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Update ANWhatsApp (10 Package) v37

  • {Improved} More Anti-ban protection.
  • {Fixed} Other fixes and improvements.
App Name ANWhatsApp (10 Package)
Publisher Anwaammar
Size 72MB
Latest Version v37
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MOD Info Extra Feature
OS Android / 4.4 and up
Installs 5,000,000,000+
Rating 6.0
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An official version of WhatsApp doesn’t contain many of the capabilities that users demand, thus WhatsApp Plus was created to provide such features. AN WhatsApp is one of the most well-known variants of WhatsApp Plus. You must read the entire post to learn more about AN WhatsApp. Moreover, you may learn about how to install this software on your phone.

As the original version of WhatsApp lacks many of the features that users need, WhatsApp Plus was created to provide those capabilities. By downloading the most recent version of AN WhatsApp, apk 2022, you can learn why it is so popular and why users prefer it to the official WhatsApp. You can pick and download whichever version of ANWhatsApp you choose from the ones we have provided here in this post, including AN WhatsApp +10 and AN WhatsApp +11.

As the official WhatsApp app lacks many of the features that users desire, WhatsApp Plus was created to provide those capabilities. By downloading the ANWhatsApp current version apk 2021, you can learn why this version of WhatsApp is so well-liked and why users prefer it to the official WhatsApp.

AN WhatsApp Apk

A WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. Developer Ammar has created 10 different versions of WhatsApp, which is novel in the world of WhatsApp. All versions have many extra features, including the ability to add your contacts, give you more privacy control, and allow you to install additional applications.

With many more capabilities than the original WhatsApp, it is one of the most widely used versions of WhatsApp Plus. There are ten versions of WhatsApp, and this one is the tenth. Every edition has a few extra features. Due to features like auto-reply, self-disappearing messages, reading deleted messages, and preventing message deletion, users choose to download ANWhatsApp APK.

What Are The Functions That A WhatsApp Provides?

The unauthorised programme ANWhatsApp was developed by Amar. This includes every action you do within the default WhatsApp chat client. Moreover, it includes extra functions that let you do more than simply text.

You can send unsaved text messages, keep your last seen ones disabled, copy and download your friends’ status updates, and the list continues on for more than a dozen options. You may utilise a tonne of more features by downloading the most recent version of ANWhatsApp APK.

The official WhatsApp does not include a message scheduling feature. To secure your current WhatsApp chats, send forward messages and use the lock WhatsApp mod. Get the most recent version of WhatsApp by downloading ANWhatsApp golden with your phone.

What Is AN WhatAApp ?

The developer Ammar released 10 different versions of ANWhatsApp, which is a new development in the WhatsApp Plus community. All of the versions have many extra features, including the ability to pin more than three chats and more privacy controls. The most well-known versions are: ANWhatsApp+2, ANWhatsApp+4, ANWhatsApp+10, and ANWhatsApp+11.

Latest Update Of ANWhatsApp

The developer Ammar updates all the versions all the time, the latest version V10 was updated, It is known that each copy after the update lasts for approximately 4 to 5 months, and after that a new update is out with new and distinctive additions. If you want to update Golden WhatsApp, Ammar Al-Awadi, download the required copy from the download buttons above.

To distinguish each version of ANWhatsApp from the icon; if it was “AN” this means it is the first version, and if it was +2 this means it is the second version, and so on.


  • The presence of group messaging for groups in a new and unique way.
  • Ability to hide a floating button in conversation with a new theme.
  • Cool floating button improvements from the main interface.
  • You can hide blue ticks and send messages with privacy features.
  • Also, hide double tick and recording status with the latest features.
  • You can choose to switch accounts and get many conversation screen options.
  • Change WhatsApp home screen effects and call screen.
  • Get golden themes same as in Golden WhatsApp.
  • Theme improvements like default themes (day and night).
  • Ability to add cases via a new and amazing interface, like Instagram style.
  • Colorful options for Instagram status appear.
  • There is a button to block the internet from WhatsApp and a plus icon will appear when it is activated.
  • The presence of new designs and widget styles for the models in the bottom bar.
  • Ability to move names gracefully and automatically when the name in the top bar is too long.
  • New and unique question design when the Night Mode option is enabled or the internet is turned off.
  • Hide online status and create backup chats.
  • Select the desired message and send scheduled messages with clear WhatsApp remnants.
  • The presence of additional objects in the acetate such as bubbles, lights, etc.
  • New additions to change program colors, chat screen, and interface with attractive shape.

