5 New WhatsApp Features Coming in Upcoming Updates

December 23, 2023 (4 months ago)

In the next November upgrades, WhatsApp is trying to include new features. The WhatsApp beta readily has these functionalities. The most recent upgrades are available for download and usage on mobile devices. Popular features include Whatsapp communities, document sharing up to 2 GB each time, camera mode change, and media file forwarding with subtitles. The fundamental functionality that future versions to WhatsApp will include are chat polls. I’m referring to the fact that certain features are still in development and hence not accessible to the general public; instead, only WhatsApp beta users (a select few fortunate people) may use and test these features. If your app doesn’t have these functionalities, don’t be concerned.


Greetings and a warm welcome to everyone at ButterflyAPK, my beloved friends. What’s up? I wish for the health and prosperity of your family as well as your own. Dear Friends, I’d like to take this occasion to talk to you today about the subject of new future features in WhatsApp for the Android beta programme. Dear Friends, I want to let you know that we will do our best to provide you with all the information on all these features that we have gathered over the course of the last day and to verify all of them using some of our sources. It has features that I personally use, thus it is entirely fact-based. Atala Read it carefully, and if you can, share it with your friends afterward. Without further ado, let’s begin our detailed discussion of today’s subject, my friends.


200 As I promised previously in this piece, I’ll tell you that WhatsApp just added certain features that are both useful and welcome. Dear Friends, as a result, I would like to inform you that WhatsApp does not currently have all of these functions. This indicates that WhatsApp will likely add all of these features in the near future, so if you do not find this to be natural, please let me know. Wait for it to be included to WhatsApp soon; you don’t need to worry about it. They are therefore undergoing development. I’m unsure of the exact date when it will be made available to everyone. However, I use it on the WhatsApp Beta.There have been a few updates to WhatsApp, some of which are about introducing features that we will go into more depth about.


WhatsApp has the capability to add captions to forwarded images and videos. The feature was discovered in development in version of the application, and is currently only available for testing. Currently, forwarded messages are sent without any In comments; all you need to do is choose the recipient and send the message. The change in construction will add one more step to the process, allowing you to a.

WhatsApp now offers the option to send audiovisual files with subtitles. The sending part of WhatsApp has undergone change. where a brand-new fording arrangement has been developed. It belongs on the higher level. According to WhatsApp, whenever a user forwards and shares a media file with a friend, the receiver will also get a text message that is put in the caption that is attached to the media file. Speaking of HP, I personally use this function in WhatsApp, so it is helpful below and will be included in updates in the future. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to share any media file you have stored that has text or other information in its description or underneath it to your friends so they may email it immediately. can. Captions for documents may likewise be supplied in a similar manner.

In order to pick the receiver of the forwarded message, WhatsApp will simply add a text box at the bottom of the screen. It should be noted that broadcasts may still be transmitted without captions by just clicking “Reject.” the text field without a caption to send.

The source claims that all forms of media, including movies, GIFs, documents, and comments, would be supported by the capability. By default, messages may only be sent to one conversation at a time.


In its most recent upgrades, WhatsApp launched a new feature simply referred to as Community. With the help of this function, users may make their community larger than just a small group of individuals. The new WhatsApp ‘Communities’ feature has been introduced, and it includes features like polls, aggregating 1000+ groups and communities in one location, and more. With WhatsApp’s new “Communities” function, you may bring together a variety of groups under one roof. Additionally, several new features have been made available to users, including polls in the chat and groups of 1024 participants.

A new feature named “Communities” was just added to WhatsApp, the most widely used instant messaging service in the world. In essence, the app’s functionality that was found in the Android beta version facilitated group gatherings. There has been an update to this feature recently. WhatsApp said that the Communities feature is now accessible to all users in an official announcement. Communities will be able to exist on WhatsApp as a result, giving users a more organised experience. Because of this new functionality, related groups that have already been formed will be grouped together.

All groups within the community will be accessible to users with ease. Additionally, the Communities function allows for the creation of ad groups. Administrators of the group may then immediately alert members of the group whenever a significant event takes place. The WhatsApp Communities feature appears as seen above, and it has really been available for some time. With today’s news, it is established. The community features will be available to all users when the distribution process is complete, the business claims.

Not all of WhatsApp’s announcement relates to the communities feature. Now, users may establish WhatsApp groups with up to 1024 members. Additionally, a polling feature in the chat and a video conference capability that accommodates 32 persons have been included. Users will therefore be able to create polls in WhatsApp groups or in their conversations and take part in video calls attended by 32 individuals.


Open WhatsApp and choose New community under More choices.
Name, description, and profile picture of the community should be entered.
To add to an existing group or start a new one, tap the green arrow symbol.
When you’re done adding groups to your community, hit the green check mark symbol to confirm your selections.


A new function that lets users transfer any kind of document up to 2 GB in size was introduced to WhatsApp a few weeks ago. Prior to the implementation of this capability, WhatsApp allowed the sending of files up to 100 MB in size. However, this function has been expanded as WhatsApp updates its new ones. In their groups or private conversations, WhatsApp users may now exchange files up to 2GB in size.

Any user may now download and use the standard WhatsApp app by installing it on their device. At the same time, WhatsApp released a new feature that allows users to estimate how much of a file would be shared and how long it will take for it to be transferred altogether.


We are aware that the WhatsApp development team continues to work every day to offer new features. A newly added feature that is currently in development was introduced by WhatsApp itself, indicating that the function would soon be made available to the general public. Users will be able to choose the camera or video recording option and vice versa thanks to WhatsApp’s revamp of the camera page.

You may record videos without this function by pressing and holding the white circular button while recording a picture. However, users will now be able to choose alternatives similar to a standard camera switching mode. Additionally, users will be able to double-tap to swap between the front and back cameras.

The ability to switch between the camera’s image mode and its video recording capability is being developed. According to the most read blog, wabetainfo, this functionality has already been released. In the last week’s upgrades, WhatsApp added the ability to publish audio notes as WhatsApp status.


Users may construct single- or multiple-choice poll questions using the polling function for their meetings. Additionally, you may make sophisticated polls that let you include match, rank order, short answer, and long answer questions.

WhatsApp has implemented chat polls for groups. Group administrators will be able to use this functionality to submit polls in the group section. According to WhatsApp, members of a family group will be able to vote on the location and restaurant they wish to go to for dinner. This poll accepts votes from other members. By offering respondents limited choices, polls are particularly useful for determining party members’ preferences. The choice that receives the most votes is declared the winner.


Publish polls on WhatsApp and create them.
According to me, if a group of friends has watched the film together and I want to know what they thought, I should ask them individually or text them. However, if more friends are added to a WhatsApp group, I will definitely choose the “Poll” option. In the group, I will set up two alternatives or the necessary number of possibilities. My buddies will then show up to read the choices and cast their votes.

Not everyone is given access to this functionality. The functionality will be tested by a select group of the beta participants. Therefore, if you don’t see this function on WhatsApp, don’t panic. This feature is not yet available to the general public since it is still being developed.

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