Download AeroInsta (Instagram Mod) APK Latest Version 2023

July 21, 2023 (10 months ago)

The Instagram app has been changed to become Aero Insta. It boasts millions of active users and is the trendiest social media picture and video sharing app available today. Every day, hundreds of thousands of users submit their favourite photos and remark on anything their friends post in their streams. Not only can you connect with your pals there, but you can also network online with millions of individuals all over the globe.

The Aero Insta APK download link is provided below, but before doing so, you should be familiar with the features and operating instructions for the modified Instagram programme for Android. Similar to Instagram Plus, which includes more sophisticated functionality and privacy/security tabs, is Aero Insta.

Directly download the free extreme mods for Aero Insta 2020 Edition. Please carefully install them after carefully reading the directions. On the same device, you may download Instagram GB, Instagram Xtreme, this version, and Official Instagram. One Android smartphone has two versions of modified Insta Aero apps installed side by side. On the same device, both applications operate seamlessly together and share the same capabilities.

So don’t waste any more time and download Aero Insta using the link given above. Then, follow the installation instructions to avoid making any mistakes.

Install the Aero Insta app on your smartphone after downloading it, and then use the login information to access your account. Keep in mind that the Aero Insta app does not permit Facebook logins due to security concerns.

Describe Aero Insta

Users may download pictures and videos using Aero Insta, a customised version of the Instagram programme, and keep them on their devices. The programme also assists users in maintaining the utmost level of privacy by turning off features like “message read,” “stories viewed,” “hide typing information,” and many more. The ability to download the tales is one of this modified app’s best features.

Exotic Aero Insta Features

Get Rid Of Liked Posts

The Ability To Hide Posts You’Ve Already Liked.

Obtain Everything

The Option To Download All Posts, Videos From Igtv, Reels, And Stories With A Single Click.


The Capacity To Write, Read, And Conceal Messages As Well As Tales.

Does Follow You?

The Capability Of Viewing A User’S Profile To See Whether Or Not They Are Following You.

Turn Off Analytics

The Option To Stop Instagram From Gathering Information About Your Account.

Modify The Sound

The Ability To Start Stories And Posts With Audio Automatically Without Touching The Screen.

More Aero Insta Features

  • Remove favourite posts – The option to conceal the posts you have previously liked.
  • Video autoplay – You may choose to allow or disable video autoplay.
  • Always first media – Ability to always display the first media in postings that have multiple media.
  • Double-tap to like – Double-taping may be used to activate or disable likes.
  • Download posts with a triple tap – Triple-tap any post to download it. By tapping any post three times, you may save the picture to your smartphone.
  • Long touch to zoom – View any post with photo content in full-screen mode. When viewing the full-screen posts, you can use finger gestures to zoom in and out as much as you like.
  • Don’t crop stories – Stories may be shared without being cropped to fit the width of the screen if you want to not crop them.
  • Remove black borders from tales – Capability of doing so.
  • Disable tales’ auto-skipping – The option to stop the stories from automatically skipping.
  • In-App Browser – With the in-app browser feature, you can direct links you click on Instagram to launch outside of the app, in browsers that are already on your device.
  • Swipe to navigate – You may activate or disable the ability to swipe from left to right to launch the camera or from left to right to launch DM.
  • Full-quality images – Option to stop Instagram from reducing images.
  • Follows you or Not Follows You – You may check a user’s profile to see whether they are following you or not to see if they are not.
  • Hide ADS – Ads are hidden in articles and your feed when you choose to “Hide ADS.”


How To Install The Insta Aero App

(Un-clone) AeroInsta Package 1

(Clone) AeroInsta Package 2

NOTE: You may use Official Instagram or AeroInsta Package 1 from the Google Play Store in addition to AeroInsta Package 2.

Questions and Answers

Do you plan to ban my Instagram account?

A. Aero Insta won’t damage your Instagram account.

Do you store my data on Aero Insta?

A. No. Aero has no storage. You must, however, abide with Instagram’s privacy policies.

Does Aero Insta need payment from me?

A. No. Aero is completely free to use.

Can I use Facebook to sign in to Aero Insta?

A. No. Facebook login is not available due to security concerns.

Where can I get Aero Insta updates?

A. To obtain the most recent information as soon as it’s available, bookmark this page or join our Telegram group.


The user’s security is maintained and Aero Insta offers a variety of functions, making it unique in its field. Hazar customised the software and also published AeroWhatsApp, a customised version of WhatsApp. Although you can install InstaAero alongside the official Instagram app, we advise installing the standard version to prevent getting blocked. Aero Instagram

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