ANWhatsApp, developed by Anwaammar, is set to revolutionize the way we communicate through instant messaging. With its unique features and enhanced privacy options, ANWhatsApp aims to provide users with a seamless and secure messaging experience. Let’s delve into the standout features of ANWhatsApp:

Create Polls In Groups:

Switch Between 5 Accounts:

ANWhatsApp allows users to seamlessly switch between up to 5 different accounts within the app. Whether you want to manage personal and professional accounts or simply have separate accounts for different purposes, ANWhatsApp makes it convenient to stay connected with multiple profiles.

Enhanced Privacy Features:

Privacy is a top priority for ANWhatsApp. With advanced privacy features, users have more control over their messaging experience. You can customize your privacy settings to control who can see your profile picture, status, last seen, and more. ANWhatsApp empowers you to communicate on your own terms.

AN Media Options:

ANWhatsApp offers an array of media options to enhance your messaging experience. You can send and receive high-quality photos, videos, and audio files with ease. The app supports a wide range of media formats, ensuring that your media sharing is seamless and efficient.

Chat Interface:

ANWhatsApp boasts a user-friendly and intuitive chat interface. With a clean and organized design, you can easily navigate through your conversations and stay connected with friends and family. The interface is optimized for smooth and effortless messaging, ensuring a delightful user experience.

Themes Store:

ANWhatsApp provides a diverse range of themes to personalize your messaging interface. With the Themes Store, you can choose from a wide selection of themes, allowing you to customize the look and feel of ANWhatsApp according to your preferences. Express your unique style and make your messaging experience truly your own.

Lock WhatsApp:

Privacy and security go hand in hand with ANWhatsApp’s “Lock WhatsApp” feature. You can add an extra layer of protection to your conversations by locking the app with a password, fingerprint, or PIN. This ensures that only authorized users can access your messages and safeguard your privacy.

ANWhatsApp is poised to become a game-changer in the messaging landscape. With its multi-account support, enhanced privacy features, media options, intuitive interface, themes store, and lock feature, ANWhatsApp offers a comprehensive and secure messaging platform.

Pros of ANWhatsApp:

  1. Unique Group Messaging: ANWhatsApp offers a new and unique way of group messaging, providing enhanced features and functionality for better communication within groups.
  2. Customizable Floating Button: With ANWhatsApp, users can hide a floating button in conversations and customize its appearance with a new theme, allowing for a personalized messaging experience.
  3. Improved Floating Button Interface: ANWhatsApp brings cool improvements to the main interface’s floating button, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.
  4. Enhanced Privacy Features: ANWhatsApp allows users to hide blue ticks, double ticks, and recording status, providing privacy options for message senders and recipients.
  5. Account Switching and Conversation Screen Options: Users have the flexibility to switch between accounts and access various conversation screen options, making it convenient to manage multiple conversations.
  6. Customizable Home Screen and Call Screen: ANWhatsApp offers the ability to change the WhatsApp home screen effects and call screen, allowing users to personalize their app interface.
  7. Golden Themes and Default Themes: Users can enjoy golden themes similar to Golden WhatsApp, as well as default themes (day and night), giving them a wide range of visual customization options.
  8. Instagram-Style Interface for Adding Cases: ANWhatsApp provides a new and amazing interface for adding cases, reminiscent of the popular Instagram app’s style, enhancing the visual appeal and user experience.
  9. Colorful Options for Instagram Status: Users can enjoy colorful options for their Instagram status, adding vibrancy and creativity to their profile.
  10. Internet Block Button: ANWhatsApp includes a button to block the internet from WhatsApp, ensuring users can easily disconnect from the online world when needed. The plus icon indicates the activation of this feature.
  11. New Designs and Widget Styles: ANWhatsApp introduces new designs and widget styles for the bottom bar, allowing users to customize the appearance of their app interface.
  12. Automatic Name Adjustment: When the name in the top bar is too long, ANWhatsApp gracefully and automatically moves the names, ensuring a visually pleasing and consistent user interface.
  13. Unique Design for Night Mode and Internet Off: ANWhatsApp offers a new and unique question design when Night Mode is enabled or when the internet is turned off, enhancing the overall aesthetic and user experience.
  14. Online Status Hiding and Chat Backup: ANWhatsApp provides the option to hide online status for privacy-conscious users, as well as the ability to create backup chats, ensuring important conversations are securely stored.
  15. Scheduled Messages and Clear Remnants: Users can select desired messages and send scheduled messages with ANWhatsApp, with the added benefit of clearing WhatsApp remnants, ensuring a clutter-free messaging experience.
  16. Additional Objects in Acetate: ANWhatsApp introduces additional objects such as bubbles, lights, and more in the acetate, adding visual interest and customization options for users.
  17. Customizable Program Colors and Chat Interface: ANWhatsApp allows users to change program colors, chat screen appearance, and overall interface with attractive shapes, enabling them to personalize the app to their liking.

