience. Resurrection Remix OS’s features were carefully chosen by the programmers and artfully arranged in a single operating system. Personalization, fast advanced settings, unique gesture controls, interface changes, and much more all have a tonne of choices. Github Official Website

5. HavocOS

HavocOS is an AOSP-based operating system that was largely influenced by the Google Pixel smartphone and its features. The developers have merged several Pixel Experience features as well as elements from other projects. You will see a material design with customizable fast settings, navigation bar choices, and so on. Github Official Website

6. DerpFest

One of the most recent additions to the custom ROM family, where the developers are collaborating to create a polished custom ROM that incorporates the greatest features and benefits the community in the long term via its unique contributions and features incorporated.

DerpFest began as a temporary project built on AOSiP for the Oneplus 5T running Android Pie 9.0. The developers were inspired and took the effort to support other devices. They now have a thriving community where developers and users collaborate for the ROM’s development. Github Official Website

7. AOSiP

AOSIP, as the name implies, is a smooth and high-quality custom ROM based only on the Android Open Source Project. The ROM is jam-packed with twisted and cutting-edge features that merge seamlessly with the firmware’s reliability. The developers strive for excellence in the ROM since it represents their effort. This is one of those custom ROMs for Android smartphone users who seek a completely stock Android experience with some customizations and adjustments out of the box. Github Official Website

8. AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project that includes many newly added features from different other projects. Its goal is to provide helpful modifications while maintaining complete stability. AOSP Extended was launched with the introduction of Android 8.0 Oreo and has progressed to Android 10 development, with a large user and developer community. Github Official Website

9. MSM-Xtended

MSM Xtended custom ROM is designed for the new age of Android, with the developers doing their best to include all of the newest features, settings, and stability for the greatest user experience. Some of the primary features of this ROM include official Android source codes and security upgrades, over-the-air alerts for any new OS version release, battery optimisation, and much more. Github Official Website

10. Evolution X

If you like Google Pixel or the Pixel Experience ROM, this custom ROM will suit and satisfy all of your needs. The Evolution X boasts a Pixel user interface and comes with the most recent Android 10 upgrades and Pixel Experience features. It also features Pixel delights like alerts, ringtones, boot animation, fonts, backgrounds, and so on. Github Official Website

11. Paranoid Android

AOSPA, also known as Paranoid Android, is one of the earliest custom ROMs for Android that strives to expand the system, giving the user with the most attractive Android by upgrading the user interface and adhering to the same design concepts that Google intends for AOSP-based ROMs.

On-the-spot controls, Pocket mode, Extended restart, Gestures, Navigation bar customisation, Screen stabilisation (Gimbal mode), Adaptive playback, Pop-Up camera compatibility, and many more new features have been added to Paranoid Android. Github Official Website

12. Pacman

The Pac-man custom ROM is built on Cyanogen (Lineage) + AOKP + Paranoid Android and has a specialised user interface with Pac-man themes, ringtones, boot animation, lock screen wallpapers, and other features. The ROM is lightweight and takes up little space. It also starts up quicker and consumes less resources, resulting in more battery backup. Github Official Website

13. Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM is based on AOSP and supports more than 15 Android handsets. The creators’ primary goal is to make the ROM as basic as possible. All of the features are up to date, and the Bootleggers team has hand-picked several applications and features that will give you the feeling of using a Swiss knife Bootleggers ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android, with a factory of features, switches, and menus that get the job done in the blink of an eye. Github Official Website

14. Arrow OS

The Arrow OS project was founded on AOSP with the goal of keeping the whole operating system clean, tidy, and easy for everyday use. Arrow OS’s developers concentrate on the most important features for a moderate user’s daily use. A nice custom ROM for everyday use that provides smooth performance while extending battery life. Github Official Website

15. Bliss ROMS

Bliss ROMS aims on giving the highest quality Android operating system that can operate on the majority of devices. It also intends to preserve customizations and features via cross-synchronizing with other platforms. This ROM’s community has a good influence on the developers, which leads to greater results. The efforts of both developers and users make this ROM ideal for daily usage. Github Official Website


Is flashing a custom ROM safe?
It is safe to use a custom ROM. However, we recommend that everyone obtain the firmware from reputable sources.

Is root required to flash a ROM?
To flash a ROM, you do not need to be rooted.

Can flashing ROMs harm your phone?
Nope, it doesn’t. Flashing the ROM firmware/package, on the other hand, may result in a boot loop.

How do you flash the ROM of a phone?
To flash a custom ROM, you’ll need a custom recovery.

Is it true that flashing a ROM erases everything?
Most of the time, it does since it needs you to erase the internal storage. Always bring a backup.

What does it mean to flash ROM?
Flashing a custom ROM implies deleting the stock ROM given by the device’s manufacturer.

Should I install a custom ROM?
Installing a custom ROM is entirely up to the person. We recommend installing it if official update support has been discontinued or your current stock ROM is sluggish.

What happens if you flash your smartphone?
When you flash your phone with a custom ROM, the existing ROM, as well as the data, system, dalvik, cache, and so on, is deleted.

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