5 Android Apps That Have Been Deleted From The Google Play Store Yet Are Still Accessible

July 30, 2022 (2 years ago)

5 Android Apps That Have Been Removed From The Google Play Store But Are Still Available – You will be given a list of the top 5 applications that have been removed from the Google Play Store but are still available for usage on Android and iOS devices. This page contains direct download links for the apps listed below. I’ll also explain why Google Play and App Store delete these apps, so there should be no more uncertainty among all users about these issues.



May Allah Almighty’s peace, kindness, and blessings be upon you – I am delighted to have you here on my website ButterflyAPK; as our users are aware, we constantly strive to offer our undivided attention to providing relevant material to our readers for free. Today, I’ll show you the top 5 applications that have been deleted from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store but are still available for download. TubeMate, AdAway Apk, Lucky Patcher, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Sarah App for anonymous online dating are among these programmes, and you can acquire them all from our website. I will attempt to explain how the applications function and, eventually, I will explain why these apps were deleted from the store.


Tubemate Apk – is an application that you can use as an alternative to the YouTube app. Tubemate can be used for both Android and iPhone. You won’t get any original download link from Google Play Store to install the Tubemate application that’s why I would like to tell you a little further in detail.

Initially, the Tubemate application was posted on the Play Store and was well received by users; this application was mostly used by people who wanted to download videos from YouTube; however, since YouTube allows you to save videos in the gallery but does not support file downloads, the demand for the Tube Mate application has increased even more. When customers stopped accessing YouTube, Google realised that this programme was in violation of their rules, therefore they issued a penalty and withdrew the Tubemate app from the Play Store. You will not be able to install it through the shop. Many more apps have appeared under the name of tube mate that are completely false, i.e. they are utilising the name of tube mate but tubemate is not functioning.

If I were to explain how Tubemate works, I would say that it is a browser programme. For example, UC Browser and Chrome Browser. You may easily access the YouTube website using Tubemate and download any other link’s video to your gallery or cell phone’s internal storage. You may also use this downloaded movie in any other operating system without issue. Tubemate may be used as an alternative to Vidmate App.


If I told you that the major reason for withdrawing the Tubemate programme from the Google Play store was that it violated Google rules (you may watch but not download your films). You may watch the videos on YouTube, but you cannot download and save them to your phone or computer according to Google’s restriction. However, Tubemate violated Google’s most important guideline, and as a result, Google withdrew the Tubemate app as a punishment. Apart from this explanation, there might be others, but according to my study, this was the primary reason for the Tubemate app’s removal.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader (Pro Unlocked) 3.4.9 MOD APK


AdAway Apk – As the name suggests, the programme is meant to remove annoying advertisements. This software is accessible over the internet as well as the Google Play Store. AdAway is a software that allows you to block all adverts on your smartphone, including in-app ads, in-browser ads, and any ads that will run on your phone. AdAway functions similarly to the “Ad Blocker” feature included in the Chrome browser. Here’s an updated version of Chrome adverts Blocker that allows you to eliminate adverts on your smartphone.

AdAway (Root/non Root) (Premium Unlocked) 6.0.3 MOD APK

You may enjoy your web browsing even more if you use the AdAway software without viewing advertisements. It will be extremely beneficial to your YouTube experience. I mean, if you are a student and you are viewing a lecture or lesson update, you can simply enable the Adsaway app and start watching it if you have a limited budget or internet bandwidth. There will be no internal advertisements.

On March 14, 2013, AdAway Apk was withdrawn from the Google Play Store due to a breach of Google’s partnership programme. Google offers a lot of information for free and without collecting any fees. Google stores and gives millions of search results based on information accessible on thousands of websites that are sent to users in seconds. To serve the visitors, Google runs advertisements to compensate the content authors via the advertising campaign.


Lucky Patcher is a software that allows you to unlock any premium application services and use them for free after installing them as apps on your Android phone. That is, you must pay to utilise such services in any application. All of these features may be purchased with Lucky Patcher. A variant or modified application is another name for it. Because this is a very unlawful practise, Lucky Patcher apps have been permanently deleted from the Google Play Store. Users unlock the locked levels of the games by utilising this programme, which after a lot of hard work is automatically supplied to them by the game developer for free, causing a lot of damage to the firms and as per Google’s policy. The app has been deleted from the Google Play Store.