Cons of ANWhatsApp:

  1. Compatibility and Stability: As ANWhatsApp introduces new features and modifications to the original WhatsApp, there may be compatibility issues with certain devices or operating systems, leading to potential stability issues or crashes.
  2. Security Risks: Modifying the original WhatsApp app or using third-party modified versions like ANWhatsApp can pose security risks, as they are not officially supported or endorsed by WhatsApp. There is a potential for data breaches or vulnerabilities in the modified app.
  3. Limited Official Support: Since ANWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, users may encounter difficulties in receiving official support from WhatsApp’s customer service or help center for any issues or inquiries related to ANWhatsApp.
  4. Reduced App Updates: Using ANWhatsApp may result in delays or limited access to official WhatsApp updates and new features, as the modified version may require additional time for developers to incorporate the updates.
  5. Loss of End-to-End Encryption: Modifying the original WhatsApp app can compromise the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp provides for secure messaging. ANWhatsApp may not offer the same level of security and privacy as the official app.
  6. Unofficial Source: ANWhatsApp is not available through official app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Users need to download the modified app from unofficial sources, which can introduce the risk of malware or other malicious software.
  7. Potential Account Suspension: Since ANWhatsApp is not an official version, there is a risk of account suspension or banning by WhatsApp if they detect the usage of modified apps. This can result in the loss of access to the WhatsApp platform.
  8. User Interface Consistency: ANWhatsApp’s extensive customization options and modifications may lead to inconsistencies in the user interface, especially when interacting with users who are using the official WhatsApp app.
  9. User Learning Curve: With the introduction of new features and modifications, users may need to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the unique functionalities and settings of ANWhatsApp, leading to a learning curve.
  10. Dependency on Developer Updates: Users relying on ANWhatsApp may need to depend on the developer’s updates for bug fixes, feature improvements, or compatibility updates. If the developer discontinues support, users may be left without updates or potential issues unresolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for ANWhatsApp:

What is ANWhatsApp?

ANWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers several unique features and customization options, enhancing the messaging experience for users.

Is ANWhatsApp safe to use?

Using modified versions of WhatsApp, including ANWhatsApp, comes with certain risks. It may compromise the security and privacy features provided by the official WhatsApp app. It’s important to exercise caution when using unofficial apps and consider the potential risks involved.

Where can I download ANWhatsApp?

ANWhatsApp can be downloaded from unofficial sources, such as the website However, it’s important to note that downloading apps from unofficial sources may pose a risk of malware or other malicious software. Proceed with caution.

Will my account be banned or suspended if I use ANWhatsApp?

Using modified versions of WhatsApp like ANWhatsApp goes against WhatsApp’s terms of service. While it’s not guaranteed, there is a risk that WhatsApp may suspend or ban your account if they detect the usage of modified apps.

