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AMWhatsApp Princess (عـمر الطـاهري) v3

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    • WhatsApp Princess Pink
    • For Girls Upon Request
    • Reverse Messages
    • Direct Virus Hit
    • Protection Against All Viruses
    • Strong Communications And 100% Delivery
    • Reproducible
    • End Date 4/4/2024
App NameAMWhatsApp Princess
Latest Versionv3
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MOD InfoExtra Feature
OSAndroid / 4.4 and up


Are you ready to experience WhatsApp in an entirely new light? Welcome to AMWhatsApp Princess, a unique and feature-packed mod designed to enhance your messaging experience. Developed by RedWhatsApp, this version aims to bring you a plethora of innovative features that go beyond the conventional messaging app.

What is AMWhatsApp Princess?

AMWhatsApp Princess is a modified version of the popular WhatsApp application, offering an array of exclusive features that cater to various aspects of your digital life. From productivity tools to enriched content, this mod brings an innovative twist to your everyday messaging routines.


  • Encyclopedia Beauty Eve: This unique feature offers an encyclopedia of beauty tips and information about Eve, enhancing your knowledge of beauty and wellness.
  • Offline Encyclopedia: Access a comprehensive encyclopedia without requiring an internet connection, with the added convenience of being able to copy texts.
  • Game Sort Numbers: Engage in the fun and challenge of a new game, where you sort numbers to enhance your cognitive skills.
  • New Icons: Customize your app’s appearance with new and refreshing icons, giving your messaging interface a unique touch.
  • Diverse Cases: Choose from a collection of over 1000 cases to express your mood and personality in your messages.
  • Citations for Morning and Evening: Start and end your day with motivational and inspirational citations for both morning and evening.
  • Useful Sites: Access a variety of useful websites directly from the app, making it a hub of information and convenience.
  • Auto Reply: Set up automatic replies for incoming messages when you’re busy, ensuring that your contacts receive timely responses.
  • Trowel Set: Enjoy a set of trowels with the option to copy and share them with your friends, adding a touch of creativity to your conversations.
  • Holy Quran and Forty Muslim Book: Access the Holy Quran and the Forty Muslim Book directly within the app.
  • Prophet Stories and Prayer Times: Discover stories of the prophets and a schedule of prayer times for your spiritual enrichment.
  • Islamic and Technical Oasis: Explore dedicated sections for Islamic knowledge and technical insights.
  • Eve Without Net, Human Development, and Bodybuilding: Access content related to Eve, human development, and bodybuilding without requiring an internet connection.
  • Date Converter and Scientific Calculator: Enjoy the convenience of a date converter and a scientific calculator within the app.
  • Weather and Currency Conversion: Access real-time weather information and perform currency conversions on the go.
  • Height and Weight Consistency: Monitor your height and weight consistency with the app’s added functionality.
  • Games: Engage in fun games like X O and load account directly within the app.
  • Message Management: View deleted messages in the Recycle History, hide pictures and videos from the gallery within chats, and save conversations as zip files.
  • Message Handling: Mark messages as read from notifications, select all chats on the Home screen, and request a detailed account report and settings transfer.

Pros of AMWhatsApp Princess:

  • Enhanced Group Features: Enjoy advanced group management with the activation of the member search feature and the ability for administrators to edit group information.
  • Diverse Bubble Forms: Choose from 7 new bubble forms for conversations, allowing you to customize your messaging experience.
  • Rich Display Formats: Experience messaging in 4 new formats for dish reading and receiving, adding visual variety to your chats.
  • Fresh Icons: Access 5 new icons for the main program icon and 16 new icons for message notifications, allowing for greater customization.
  • Control Group Moderators: Manage group administrators effortlessly using the group information settings.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Benefit from fixes that prevent hidden conversations from being accessed through various channels, enhancing your privacy and security.
  • Language Support: With Hindi language support, the app becomes more accessible to a wider range of users.