Using the fortunate patcher software, you may access the premium features of any programme. You may also argue that you can use the fortunate patcher software for Android or iOS to tweak and unlock the application’s Pro features. Lucky patcher is an application that allows you to unlock and level up in any online or offline game accessible on your Android device. The lucky patcher app is available in two versions for copies: the pro version and the free version. With the free version, you may use restricted capabilities of lucky patcher, but with the premium version, you must subscribe to the subscription based on the app’s pricing rates. And with a premium membership, you’ll get a slew of other capabilities, which means you may use the fortunate patcher software indefinitely.


You may also learn how to use Lucky Patcher to unlock the application’s levels. Lucky patcher may also be used to delete or dismiss advertisements that appear within the programme while you are online. There are many programmes and games that require you to pay for premium and Pro features, but you should not be concerned if you have the lucky patcher software. Simply choose the app and start unlocking the features automatically with the lucky patcher premium membership. You may unlock asset tiers as well as the pro path of any app.

Lucky patcher is used to free up application restrictions as well as game assets and resources. It is also used to block “in-app ads,” including “pop-up ads” and other obnoxious advertisements. You may also unlock the shops if the software includes “in-app purchases” and use all of the assets. “KineMaster Pro” is the most typical example. You may eliminate (disable) all advertisements within the programme, and the shop is completely unlocked, allowing you to enjoy all sticker packs, templates, and maximum video resolution rendering.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a free online game accessible for both Android and iOS devices. In the Fortnite Battle Royale game, you may play in groups with your buddies. Fortnite Battle Royale is identical to the most popular online game today, PUBG MOBILE. You may claim that Fortnite Battle Royale is a competitor to “PUBG Mobiles,” “Call of Duty,” and “Free Fire.” In the battle royale game, 100 players parachute into a distant in-game island to equip themselves, then fight together to prove their survival at the end. This achievement demonstrates that they have the talents required to be the last guy standing on the island.

At the start of the Fortnite Battle Royale game, you may ask your friends to play with you remotely so that you can construct your own team, and this effort will assure you win more games. Fortnite Battle Royale Game for Android was formerly available on the Google Play Store. However, due to various Google policy infractions, they were deleted from the Google Play Store. Later, the Fortnite game is still available on the internet in addition to the Google Play Store. You may get Fortnite Battle Royale from our website. If you want to play Fortnite Battle Royale with high resolution and maximum graphic effects, consider downloading gfx tool.


The question you should ask is, “Why was Fortnite Battle Royale removed from the Google Play Store?” The explanation is that Google pulled the most popular game ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ from the Google Play Store owing to Epic Games introducing a new direction. The application has a payment system. Google alerts users and states that this function circumvents app store restrictions.


Sarahah Messages software is a free online conversation software that is accessible for both Android and iOS operating systems. You may speak with anyone in the globe anonymously. The programme provides an interface for chatting with strangers in the Sarah messaging app, and if you receive messages from unfamiliar persons, you may ban them immediately without any wait. However, ensure that the other person can likewise block you.

The goal of creating the “Sarahah Messages App” was to make it simple for employees to submit honest product feedback anonymously to purchasers or consumers without fear of being fired by the company’s employer.

Sarahah Messages App: Although it has been removed from the Google Play Store, you may still get Sarahah Messages App for free from the internet. If I told you why the Sarahah Messages app was deleted from the Google Play Store? The answer is: as previously said, you may send or receive messages anonymously without disclosing your genuine identify; one of the complaints filed against the Sarah Messages App was made by a mother called Katrina when she discovered insulting texts on her daughter’s phone from this app. And there is a greater possibility that users’ privacy will no longer be protected, hence Google is considering removing the app from the app store.


I’ve included five apps that have been deleted from the Google Play Store but are still available for Android and iOS download. These are the apps that were deleted due to breaches of Play Store policies. Before utilising this information, I urge that everybody who uses these applications read the user agreement. Otherwise, you must cease using these applications immediately; we will not be held liable for any harm. We cannot ensure your safety.

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