Can I use ANWhatsApp alongside the official WhatsApp app?

ANWhatsApp is a separate application and can be used alongside the official WhatsApp app. However, it’s important to note that both apps may not sync data or conversations, and using multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously may require additional setup.

How do I hide the floating button in ANWhatsApp conversations?

In ANWhatsApp, you can hide the floating button in conversations by accessing the settings or customization options within the app. Look for the specific option related to hiding the floating button and follow the instructions provided.

Can I change the program colors and chat screen in ANWhatsApp?

Yes, ANWhatsApp offers the ability to change program colors, chat screen appearance, and interface with attractive shapes. Explore the customization options within the app to personalize your ANWhatsApp experience.

Are the golden themes in ANWhatsApp similar to Golden WhatsApp?

Yes, ANWhatsApp provides golden themes that are similar to those found in Golden WhatsApp. Users can enjoy a visually appealing interface with golden-themed elements.

Can I schedule messages and clear WhatsApp remnants in ANWhatsApp?

ANWhatsApp allows users to select desired messages and send scheduled messages. It also provides the option to clear WhatsApp remnants, ensuring a clutter-free messaging experience.

How do I hide my online status in ANWhatsApp?

ANWhatsApp offers the option to hide your online status for privacy. You can find this option within the privacy settings of the app and follow the instructions to enable it.

Does ANWhatsApp provide backup chat functionality?

Yes, ANWhatsApp allows users to create backup chats. This feature ensures that important conversations are securely stored, providing peace of mind.

Are there any additional objects in the acetate in ANWhatsApp?

Yes, ANWhatsApp introduces additional objects such as bubbles, lights, and more in the acetate. These objects add visual interest and customization options for users.

Downloading ANWhatsApp:

To download ANWhatsApp, visit the official website at The website provides a reliable and secure source for obtaining the latest version of ANWhatsApp. The application has a file size of approximately 64MB, ensuring a smooth download and installation process.

On the website, you will find a selection of ANWhatsApp versions, labeled ANWhatsApp+1, ANWhatsApp+2, ANWhatsApp+3, and so on. Choose the version that suits your preferences or requirements, and click on the respective download link. Follow the provided instructions to initiate the download process. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file on your device and proceed with the installation, granting the necessary permissions.


ANWhatsApp, developed by Anwaammar, offers users a unique messaging experience with its enhanced features and customization options. With the ability to personalize the interface, hide various ticks and status indicators, and enjoy additional functionalities, ANWhatsApp provides users with an enhanced WhatsApp experience. To download ANWhatsApp safely, visit the official website mentioned above and follow the provided instructions. Embrace the uniqueness of ANWhatsApp and elevate your messaging experience today.

ANWhatsApp 37.0

  • Reverse messages - fake chat
  • Ghost mode
  • More than 300 ready cases in Al-Khobar
  • Automatic virus encryption
  • Add the option to end groups with a click if you are a moderator
  • Add the option to upload status viewing
  • Convert audio into audio note
  • Change the appearance of the add-ons and features interface
  • Burning copies with a call
  • Blow up the text in the conversation
  • Identify any part of the message
  • Not receiving messages and media
  • [New] Activate the 'one-time display' option for voice messages.
  • [New] Activate message filtering. Swipe down on the home screen.
  • [New] Activate the person’s photo in groups.
  • [Fix] Unable to download when opening media once on some devices.
  • [Fix] A problem with the chat sending button and the audio recording button hanging on some devices.
  • [Fix] Crash problem in the option to write a status as an image.
  • [Fix] Crash problem when using reply on some fast devices.
  • The company's version has been improved.
  • Guarantees to ensure stability.
  • Read other malicious bug fixes.