Cons of AMWhatsApp Princess:

  • Limited Size: The app’s size is around 63MB, which might occupy some storage space on your device.
  • Specific Modifications: Some of the modifications may be specific to certain preferences or needs, potentially limiting their universal applicability.
  • Possible Compatibility Issues: As with any modified app, there might be compatibility issues with certain devices or Android versions.
  • Third-Party Source: The app is published on a third-party platform (Bold ““), which might raise concerns for some users about the source and security of the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AMWhatsApp Princess:

1. What is the unique feature “Encyclopedia beauty Eve” in AMWhatsApp Princess?

  • AMWhatsApp Princess features an encyclopedia about beauty, focusing on Eve. This exclusive content provides insights into beauty concepts and advice.

2. Can I access the encyclopedia without an internet connection?

  • Yes, the encyclopedia in AMWhatsApp Princess works offline, allowing you to access and read its content even without an internet connection. You can also copy texts from it.

3. What is the purpose of the “Game Sort Numbers” feature?

  • The “Game Sort Numbers” feature is a game available within AMWhatsApp Princess that involves sorting numbers. It adds an element of entertainment to the app.

4. How many new icons are added to the application?

  • AMWhatsApp Princess adds new icons to the application, allowing you to customize the visual appearance of the app and choose from a variety of icon options.

5. How many cases are added to the app?

  • The app includes more than 1000 cases, providing a wide range of status options that you can use to express yourself on your profile.

6. What is the “Citation for morning and evening” feature?

  • This feature adds citations or verses for morning and evening, providing users with religious or motivational content to start and end their days.

7. Can I send automatic replies to incoming messages when busy?

  • Yes, AMWhatsApp Princess offers an “Auto Reply” feature that enables you to set automatic replies for incoming messages when you’re busy or unavailable.

8. Is the Holy Quran and the Forty Muslim Book available in the app?

  • Yes, AMWhatsApp Princess includes the Holy Quran and the Forty Muslim Book, allowing users to access religious content and teachings within the app.

9. Can I view deleted messages in the Recycle History?

  • Yes, you can view deleted messages in the Recycle History. Open any chat profile, then access deleted messages to see them.

10. How can I hide pictures and videos from the gallery while in WhatsApp conversations?

  • Open the profile of any conversation and then view the media. This allows you to hide pictures and videos from the gallery while staying within WhatsApp conversations.

11. Can I request a detailed report about my WhatsApp account and settings?

  • Yes, you can now request a detailed report about your WhatsApp account and settings, as well as transfer this information. Open Settings in WhatsApp, go to Account, and select “Request Account Information.”

12. Does AMWhatsApp Princess support Hindi language?

  • Yes, AMWhatsApp Princess offers Hindi language support, making the app more accessible to Hindi-speaking users.

13. How can I manage group administrators using group information?

  • AMWhatsApp Princess allows you to manage group administrators using the group information settings, giving you greater control over group management.

14. Is there a size limitation for media files in the app?

  • The app size is around 63MB, which might occupy storage space on your device. However, there’s no specific limitation mentioned for media files within the app.

15. Are there any compatibility issues with certain devices or Android versions?

  • As with any app, there might be compatibility issues with certain devices or Android versions. It’s recommended to check the app’s requirements and user feedback for compatibility information.

16. Is AMWhatsApp Princess available on official app stores?

  • No, AMWhatsApp Princess is published on a third-party platform, “” Users should be cautious and ensure the source is trustworthy before downloading and installing.

17. Are there any known issues addressed in the app’s repairs?

  • The app’s repairs include fixes for various issues, such as hidden conversation accessibility, appearance in the widget, and more. These repairs contribute to enhancing the app’s functionality and user experience.


AMWhatsApp Princess is not just a messaging app; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to enrich your daily life with features ranging from beauty tips and games to informative resources and enhanced messaging capabilities. RedWhatsApp’s dedication to innovation shines through in this mod, making it a must-try for anyone seeking a unique and enhanced messaging experience. Ready to explore the enchanting world of AMWhatsApp Princess? Embark on a journey of convenience, creativity, and connectivity by downloading it from RedWhatsApp’s official website.

AMWhatsApp Princess v3

  • WhatsApp Princess Pink
  • For Girls Upon Request
  • Reverse Messages
  • Direct Virus Hit
  • Protection Against All Viruses
  • Strong Communications And 100% Delivery
  • Reproducible
  • End Date 4/4/2024

Download AMWhatsApp Princess

Download (63MB)

You are now ready to download AMWhatsApp Princess for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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