3 Cool Android Apps for Advanced Users

April 16, 2021 (3 years ago)

I’d like to inform everyone that today I’ll be telling you about three amazing applications and providing download links that you may use while listening to music on your mobile device utilising vlysed. With these apps, you may enhance and hopefully enjoy your music experience. The second app I’m going to tell you about or provide a download link for is one that you can use for. You will be able to eliminate the backdrop of any of your photographs artificially and increase the overall quality of your images. Third, the programme I’m about to tell you about is one that you’ll find incredibly handy at work; that is, you can use this application to view any movie on YouTube while you’re working. You will be able to listen as audio means you will be able to accomplish any task by playing the audio song in the background and your mobile phone screen will be entirely locked so that you can keep the mobile phone secure with the improper sort of touches.


Blak Screen APK enables you to watch movies with the screen turned off. Save battery by turning off the screen at any moment. With the screen turned off, Black Screen may be used to view music videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, take selfies, and so on.

This software allows you to lock any activity on your phone while the programme remains fully active in the background and performs its functions. When YouTube users listen to music before going to sleep at night, the light from the mobile phone screen causes irritation in their eyes, and some individuals avoid the mobile phone screen. Because of the advances in mobile screen technology, the lock screen now allows you to switch off your screen while watching any video on YouTube, with the video playing in the background. Stay, but the screen will go dark.

People who suffer from eye pain as a result of staring at a smartphone screen for an extended period of time use this programme. That is, music fans may listen to music from YouTube by running the programme Black Screen in the background. The benefits of this programme are that the entire screen will become black, indicating that the entire screen has been locked, and all of the processors working in the background of the mobile phone will complete their tasks one after the other.


By touching on the floating button, you may rapidly switch off the screen and unlock it.



  • Floating button for rapid screen lock
  • Battery saver for AMOLED and OLED displays
  • Play videos, listen to podcasts, record videos, and watch streams with the screen turned off.
  • Option for an always-on display
  • Customizable
  • Option in all black


Muviz Edge is the first software of its type, displaying a live music visualizer around the edges of your screen as you listen to music from your favourite music applications. Edge lighting is also available in our innovative Always on Display suite.

Today, we’ll go through the second application in depth, which is our biggest present to music fans. You may also download the Muviz Edge app from the Google Play Store for a free trial period. Muviz Edge, a Google Play Store application, has been downloaded by over one million people and has a rating of 4.6; according to user feedback and rating, this programme has 29.6 k reviews; you may download this application on your mobile phone. I or your smartphone can play live music visualizers on the edges of your phone and enable various forms of visualizers in your phone.

When you play any music on your phone, Muviz Edge arranges its visualizers in accordance with the bass of that song or music, which creates beautiful scenes on your mobile screen and helps you connect more with music. Muviz Edge application is typically installed by users using advanced features. This application asks for your permission to access the data on your phone and also asks for permission to use your phone’s microphone to sense the music beats.

There are a number of free templates available within the Muviz Edge programme. Aside from these free templates, you will need to acquire the premium edition of muviz edge to utilise a few others. There are a few free templates accessible inside this programme; those templates are only available with a paid membership, but you may use these templates with the application’s adverts.


Furthermore, utilising this software might boost your interest in music and make you enjoy your favourite songs more. As a result, we will also supply you with a mod unlocked file of the muviz edge app with premium capabilities via our website, in which all templates will be entirely unlocked for lifelong use. As long as you don’t upgrade this app! That is, if you upgrade Muviz Edge Mod Apk, all enabled subscriptions would be completely reverted.


  • Solar System Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Eclipse Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Flip Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Android 12 Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Text Clock AOD Screensaver
  • Nike Watch Face AOD Screensaver
  • Blinky Animation AOD Screensaver
  • Retro 8-bit Clock AOD Screensaver and more to come.
  • Customizable Design Packs

The software includes adaptable visualizer design packs tailored particularly for screen borders that may be customised to fit your preferences. Prepare to be surprised by new patterns as you travel!


The app allows you to customize the visualizer colors in many possible ways.

  • Select colors from a set of stock palettes.
  • Use colors from album cover / album art / cover art of the currently playing music.
  • Automatically apply colors from current album art.
  • Add your own custom color palette.
  • Save all eye catching color palettes into your palette collection.