ANWhatsApp 36.0

  • {Base Updated} — Play Store.
  • {Added} Custom Media Download control for each chat.
  • {Added} WhatsApp Old UI style (ANMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style).
  • {Added} See Message Edit History..
  • {Added} Antiban improvements .
  • {Enabled} Multiple Accounts on same devices.
  • {Enabled} About with expiry (24hr, 3days, 1 week) .
  • {Enabled} Adjust Group Permissions.
  • {Enabled} New Settings UI.
  • {Enabled} Create profile @username, wait for server activation.
  • {Enabled} Add Email Address to your account (Settings > Account).
  • {Enabled} Option to approve new group members before joining.
  • {Enabled} Media Preview feature .
  • {Enabled} Return original tabs order.
  • {Moved} Light/Night mode option to ANMods > ANThemes .
  • {Fixed} Custom Privacy for Business Chats.
  • {Fixed} Date Bubble not showing clearly when scrolling.
  • {Fixed} Screen share button color in calls.
  • {Fixed} Some text not showing on white theme during calls..
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 34.0

  • [Fixed] Random crash in some chats.
  • Return to Old layout.
  • Ghost Mode👻.

ANWhatsApp 33.0

  • {Exclusive} Ghost Mode {You can hide the second check mark (the two receipt boxes) without delaying the arrival of messages} ANMods > Privacy and lock > Ghost mode.
  • {Exclusive} Added "Mark As Read" inside chat when hide blue tick is enabled.
  • {Added} The option to hide the go arrow for the first message and the go arrow for the last message.
  • {Fixed} Media sharing.
  • {Fixed} Continuous crashes in some devices.
  • {Misc} General bug fixes.
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 32.0

  • {Fixed} Calls banner bug in home screen.
  • {Fixed} Voice note banner bug with One UI.
  • {Fixed} Delete For Everyone as Admin in Groups not taking color.
  • {Fixed} Hidden chat showing in App icon shortcuts.
  • {Fixed} Search in groups tab.
  • {Fixed} Daily local backup.
  • {Fixed} Online payments crash.
  • {Misc} General bug fixes.
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 31.0

  • {Fix} Activate WhatsApp for those who have been blocked previously.
  • {Fix} WhatsApp effects.
  • {Fix} Sending and receiving messages on some phones.
  • {Fix} the problem of opening more than one conversation in the form of a card.
  • {Fix} Send videos in full size.
  • {fix} Send audio clips at full volume.
  • {Fix} Setting the person's image as a background for the conversation.
  • {Fix} the problem of sending the location
  • {Fixed} Visit my location on the map
  • {Fix} Fix scheduled messages.
  • {more} other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 30.0

  • Base UpdateUpdated to (Play Store)- Play Store.
  • {Exclusive} Media Backup/Restore option (Images, Videos, etc.)—> ANMods > Backup and Restore- Useful for Android 11+ users to backup media before uninstall
  • {Added} iOS 2023 Emojis pack (ANMods > Universal > Styles) .
  • {Enabled} Edit Messages.
  • {Enabled} Receive Pinned messages from others.
  • {Enabled} Transfer Chats between phones without GDrive (Settings > Chats).
  • {Enabled} Pin Message in private chats.
  • {Enabled} official Locked Conversations (Chat Info page > Lock).
  • {Enabled} Group Members pic in chat (official by WA).
  • {Fixed} Crash when clicking on community .
  • {Misc} View all User messages moved to Group Info page.
  • {Misc} Some styles updated to work with new WA base..
  • {Misc} Cleaned up some settings.
  • {Misc} General bug fixes.
  • {Misc} Enjoy and discover by yourself!.
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 29.0

  • Improved Anti-ban very much for now.

ANWhatsApp 28.0

  • Added more Anti-ban protection
  • Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users
  • Enabled edit messages

ANWhatsApp 27.0

  • Base UpdateUpdated (Play Store)- Play Store.
  • {Added} High application protection from ban.
  • {Added} Send the image in high resolution.
  • {Added} New "Msg a number" UI design.
  • {Added} Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page.
  • {Added} Load custom font (1- Select "Custom" from font style, then 2- use Load font option).
  • {Added} Option to Hide Status Cutter FAB.
  • {Added} FMBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily.
  • {Enabled} Proxy Settings (Settings > Storage and data > Proxy Settings).
  • {Enabled} Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message).


