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AIO Launcher v5.2.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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  • AIO Launcher Mod APK makes it simple for users to bring important information to their device’s home screen.
App Name AIO Launcher
Publisher AIO Mobile Apps
Size 33MB
Latest Version v5.2.3
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MOD Info Premium Unlocked
OS Android / 4.4 and up
Installs 500K+
Rating 4.3
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Download (33MB)
  • AIO Launcher has a feature that provides users with important information about settings. You can see as a table or a grid the main information of the settings in your device.


In today’s tech-savvy world, finding the right launcher for your mobile device can be crucial for optimizing productivity and convenience. One such launcher gaining attention is the AIO Launcher, developed by AIO Mobile Apps. With a size of just 33MB, it offers a unique approach to organizing and accessing your smartphone’s features and information. EX File Manager – File Explorer 2024, the most widely used file management tool, offers customers an easy-to-use, secure way to manage files on Android-based devices. With the help of this feature-rich, lightning-fast, and free file explorer, users can easily manage their files, just as they would on a desktop or laptop computer.

What is AIO Launcher?

AIO Launcher is a versatile mobile launcher designed to simplify your smartphone experience. It serves as a central hub for accessing various functionalities of your device, ranging from weather updates to music playback controls, all in a single interface. Unlike traditional launchers, AIO Launcher prioritizes efficiency and accessibility, providing users with quick access to essential information and applications. Do you possess a mobile device and have you ever been aware of its settings? Then, by giving you the essential signs for the installation as well as important information, AIO Launcher will provide you those experiences. The program only has two black and white accents instead of vibrant icons. The user will be provided with correct information, and it will be up to them to weigh the potential loss while using that setting. Additionally, the program claims to advance and provide users a number of helpful features.


  1. ChatGPT Suggestions in Expenses Widget: Subscribers can now benefit from ChatGPT-powered suggestions integrated into the Expenses widget, facilitating smart financial management.
  2. App Widget Settings Access: Easily configure app widgets by simply pressing the “cog” icon, streamlining customization and personalization options.
  3. Updated Rich UI API: AIO Launcher boasts an updated Rich UI API, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the interface. Detailed documentation is available for developers seeking to explore its capabilities further.
  4. Weather Forecast: Stay informed about current weather conditions and forecasts for the next ten days directly from the launcher, ensuring you’re prepared for any outdoor plans.
  5. System Monitoring: Keep track of RAM and NAND usage, along with battery percentage, for efficient device management and optimization.
  6. Standardized Notifications: Notifications are displayed in a standard format, ensuring consistency and ease of access for users.
  7. Music Playback Control: Take command of your music playback with basic management functions integrated into the launcher, eliminating the need to switch between apps.
  8. Quick Access to Apps: Enjoy faster access to frequently used programs, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.
  9. Message Viewing: Conveniently view recently received short messages and emails, enabling prompt responses and communication management.
  10. Professional Dialer: Utilize the professional dialer feature for quick and hassle-free calls directly from the launcher interface.
  11. Calendar Events: Stay organized with a clear view of upcoming calendar events, helping you stay on top of appointments and commitments.
  12. RSS Reader: Access the latest news from around the world with the professional RSS reader system, keeping you informed and up-to-date.
  13. Exchange Rates: Stay updated on exchange rates at any time, ideal for travelers and individuals involved in international transactions.
  14. Telegram Integration: View the latest received Telegram messages seamlessly within the launcher, ensuring you never miss important updates.
  15. Beautiful Layout System: Enjoy an extremely beautiful and practical layout system, enhancing the overall user experience with its aesthetic appeal and usability.


  1. Easily Customizable Interface: AIO Launcher allows users to effortlessly change the look and feel of their smartphone screens with a variety of cool features, providing a refreshing experience and preventing boredom from using the same interface repeatedly.
  2. Detailed and Simple Tools: The launcher offers a plethora of useful tools and information directly accessible from the home screen, enhancing user convenience and simplifying navigation. Users can arrange layouts easily for a more organized home screen, ensuring quick access to desired functions and applications.
  3. Collapsed Menu for Easy Control: With a collapsed menu located at the edge of the screen, users can conveniently control and access all features through simple gestures. By swiping from left to right, users can unveil a list of editing tools and features, enabling quick customization and personalization of the home screen.
  4. Smart Search Functionality: AIO Launcher features a smart search option, allowing users to swiftly search for apps or content on their devices. This feature minimizes the time spent searching through menus by providing a simple search bar where users can input their query and quickly access desired applications or web pages.


  1. Limited Theme Options: While AIO Launcher offers customization features, the range of themes and customization options may be limited compared to other launcher apps, potentially limiting user preference and personalization choices.
  2. Learning Curve for Gesture Controls: Some users may find it challenging to adapt to the gesture-based controls of AIO Launcher, particularly if they are accustomed to traditional navigation methods. The learning curve for mastering gestures to access features and settings may deter certain users.
  3. Occasional Performance Issues: Users may encounter occasional performance issues such as lag or slowdowns, especially on devices with lower hardware specifications. These performance issues can affect the overall user experience and responsiveness of the launcher.
  4. Limited Compatibility: AIO Launcher may not be compatible with all Android devices, restricting access for users with certain smartphone models. Compatibility issues can hinder the adoption of the launcher among a wider user base, limiting its accessibility.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About AIO Launcher

1. What important information does AIO Launcher provide?

  • AIO Launcher presents users with a comprehensive overview of the applications installed on their devices, allowing for easy management and retrieval. Users can re-add accidentally deleted applications through the launcher’s interface, ensuring transparency and convenience.