  • Option to select music sources for visualization.
  • Option to dim the background and keep the screen ON when visualizer is active.
  • Option to hide visualizer over fullscreen apps. (while playing games and videos)
  • Option to select apps over which visualizer should be displayed.


Are you weary of spending hours attempting to remove backgrounds from your images using time-consuming and sophisticated techniques? AI Background Remover is the answer. Our cutting-edge AI technology allows you to rapidly and correctly eliminate backgrounds from your photographs, resulting in clean, professional-looking images.

When we take a photo with our phone or camera, we may see that there are certain scenes in the image that are superfluous when we take a picture of a person. There are elements in the picture that are useless and have no place in reality, thus we use background remover software to partially eliminate the unwanted backdrop in the photograph. Removes or blurs the picture so that the true object/image can be viewed clearly.

We utilise Adobe Photoshop on the computer, as well as other famous software such as PicsArt and PixelLab, although this approach is incredibly time consuming and involves the most difficult tasks to finish. That is, every labour must be done with one’s own hands, which is known as manual labour in English. Keeping this scenario in mind, we felt it would be quite beneficial to introduce this application to all of you, through which you will be able to save your valuable time and not have to put in much work. You will also be able to utilise your photos with the backdrop entirely eliminated.

In reality, by utilising this programme, you will discover the most practical and simple approach to accomplish any task in the present era of artificial intelligence technology. “Artificial intelligence is a technique that can completely remove objects in the background and improve the overall quality of your picture.”

This application “Ai background remover” has been downloaded by over 50 thousand people and has received a rating of more than 2.7 from 117 users on Google Play.

Because this programme is based on “artificial intelligence,” we cannot entirely trust the results we obtain from it. As a result, the Ai Background Remover App’s output results will never be completely correct.



First! Upload a photograph to our AI-powered software to automatically remove the backdrop, resulting in a transparent background, and then quickly photo edit your new picture using the following features:

  1. Background Removal with One Button
  2. Crop ratios include freeform, square, 4:3, 5:4, 7:5, and 16:9.
  3. Brush – use a smooth coloured brush to sketch over pictures.
  4. Text – Insert words and paragraphs on top of your images with alignment, colour slider, white black colour slider, and size adjustment options.
  5. Flip, left rotation, right rotation
  6. Blur, opacity, and radius are all options.
  7. Filters – based on your tastes and style, choose from over +30 high-quality filters and effects.
  8. Emojis -Customizable sized emojis to bring your newly upgraded photographs to life.
  9. Annotations – use your own signature to make and store meaningful annotations on your images.
  10. photographs -Manage photographs in real time by flipping or rotating them -Share your saved photographs on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.
  11. View in High Definition -Save images as new high definition quality photographs -Save images straight to your gallery from internal storage


This is the summary of our topic today in which we informed you about three lovely Android apps that you may install on your phone to improve your mobile experience even more. I also showed all of my USERS how they could modify their style by following the rhythms of the visualisation song on any of their audio music or videos by installing the app on their phones. All of these visualisations are of various varieties that spin around all of the edges of your mobile phone, changing their colours and style.

Following that, I explained “how to lock your mobile phone screen while watching any video on YouTube,” which implies whether you are watching anything on YouTube. When you enable Blank Screen, your screen will turn entirely off, and you may listen to it as an audio tune in the background, relieving your eyes of strain and agony while also conserving battery life.

And then, after thoroughly discussing these two programmes to you, I will tell you about a third application with which the background will not work in any of your photographs, that is, when the background is disabled. If the ground is not clear or if you want to alter the backdrop, you must do so manually, which takes time.

I’ve provided you with an artificial intelligence-based programme, so whenever you want, you may adopt or remove the image backdrop by just clicking a few buttons. Background remover for WhatsApp stickers” can be used.

I sincerely hope that the post I wrote today on the three most beautiful apps will be enjoyed by all of my friends. Please let me know if you need any assistance, have any problems, or both.

I’d like to state that I’ve received no compensation from these three applications. So I’m not forcing you to utilise these apps. I simply noted that the app store has three extremely stunning apps. You may use it if you like; otherwise, use it at your own risk; else, do not use it. As a result, I or my website will not be held liable for any inconvenience or harm caused by these posts, thank you.

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