  • {Fixed}Auto reply / forward crash.
  • {Fixed} WhatsApp fingerprint lock issues.
  • {Fixed} Many custom text status icons.
  • {Misc} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 26.0


  • {Add} an option to hide the camera icon from the top bar on the home page.
  • {Activate} Show the person's status when clicking on the person's photo on the home page.
  • {Activate} View the person's status when entering the person's information.
  • {Activate} Create your own avatar.
  • {Activate} Sending text when sending something in file format.


  • {Fix} errors in newly added languages.
  • {Fix} Writing and recording not working (now integrated).
  • {Fix} The new One UI mailbox does not open the correct gallery.
  • {Fix} Blank space on the side when recording a voice note.
  • {Fix} Hide recent statuses/viewed/viewed statuses option.
  • {Fix} Payment icon incorrectly in some writing boxes.
  • {Fix} Recording a voice note error occurs on some devices.
  • {Fix} The option to transfer the message in hidden chats.
  • {Fix} Restore backup error occurs on some devices.
  • {Move} Option to repost status in download box.
  • {more} other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 25.0

  • {WhatsApp base update} to
  •  {Add} Preview photo / video without saving to phone or gallery.
  • {Add} Repost any status to your story/status!
  • {Add} Select the default language "Translate to" in chats.
  • {Add} Backups will now be created on a .ZIP file.
  • {Add} Add an option to save the image / video when previewing.
  • {Add} Add Hindi, Azerbaijani, Russian and Urdu languages.
  • {Activate} communities inside WhatsApp.
  • {Activate} Create polls and vote in groups!
  • {Activate} You can message yourself (to save your information).
  • {Activate} Send text with photo/video.
  • {Activate} the new look when opening the camera.
  • {Activation} You can now send a sound when sending a status.
  • {Improvement} The backup file has now been moved to Storage/ANWhatsApp.
  • {Improvement} Now, when you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup file will remain.
  • {Improvement} Error when sending the message on some phones.
  • {Improve} some translations in some languages.


  • {fix} protection against ban.
  • {Fix} some errors in the dispatch boxes.
  • {more} other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 24.0

  • {Add} Survey in groups.
  • {Add} Control the quality of video transmission from settings / storage and data.
  • {Fix} Sudden breakdown in some devices.
  • {Fix} Inability to control the WhatsApp camera flash light.
  • {Fix} Inability to turn on lock in add-ons.
  • {more} Other fixes and improvements.

Additions ANWhatsApp 23.0

  • {Update} WhatsApp base to
  • {ADD}Ability to share multiple photos/videos/files at the same time from chat to external apps!.
  • {Add} One click on the chat bubble and quick options appear.
  • {Add} Add the Urdu language to the full WhatsApp.
  • {Add} the package name to the expiration page to help users find out..
  • {Improve} the appearance of WhatsApp add-ons to a beautiful shape.
  • {Activate} Filter unread messages using search.
  • {Activate} a new drawing pen.
  • {Activate} Online Privacy! You can choose who can see you when you are online. (Settings > Account > Privacy) .
  • {Activate} Leave groups secretly without everyone knowing (Only admins can see you when you leave).
  • {Enabled} Enabled admin can remove other people's messages in group chats (only works when users are in a new rule).
  • {Activate} Ability to see previous participants in groups (who left and when!).
  • {Activate} quick reactions to the situation.
  • {Activate} New Text Status UI.
  • {Activate} New Status Privacy Design UI.

Fixes ANWhatsApp 23.0

  • {Fix} Go to the first message.
  • {Fix} View all messages of a person in a group chat.
  • {Fix} Fixed group message counter on group info page.
  • {more} Enjoy and discover what's new for yourself!
  • {more} Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 22.0