2. What characteristic parameters does AIO Launcher offer?

  • AIO Launcher offers detailed specifications regarding installed settings, providing users with clear insights into space consumption and other relevant metrics for evaluation.

3. Can users rearrange settings within the application?

  • Yes, users have the flexibility to manually rearrange settings directly within the AIO Launcher. This feature enables users to create more modern and personalized arrangements, tailoring their device’s interface to their preferences.

4. How can unused settings be deleted using AIO Launcher?

  • AIO Launcher facilitates the deletion of unused settings to optimize device space. Users can utilize the quick filter feature to identify and filter out unused settings, followed by a simple deletion process that takes only a few seconds.

5. Does AIO Launcher offer additional interface options?

  • Yes, AIO Launcher introduces a range of new and modern interfaces to cater to users’ evolving preferences. Users can even customize the interface further by merging different elements to create a fresh and personalized look.

6. Is it possible to change the layout of settings within AIO Launcher?

  • Absolutely, users can modify the layout of settings within the application according to their preferences. They can rearrange settings, adjust letter formats, and change the order to suit their needs, offering a tailored user experience.

7. Can users integrate new icon packs into AIO Launcher?

  • Yes, AIO Launcher allows users to access and utilize a variety of icon packs featured in its collection. These packs offer new icons for different themes, along with featured wallpapers for comprehensive customization options.

8. How does AIO Launcher facilitate changing featured colors?

  • While the application primarily features a simple two-tone black and white theme, users now have the option to select from a range of additional featured colors. These new color styles and combinations aim to refresh the application’s appearance and accentuate the user’s device.

Installation Guide for AIO Launcher

  1. Download AIO Launcher:
    • Visit the official website of AIO Mobile Apps or the designated app store on your device to download the AIO Launcher application.
  2. Check Compatibility:
    • Ensure that your device meets the compatibility requirements for installing AIO Launcher. Check the device specifications to avoid any compatibility issues.
  3. Locate Downloaded File:
    • Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file either in your device’s downloads folder or in the designated location where downloaded files are stored.
  4. Begin Installation Process:
    • Tap on the downloaded file to initiate the installation process. Your device may prompt you to grant permission to install applications from unknown sources if you are installing from a source other than the official app store.
  5. Follow On-Screen Instructions:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation. Accept any necessary permissions or agreements required for the installation to continue.
  6. Wait for Installation to Complete:
    • Allow the installation process to complete. Depending on your device’s performance and internet speed, this may take a few moments.
  7. Open AIO Launcher:
    • Once the installation is finished, locate the AIO Launcher icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer and tap on it to open the application.
  8. Set Up Preferences (Optional):
    • Upon opening the AIO Launcher for the first time, you may be prompted to set up preferences such as theme selection, layout customization, or other settings. Follow the on-screen instructions to personalize your experience according to your preferences.
  9. Explore AIO Launcher:
    • Once the setup is complete, you’re ready to explore the features and functionalities of AIO Launcher. Navigate through the interface, customize settings, and enjoy the convenience it offers for organizing and accessing information on your device.
  10. Enjoy AIO Launcher:
    • Congratulations! You have successfully installed AIO Launcher on your device. Enjoy the streamlined experience and enhanced features it provides for optimizing your smartphone usage.


In conclusion, AIO Launcher offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining your mobile experience. With its array of features ranging from system monitoring to communication management, it caters to both productivity enthusiasts and casual users alike. Whether you’re looking to stay organized, access information quickly, or personalize your device, AIO Launcher stands out as a versatile and efficient choice. Embrace the future of mobile productivity with AIO Launcher, available for download now.

Key Features of AIO Launcher

  1. Comprehensive Settings Information:
    • AIO Launcher provides a wide array of information and metrics concerning the settings on your device, offering valuable insights for efficient management.
  2. Accurate Statistics:
    • Enjoy the most accurate stats available, allowing you to gauge your device’s usage and storage capabilities with reliability and precision.
  3. Novel Themes Selection:
    • Explore a variety of unique themes tailored to suit different preferences, giving users the freedom to choose the themes that best reflect their style.
  4. Modern Interfaces:
    • Experience a range of modern interfaces within the application, providing users with diverse options to customize their device’s appearance and functionality.
  5. Customizable Color and Layout:
    • Customize the color scheme and layout according to your preferences, eliminating the inherent blandness often associated with default applications.
  6. Large Icon Packs Integration:

    • Access a plethora of large icon packs integrated into the launcher, offering a wide selection of icons to enhance visual appeal. Users also have the option to design their own icons for further personalization.
  • Add ChatGPT suggestions to Expenses widget (for subscribers)
  • Ability to open app widget settings by pressing the "cog" icon
  • Updated Rich UI API (see the docs)

Download AIO Launcher

Download (33MB)

You are now ready to download AIO Launcher for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.
  • Downloading via 3rd party software like IDM, ADM (Direct link) is currently blocked for abuse reasons.
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details.

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