How To Activate Banned WhatsApp Number

July 9, 2023 (9 months ago)


If you have ever used a version of WhatsApp Plus, you are most likely have experienced your WhatsApp number getting banned, and that is because the company of the official WhatsApp doesn’t allow other modified versions of WhatsApp, here we will tell you how to activate banned WhatsApp number in any copy of WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsapp Ban My Number Solution

Nowadays, many users face an issue when logging in to WhatsApp or any copy of WhatsApp Plus. When you try to log in, you do not receive the activation code message even when you click on send the code again, the app tells you that you must wait an hour later to get the activation code, and you do not receive the activation code later.

WhatsApp company blocked WhatsApp from several countries. To solve this problem, you have to download the VPN app from the Google Play Store, change the country, and then sign in again and you will get the activation code.

How To Know You Are Banned Temporarily In Whatsapp Plus?

If you get banned you might think you are banned permanently from using WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, but don’t worry as long as the ban message shows the banning time, that means you are banned temporarily, but keep in mind that the ban could continue more than the time shown in the message.

How Can I Activate My Banned Whatsapp Number?

Here we will give you three ways you can use them to activate your banned WhatsApp number, the three of them have been used by us and they work completely fine.

1. Update Whatsapp Plus Version

First you need to back up your chats and media, then delete the version of WhatsApp Plus you have on your phone, now go download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus that you use, whether it is Golden WhatsApp, or GBWhatsApp, or any other copy of WhatsApp Plus.

2. Download Official Whatsapp

If the ban still continues, then this brings us to this solution, you need to delete all copies of WhatsApp Plus from your phone – but don’t forget to backup your chats! – here we are talking if the ban was for days, then you should use this solution, download the original version of WhatsApp and use it for more than 24 hours.

3. Contact Whatsapp Technical Support

We use this solution if none of the other two ones worked, so if you are still banned on WhatsApp Plus and Official WhatsApp, you need to contact the technical support of WhatsApp, you can send them an e-mail to this address: [email protected], send them the following message:

Dear Sir/Madam,
Deactivating my Whatsapp account without any prior warning is not acceptable at all. I have been using the Whatsapp service for a while now in a proper manner, without sending any spam messages nor any unsolicited and inappropriate messages, and with that said you have managed to delete my account without prior notice. Kindly take my case into consideration and get me an exception from the Top Management.
my phone number is : ***********

Replace the starts with your phone number.

  • You will receive an automated reply from the Tech Support, reply to hem with the following message:
  • I didn’t find answer for my question please redirect me to human.
  • After that they will contact you and solve your problem.

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