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Adding a notification fix for those who saw your status and a notification when changing the profile picture (to activate, enter the WhatsApp additions Ammar Al-Awadi, then notifications)
  • Add the feature of going to the first message in an attractive way
  • Adding the feature of displaying the messages sent to the group for each member separately and displaying the messages sent by you in the group separately
  • Adding the Mention feature from the main screen, @ appears if someone mentions you or responds to your message in a group, @ appears on the main screen
  • Add the auto reply feature
  • Add the scheduled message feature
  • Added the feature of night mode and transparent mode
  • Add the feature of deleting the message for everyone at any time, even after 360 centuries
  • Add the feature of choosing the status that you want the other person to know that you have seen
  • Add an exclusive feature to change the status background color, change the status font color, and add new fonts
  • For the case and styles ready for the case
  • Adding the floating button feature to the chat screen
  • Added explosive text feature (automatic)
  • Adding the feature of sending distinctive and varied emojis and changing message lines
  • Add the Holy Quran and Islamisms
  • Add and fix raising the status of the case to a full hour for some
  • Adding the quick chat feature to enter to message anyone from within the conversation itself
  • Add a special Swipe the chat right to delete it or left to call voice or video
  • Add up and down chat scrolling effects

ANWhatsApp 21.0


  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • [Exclusive] The ability to send any emoji in interactions to messages of your choice by pressing "➕".
  • [Exclusive] Double click on the message to like
  • [Added] Confirmation message before posting the status (photo/video).
  • [Added] Stealth mode for calls!
  • [ADD] Show callers that you are not connected to the Internet.
  • [Add] Share anyone's contact in an easy way without sharing the person's information.
  • [Add] Backup in Crash Page.
  • [Add] to search from the Internet or use emoji for the profile picture.
  • [Activate] Listen to the audio recording in the background.


  • [Hide] Finger icon to send WhatsApp post.
  • [Fixed] Suddenly a crash occurred.
  • [Fix] The theme file has been moved to Download/ANThemes.
  • [Fix] Improved reading of files in the new path of WhatsApp.
  • [Fix] The ban has been improved from the version.
  • [Fix] Other fixes and improvements.

ANWhatsApp 20.0


  • [Added] Feedback feature (press and hold on any message).
  • [Added] The feature of copying the caption (text) on photos/videos.
  • [Add] Pause and resume recording of voice notes.
  • [Added] New privacy settings for the last appearance and profile picture.
  • [Added] Ability to 'search the web' or use Emoji for profile picture.
  • [Improved] Improved account switching feature.


  • [Fix] False virus/malware reports.
  • [Fix] A problem when entering group messages opens previous messages.
  • [Fix] Hidden chat screen.
  • [Fix] Blue microphone icon issue on the home screen.
  • [Fix] Confirmation before video call.
  • [Fix] Bot list is not clickable.
  • [Fix] WAMOD style mute indicator.
  • [Fix] Text copied message appears when translating.
  • [More] Improvement against ban.

ANWhatsApp 18.0


  • [Update] Base
  • [Added] Raising the number of news characters to 700, and the case to 3200 characters.
  • [Added] The option to show the image or video when sending it once.
  • [Improved] Changing the WhatsApp color to a distinctive official color according to the desire of WhatsApp Ammar users.


  • [Fixed] The line between conversations.
  • [Fix] Read more message text.
  • [Fixed] Changed name color in status and call screen.
  • [Fix] The call icon does not appear in the white screen.
  • [Fixed] All problems, God willing.

ANWhatsApp 17.0


  • [Update] Base
  • [Add] Upload the image or video when sending it once.
  • [Add] View all messages sent by the contact in the group (click on the name).
  • [Add] An option to change the color of a connected signal (Additions > Home Screen > Lines).


  • [Fix] Archive chat not showing in group.
  • [Fix] Large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat.
  • [Fixed] All problems, God willing.

ANWhatsApp 16.0


  • [Add] Override one-time viewing / Unlimited viewing of photos and videos ∞.
  • [Add] Hide the image or video after watching it. You can do this when you select media to send.
  • [Added] Speed ​​up recordings and audio clips.


  • [Fix] Status stop issue when downloading or copying.
  • [Fix] Sending more than 30 photos/videos from gallery.
  • [Fix] The number zero 0 does not appear in the lock screen in some devices.
  • [Fixed] All problems, God willing.

ANWhatsApp 15.0


  • Update WhatsApp base to
  • [Added] Speed ​​up recordings and audio clips.
  • [Add] Hide the image or video after watching it. You can do this when you select media to send.
  • [Added] All squares now take color dark/light mode.
  • [Add] Opening more than one WhatsApp account easily, such as Telegram.
  • [Added] Quick translation in conversation.
  • [Added] Customize automatic download of media for each chat.
  • [Added] Change the voice on WhatsApp to change the voice (conversation screen options by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).


  • [Fixed] Redesigned lock screen.
  • [Fixed] Redesigned pattern lock screen.
  • [Fixed] Fixed Arabic alignment issue.
  • [Fixed] Fixed random crash when saving status.
  • [Fix] Message delay in some phones.
  • [Fixed] Media not downloading and connection issues in packages.
  • [Fix] Fixed call crash on some Android 11 devices.
  • [Fixed] All problems, God willing.

ANWhatsApp 14.0

  • Update
  • Added new options to download the story (copy title, share, etc.)
  • Added Dark / Light mode from ANThemes Store automatically
  • Added fast translation in conversation.
  • Fixed the increase in the duration of the state by more than an hour, even if the themes were changed.
  • Fixed state shredder for Android 10
  • Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+

ANWhatsApp 13.0

  • #Base:
  • [Added] A group message for groups.
  • [Added] Option for messages that disappear automatically.
  • [Added] Change voice the whatsapp, to change the voice (conversation screen options by clicking the three dots in the corner of the screen and then changing the voice).
  • [Added] Copy part of the text by selecting the desired message, then the options and then copying part of the text.
  • [Added] Notice who saw your status.
  • [Added] The function of displaying messages sent to the group for each member.
  • [Added] Advanced Search {You can search by questionnaire (Image, gif, video, document, links, audio clip)}.
  • [Added] Home screen mention function @ appears if someone mentions you or replies to your message in a group @ appears on the main screen.
  • [Added] Auto answer function.
  • [Added] The scheduled message function.
  • [Added] VPN proxy function for countries where whatsapp communication is prohibited. You can activate the VPN and connect with ease.
  • [Added] Function of whatsapp effects, home screen effects and chat scrolling.
  • And many other cool features, discover them for yourself.

ANWhatsApp 10.0

  • Disappearance of the automatic message.
  • Theme via ZIP file.
  • Advanced search
  • Archived messages within the archived list
  • Forward message to more than 5 people
  • Mention @ in the. Main screen
  • Automatic reply
  • Scheduled messages.
  • VPN Proxy Breaker
  • Chat scrolling and home screen effects.
  • M more options

ANWhatsApp 9.0

  • Add more than one person to scheduled messages.
  • Forward message to more than 5 people
  • Show the messages sent in group for each member.
  • Automatic reply.
  • Scheduled messages.
  • Proxy breaker
  • Effects on WhatsApp, home screen effects and chat scrolling.
  • Cache delete WhatsApp leftovers
  • Exclusive feature to change the background color of the state, change the color of the state, and add new lines to the state and pre-made styles for the state.
  • more improvements and fixes.

ANWhatsApp 8.0

  • [Addition] Android 10 interface.
  • [Addition] Floating button improved
  • [Addition] New design for bottom navigation bar styles.
  • [Addition] New DND design
  • [Addition] Automatically move name on top bar if long.
  • [Addition] Color options for Instagram cases.
  • [Fix] An issue where an image was not appearing next to the media bubble in groups.
  • [Advantage] Forward message to more than 5 people.
  • [Added] function to show messages sent in group
  • [Addition] Auto answer function.
  • [Addition] scheduled messages feature.
  • [Addition] VPN proxy breaker function
  • [Addition] Effects feature in WhatsApp drop effects.
  • Much more ..
  • Enable the self-hidden messages option.
  • Added option to stop automatic media download.
  • New feature Reject calls with ringing and also reject calls without ringing.
  • Add advanced search.
  • Find out if your friend is online now or not from the home page, where a circle will be placed next to his name

Download ANWhatsApp (10 Package)

Download (72MB)

You are now ready to download ANWhatsApp (10 Package) for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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